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Moshi Monsters Where is Moshi

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Manufacturer: Moshi Monsters / Type: Board Game

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    4 Reviews
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      12.02.2013 15:45
      Very helpful
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      A great game for youngsters

      Moshi Monsters: Where's Moshi (Game)

      My little one has become a fan of Moshi Monsters recently and therefore has managed to acquire a number of different Moshi Monster games and collectables from various family members. One particular game is a game based upon 'Guess Who', a game I am very familiar with from my own childhood!

      The game comes with two game boards which are bright orange in colour. Upon each game board are 24 flip-up cards, each with a different image of a Moshi Monster on them. There are also four little white pegs which slot into little holes in front of your chosen Moshi card (ie: The one your opponent has to guess).

      The aim of the game is to guess your opponents chosen Moshi by asking questions such as 'does your Moshi have a tail?' and 'Has it got two heads' and such like!

      The game is well made, if not a little flimsy. It is also smaller than 'Guess Who'

      It is a game which can appeal to Moshi Monster fans as well as those who are not fans. It is fun to play and children can get quite inventive with their questions. It also teaches children about the process of elimination.

      The game can be found on Amazon for £5.30 which is a very reasonable price.

      My little one loves this and I fully recommend it.


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        08.01.2013 12:23
        Very helpful



        A modernised version of the old Guess Who game

        Moshi Monsters - Where's Moshi?

        2013 is now in full swing and what with the large bundle Santa bought for our little girl this year, there is plenty of new games trying to find places in our house among all the old things that our princess refuses to get rid of!

        Some months before Christmas, our little girl started getting into a new craze of Moshi Monsters. It began with her friend introducing her to an online site where children can adopt a little Moshi Monster character, play games, build them homes and lots more. Following this, she started collecting the little figures and now has too many to count and many are even overtaking her Playmobil house! Therefore, we already knew well beforehand that Moshi Monsters were going to end up on her Christmas list to Santa, and the lucky girl got a number of different items in this range, including this particular game; 'Where's Moshi?'.


        'Where's Moshi' is a take on the old game of 'Guess Who' which has been entertaining children for years. Of course, this game is more particular, and unlike 'Guess Who', this game would only really appeal to those children who love the Moshi Monster craze.

        Please forgive me if I get the terms 'Moshi Monster' and 'Moshlings' mixed up. Unlike my little girl, I have not quite got the hang of all the unusual names within this craze, though I am sure that I am not the only one!

        Like most children's games, the box is extremely eye-catching with a brightly coloured image of the game along side many Moshi Monster images. Once opened, you will find two bright orange game boards in the style of the original game with spaces for twenty-four flip up pieces in bright green which attach to the game board by simply clicking into place. These pieces are a little fiddly to attach so an adult may need to sort this out, though once in, they work the other way also - becoming difficult to get out - which is a lot better than our version of Guess Who. Upon these flip up pieces you will need to add the stickers of twenty-four Moshlings. In all, there is fourty-eight stickers which add up to two of each so each game board has the same Moshlings. Once again, the stickers are tricky to put on to the flip up pieces as the space allowed is not much bigger than the stickers so an adult may have to do this. This is where this game fails where the original one surpasses. Although the risk of cards falling out of the game in the original is apparent, in this one you will find that after a while the stickers begin to peel off. If they are left to peel off in one whole piece then you may be able to glue them back on, though we haven't got that far yet as it is only some corners peeling back at the moment. Of course, there is a risk of the stickers starting to peel back and children playing with the edges and ripping them. If this happens, as far as I know, there are no replacement stickers for the game which would, in effect, stop game play after a while. A sticker is also placed on the front of the game board with the well known Moshi logo. This has the same problem with staying stuck!

        Another difference with this game to the original is that instead of cards to show your chosen person, this one has small pegs which slot into a small hole in front of your chosen Moshi. These pegs are tiny and green and very easily lost. The game comes with four so there are spares, though as they are so small, you have to be very careful not to misplace them as we already have! Of course, game play can still continue without the pegs, though the marking of the chosen Moshi does help youngsters remember which one they chose, AND it helps prevent cheating as my little girl likes to try!

        The game board and extras are reasonably well made, though probably not as well as it could be. The boards are very lightweight which is great for children, though this also makes them easy to break. The flip-up parts could break if bent hard enough, as the game board itself could snap if trodden on. This said, though, if looked after, apart from the problem with the stickers and the tiny pegs, it is a game which should last a while.


        Game play is exactly like the original, though instead of asking whether a person has brown hair or eyes, questions become a little more inventive which helps the child think about the different ways to describe things. For example, you could ask whether the moshi can fly? If it has three arms or maybe even no arms? Is it wearing clothing? Does it have a tail? My daughter comes out with some wonderful questions for this game, seeing the Moshi's in a different way to how I do, though her way must be better as I very rarely win a game!

        The game is for two players who sit opposite one another and begin by choosing their Moshi and inserting a peg. The questions then begin with the two players taking turns in asking and flipping down those who they can eliminate. For example, if the answer is 'no' to having a tail, the player can flip down all the Moshi's who have a tail. The winner is the first to find the other Moshi.

        The game is aimed for four years upwards, though my daughter is five and sometimes has a few problems in game play with figuring out what Moshi's to put down. With a little help, though, she plays the game like a pro and the fact that it is Moshi Monsters makes it a game that she loves.

        We have played this game quite a few times now and she has not got fed up of it yet. It does help that it is her favourite craze at the moment, and I do wonder how long this craze will last, though for now at least, it was a great buy.


        Amazon are selling this game for £9.99 at the moment, reduced from £12.99 which, I believe, is the same in most shops which sell Moshi games. This is an average price for games like this and it is as worth it as other games. The most important thing is that my little girl loves it which makes it a great buy. Do look around, though, as crazes like this in children come and go so fast and if you are luck, you may find a second hand item somewhere. We were extremely lucky as we found a brand new one in a charity shop for only £2.00 which was astounding!

        If your child is not into Moshi Monsters then this game would not be for them and perhaps the original Guess Who would be better, though for children into this craze then this is a great buy. It is not without its flaws, though if looked after then the game should last quite a while.



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          28.11.2012 14:18
          Very helpful



          A good enough game but soon gets boring.

          ~*~*~ Moshi Monsters - Where's Moshi? ~*~*~

          ~ What is it? ~

          Where's Moshi? is a board game not unsimilar to Guess Who. It is obviously Moshi Monster based which is brilliant for Moshi Monster fans.

          ~ What's included in the box? ~

          This comes packaged in a bright and colourful cardboard box, the box is fairly stong so can be used to keep the game in when it is not being used.

          Opening the box you will find two orange coloured plastic game boards which have 24 little green doors on each, there is also two sheets of stickers, a few green plastic pegs and an instruction leaflet.

          ~ Setting the game up ~

          Before you can even begin to play this game you will need to stick the stickers onto the green doors, my son and I decided to do this together and we made the stupid mistake of taking the same characters off the sheets and sticking them to the same doors so I then had to take off my doors by unclipping them and rearranging them around the board in a different manner, keeping them in the same places is a sure fire way to spoil the game as you will be in no doubt as to who your opponant has picked! Plonkers!

          When that is done (the correct way!) you simply need to flip the doors into the up position so you can see all the characters, pick your Moshi, place a peg in the hole so you don't forget who you have chosen and then you are ready.

          ~ Playing the game ~

          Playing this game is really simple even if you are not sure which group your chosen Moshi belongs too. You just fire questions at each other, for instance ' Does yours have wings? ' If the answer is no then you flip down any winged Moshi's and so on. Some characters are more easy to guess than others due to their shape or what they are Oddie for example is a dougnut shaped Moshi so if I chose to be him and my son asked ' Is yours a foodie/round/pink etc ' it is narrowed down really easily so I would end up being the looser *Makes L shape with fingers and puts it on forehead!*

          ~ Any good? ~

          My three oldest children have played this even though my eldest has no interest in Moshi Monsters what so ever, they all play it with no help from me and can all grasp the concept very easily. I bought this for my son last Christmas and at the time it did get played with a lot but over the months they have lost interest slightly and it comes out now and again.

          What I do find good though is that it isn't a messy toy and required little in the way of cleaning up afterwards, just simply pop the two boards back in the box - Simple!

          ~ Overall ~

          I paid around the £10 mark for this last year, in fact I think I managed to get it on offer in Argos for about £8 or there abouts, it is currently available for £10 on Amazon and I think this is a fair price as it will please any Moshi Monster fan.

          I don't have any bad points to mention as I think that for the price I paid it has had a good bit of use and my son was really pleased with it.

          It's quite stong and sturdy with it being constructed from plastic but the little green pegs are long gone so they now have to simply remember what character they picked.

          The characters on the board are ~

          Chop Chop
          Shi Shi
          Cutie Pie
          Big Bad Bill
          General Fuzuki
          Prof. Purplex
          White Fang

          It's a good enough game but it isn't enough to keep my children entertained for hours. It's something they play once or twice and then it gets put away for another while and then the same happens again, it doesn't all end in tears though which is a good thing!

          Thanks for reading :o) x


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          05.11.2012 14:51
          Very helpful



          Nice idea.

          My daughters 'thing' this year has been Moshi Monsters. For her birthday she received a game called 'Where's Moshi?'.

          What are Moshi Monsters you may be asking? Well Moshi Monsters started as an online game where children adopted and cared for their own virtual monsters. Moshi Monsters has now progressed in to something much bigger and there are all sorts of Moshi Monster merchandise available including magazines,books, video games, toys, trading cards and even a music album! There are hundreds of different Moshi Monsters and they all look very different.

          The game comes in a colourful cardboard box and shows exactly what the game involves (it's a good idea to keep the box to store the game safety inside). It looks very pleasing to Moshi Fans, my daughter was very pleased to receive it! The age recommendation is 4+ years (my daughter received it on her fifth birthday) and is suitable for 2 players. The contents of the box includes 2 plastic orange game frames, 48 game doors (24 for each frame), 2 sticker sheets, 4 plastic peg markers and an instruction sheet. Rather annoyingly you have to stick all 48 stickers on the 48 game doors (and clip the game doors in to the game frames), this took some time (especially with an impatient 5 year old waiting to play) and is a task best done by adults - if the stickers get ruined, the game could be ruined. Be sure to place the stickers/game doors in different positions on both game frames!

          The rules of the game are pretty simple and if you have ever played the popular game 'Guess Who?' then you will know exactly how it goes. Each player chooses a character at the start of the game and each player then takes turn to ask questions that will eliminate different characters until you can work out which character your opponent has chosen. The first to correctly guess their opponents character is the winner.

          It's a great concept and I remember that I loved 'Guess Who?' as a child. 'Where's Moshi?' is a fun game and we've enjoyed playing it numerous times since my daughter received it. She struggled with the game slightly at first but has got much better now. Each game usually lasts us around 10 minutes and my daughter doesn't usually lose concentration. A lot of popular Moshi Monsters are included in the game - Oddie, Iggy, Cutie Pie, Jeepers, Fumble, Gigi, Angel, Chop Chop and Doris. The one big difference between 'Where's Moshi?' and 'Guess Who?' (apart from the characters) is that 'Where's Moshi?' doesn't have character cards. 'Guess Who?' had character cards which you laid face down and then chose a card - whatever card you chose was the character you stuck with. However 'Where's Moshi?' just has little pegs (which you push in to a small hole next to your chosen character, to remember which character you have chosen). Although it's nice to be able to choose your own character, I prefer the idea of character cards. Quite often my daughter forgets which character she has chosen and starts answering questions about other characters! She also has a habit of picking her favourite characters - this wouldn't happen if there were character cards. I would say the biggest downside to this game is that it can be quite awkward to ask questions about the characters. The questions in 'Guess Who?' are relatively easy to come up with and the characters are easy to differentiate. For example 'Is it a man or a woman? Do they wear glasses? Does he have a moustache?'. However the Moshi Monster characters are a lot more complex, so coming up with suitable questions can be hard. We usually ask questions such as 'Do they have feet? Are they holding something in their hand? Do they have something on their head?' but even these simple questions can be awkward because some characters (such as the starfish) 'sort of' have feet and some characters have horns (one even has a cherry) on their heads so we're never sure whether that qualifies as 'something on their head' or not.

          Despite the confusion, my daughter enjoys this game. However I prefer 'Guess Who?' and may buy it for her at Christmas, in which case 'Where's Moshi?' will probably become redundant.


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          Suitable Age 4 yrs +, Manufacturer: Vivid

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