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Simplehuman Round Bin

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Brand: Simplehuman / Product Type: Other Bins

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    2 Reviews
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      11.03.2014 22:47
      Very helpful



      A super bin for a super price - highly recommended

      We have recently replaced our Brabantia bin with a Simplehuman one, for the 'simple' reason that the previous one started to get very grotty after owning it for a number of years. I came across this round 30 litre bin in B & M bargains for £29.99 which I thought seemed very reasonable.

      The bin is completely different than the one we owned previously so I was a bit sceptical at first that it would meet my family's needs, with the price being the main reason I purchased it. The lid operates by a pedal for example, when our previous one was a touch lid and it also has no inner bin, again something I was used to having although I didn't realise that was the case until after purchase. The only things that were similar to our previous one were it's 30 litre capacity and it's round cylindrical shape.

      The bin measures around 60cm tall and has a 35cm diameter so I find it a nice size - it is tall enough but not too tall. I find it's perfect height as I'm able to see inside it when throwing things away, allowing me to judge whether the rubbish I have to get rid of will fit in there or if the bag needs changing first. Our bin is made of brushed silver metal with a black lid.

      The lid lifts via a shiny pedal at the bottom that lifts as soon as pressure is applied to it from the foot - it lifts at a nice and steady speed, opening to a 90 degree angle meaning that there is a large opening available to throw in the rubbish I have. The bin is part of Simplehuman's 'strong but silent' range meaning that the lid doesn't just slam shut after your foot releases the pedal. The lid instead just moves at the same steady and fairly slow speed to shut, meaning that it makes virtually no noise at all. To aid with this, a small black rod leads down the back of the bin, from the lid's base. The bin's mechanism makes it feel extremely strong and robust. The pedal action feels sturdy and the pedal feels solid - there's no wobbling movement for example, which is something I've experienced in the past from other (cheaper) pedal bins and which has put me off owning one again until now.

      I was slightly disappointed at first when I found that there was no inner bin to this, just as I used to always tuck the bin liner into the inner bin to keep it in place and it meant I no longer had that option. But, when using the Simplehuman pedal bin liners, the liner can be placed around the rim of the bin perfectly. The lid is designed so that it fits over the main the part of the lid, with a rim that goes all the way around it. The rim is designed in such a way that it hides where the liner is attached, meaning that the bin always looks neat and tidy. A bonus was that a pack of 10 liners were included with the purchase of the bin and they lasted ages. I have since carried on using their bin liners. They cost around £4 for 10 which is quite expensive compared to supermarket's own versions but I would rather pay a bit more in order to keep the bin looking very neat.

      For some reason (and I have no idea why as the bin has exactly the same capacity as my previous bin) I have found that the bin doesn't need emptying as much as it used to - we have definitely not reduced our waste in the kitchen, but this bin seems to hold more. I have a feeling it is due to the much wider opening to it and with it being wider, rubbish fits into it better, even those large pieces of rubbish we have so there is not as much space being left in the bag as the rubbish inside is compacted together more. This isn't just something I've noticed either - my husband (chief bin liner changer) has said he's found it doesn't need doing half as much as before.

      The bin benefits as having a 5 year guarantee which I felt gave me peace of mind. Even if the bin breaks after that time, it will have meant I've only spent £6 per year on an item that is used countless times every single day (plus the cost of liners).

      I have no hesitation in recommending this bin - it looks very stylish but is also very practical and with a reasonable price tag too. It operates very well and feels strong and robust. Full marks from me.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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        07.05.2010 14:48
        Very helpful



        The best kitchen bin I've seen!

        Having just about come to the end of a marathon kitchen extend and refit, we're just at the 'finishing touches' stage. One look round the kitchen and it was painfully obvious that our grotty old plastic bin had to go! Now I'm a girl for a bargain, but our kitchen layout is such that the bin is one of the first things you see and it seemed a shame to ruin the whole effect by being stingy on the bin front.

        So, I dutifully had a quick look at reviews of posh Brabantia bins on dooyoo, then off we popped to John Lewis to have a look.

        Once there we found a choice of the aforesaid Brabantia, John Lewis own brand bins, and Simplehuman - a brand I had only slightly heard of but had the impression they were even more expensive. We spent ages trying out all the various 'soft touch' lids and the pedals of the pedal bins - got some funny looks, but while it's all very well looking smart, if a pedal isn't up to heavy use I'm not going to be buying.

        Having prepared myself for the prospect of having to fork out a truly ridiculous sum of money, I was delighted when we spotted the Simplehuman 30 litre pedal bin at £45. This was considerably cheaper than many of the alternatives. It had everything we were looking for, so search over ... it's now sitting proudly in my kitchen. I know it's just a bin, but I am quite delighted with it. Sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference!

        Reasons I love it :
        1. It's a pedal bin, so no need to be touching the lid and spreading germs
        2. The pedal is very sturdy, feels like it will cope with the heavy use it will get in a kitchen
        3. It's very smart - shiny silver with a strong black plastic lid
        4. It's fingerprint-proof! I have tested this out, trying my best to leave a fingerprint on its pristine surface, but haven't managed to
        5. It has a removable inner bin with a kind of shelf inside the main bin to rest the inner bin on to make changing bags very easy
        6. If you use their bin bags (3 provided free so you can try them out) they fit exactly and fit over the inner bin so they don't show when the bin is closed - no unsightly overhang!
        7. It's quite a tall, thin design so doesn't take up much floor space
        8. Despite being quite a narrow bin, the lid lifts completely so the bin opening is fairly wide - this was a problem with some others we looked at
        9. There is a 'stay open' function on the bin so you don't need to keep using the pedal if you have a lot to throw away in one go
        10. It's a sleek and stylish design, doesn't look like a dalek (naming no names, but one we saw did!)

        It was very useful actually going to see - before going I would have guessed we would need a bin bigger than 30 litres, but in the event we realised these were a perfectly decent size, especially now we recycle so much (aren't we good!) and so we aren't left with the kitchen-dominating mistake I would probably have made if I'd guessed on size and bought online.

        The only minor disadvantage is the price of the bin bags - a pack of 20 set us back almost a fiver. However, because most of our waste goes into various recycling boxes now, we don't find we need to empty this bin very often, so I am prepared to pay this to have a good strong bag which fits exactly. I do think I will probably give the cheaper bin bags a go too though to see if they do the job well enough.

        Highly recommended!


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