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Tesco Naturally Small Compostable Sacks

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Brand: Tesco / Product Type: Bin Liner

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2011 18:57
      Very helpful



      A bag that really stand up to usage.

      Like most Local Authorities Oxfordshire has introduced segregated waste collection for which we were given various sorts of bins. When I first heard about the changes I was not entirely convinced that I was happy with having a waste food collection service which would collect all waste food, both raw and cooked products and bins in which bin liners were not allowed. I envisaged bins full of maggots and an awful smell, especially during the summer months. When we eventually received full details of the new recycling schemes we realised that we would be provided with a food storage bin with a handle that locked it closed and also a small caddy which we could keep in the kitchen. The information provided suggested wrapping the food waste in newspaper but since I never buy a newspaper and only receive one free one a week I knew that I wouldn't be able to use that method, the information also suggested that compostable bags could also be bought for use in the kitchen caddy so I decided that I would have to find some of those.

      I have used various brands over the last year or two but I have only recently come across the Tesco Naturally Small Compostable Sacks. They come in a roll of 25 for £2.55.

      I think I didn't buy these for quite a while as I just didn't notice them. They always seem to be displayed on the bottom shelves and the pale brown wrapper around the pale green bags just didn't draw my eye and I only found them when I was really desperate for some bags and stood for ages surveying the shelf as I was convinced that they must make such a product as food waste schemes seem very popular now. I imagine the packaging is designed to look natural and to highlight the products green credentials but unfortunately it is so bland it is easy to miss.

      The wrapper needs to be fully removed to access the bags but they are in a very firm roll which is great as they don't unravel themselves in the drawer or cupboard whilst being stored. However it is very easy to remove one bag by unrolling in and using the perforations. The perforations tear easily and I have never had a bag rip unevenly or form a hole whilst separating them.

      The material that the bags are made from claim to be 100% compostable, there is also a certificate number but the printing is so poor it is impossible to read. I decided that I would just assume that they were suitable for our local waste scheme and I certainly wasn't going to dig out the councils information on suitable bags.

      The bag is formed of quite a thin, pale green material and I was immediately worried that the bag would split easily. My food bags only stay in my kitchen caddy for a few days but I was still worried that these wouldn't be up to the job.

      The bags are easy to open but have a rather strange gusseted design so that they open very widely at the top but taper to about 12 cm at the bottom. The bag is approximately 10 litres in capacity which I knew should be a reasonable fit for my caddy. My caddy is quite a good size at 23cm high, 23cm wide and about 15cm deep and I have found some bags seem a bit on the small size. Upon putting one of these bags in the caddy I noticed that it fitted well and also left a good overhang around the top of the bin which is really useful when tying the top before putting the waste in the outside bin.

      Over the next couple of days I used my food caddy as normal and before long it was full. I removed the bag cautiously as the flimsy material was still causing me some concern and I had visions of the food being all over the caddy. I needn't have worried, the bag had done its job perfectly and I was easily able to tie the top edges before removing it. I realised that the tapered design meant that the bottom seam of the bag was several layers thick which seemed to add extra strength.

      I have been using these bags ever since and I am now on my third packet. I have found with some other brands that if a lot of "wet" food products, like teabags, had been added the bags start to decompose quickly and will leak but I have never had this problem with the Tesco bags which has impressed me. I have found these bags are generously sized compared to competitors too which means that even when I have been a bit lazy and overfilled the bin I have still managed to tie the top effectively.

      Once they are in the outside food bin they still seem to preserve their strength and that bin stays clean on an ordinary week as the bags do not leak. The only time I have had any problem was during the snow and over Christmas where we had to wait nearly three weeks for a food waste collection and the bags did start to breakdown but I suppose that does show that they will decompose eventually which is a good thing.

      I think these bags would benefit greatly from having tie-handles like my other bin bags but otherwise I cannot find any fault with them at all. The price seems to be on a par with similar products too.

      These are really effective for containing food waste and I am really glad I discovered them but I think it is a shame that Tesco seem to keep them so well hidden!


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      Colour: Black / Size: 30L

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