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Razzamatazz Organic Buckwheat Pillow

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Manufacturer: Razzamatazz / Type: Pillow

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2012 11:51
      Very helpful



      A unique concept that works well for me

      Razzmatazz Organic Buckwheat Pillow

      What was I thinking?
      Well, after having success with a Snuggledown Oriental Pillow I repurchased but it didn't satisfy my needs the same as the original one - maybe a blip but it tempted me to research pillows again. What I need is support for my neck and if I don't get a pillow that is capable of doing that it results in broken sleep and aches. There was a huge choice of brands, fillings and promises that came at a bewildering range of prices. I stumbled upon this particular pillow and what I read sounded perfect for me.

      What's on offer with a Razzmatazz Pillow?
      This is a full size pillow (they also do travel size) which will fit into a standard pillow case. It is filled with organic buckwheat husks - which have not been treated with chemicals and are naturally allergen free. The pillow can improve circulation as you sleep and maintain a coolness or heat - adapting to the needs of the body and keeping you comfortable. The husks have the ability to fit around your head and neck - thus providing optimal support and maintaining it. Unlike feather and synthetic pillows this pillow will not lose it's shape or firmness as the husks improve with age. These pillows are reported to have lasted up to 20 years! They are zipped at one side to enable washing of the case (without the husks inside) and the choice to add more organic buckwheat husks if you desire. This sounded spot on for me - I placed an order and waited patiently.

      New arrival for the bedroom...
      The pillow arrived packed safely in a box. Around the pillow itself was a protective plastic bag. A small leaflet of information detailed all of the above and a little more and can be kept for reference in the future - I have great hopes that this pillow will be with me many years.

      I smelt the pillow to see if there was any fragrance or odour - I could not detect anything and I have a super sensitive nose so there can't have been anything to report. The weight is 2.6kg so it's noticeably heavier than any other pillow that I have trialled (that has been many over the years in my quest for perfection) but it is no problem for me.

      The pillow casing is a thicker material that is made out of organic calico. It is not a pure white colour and rather off white - but it's going inside a pretty pillow coverlet so it is of no concern to me. As long as it provides comfort and is hard wearing (for my 20 years of sleep) then I'm a happy girl. The zip to the side is unobtrusive and I never know it is there. This pillow is made to high standards with fine stitching and perfect shape. I am reassured.

      The pillow fits into the standard pillow case easily and there is room to spare at either end. This pillow is not as long as a standard pillow (size of the Razzmattazz pillow is 17" x 24"). The height of the pillow is more or less the same as a standard pillow. I have not found this to present a problem. I have a pillow protector which sits snug on the pillow and they fill the pillow coverlet adequately - it's not big and bouncy like some standard varieties but that is not my priority. If I put too much over the pillow I don't think it would be as effective as I like to be able to feel the husks and allow them to settle in place.

      This pillow is quite low down and flat compared to my last pillow and the buckwheat moves about inside it, which is a new concept for me. I have found this to be a good thing as I just shake the pillow to get the amount of husks where I want them and then nestle my head into them, it feels wonderful. Apparently these pillows get better with age as the husks rub against each other they get better at working with your shape - they don't break down. I have noticed this to be true up to now.

      The first night I got this pillow I was a little anxious that I had made a good choice and my husband commented on it being flat and hard. Now I find him edging over the bed for a chance to experience the buckwheat coolness and conformity, support and benefits. If I lie on my back the pillow moulds itself under me and provides support like no other I have experienced to date. I relish the coolness though know that if I'm cold it actually adapts. I no longer have an issue with a hot head as this pillow keeps me just right. It is lower down but from night one I felt like I was in 'the right' position for me. Not only does my neck and shoulders feel comfortable and supported, my spine does too. Another bonus is when I lie on my side, I tend to stay in the pocket that the back of my head made and my nose never gets covered with the pillow so that I cannot breath - this has been an issue in the past which has meant sleeping at the edge of the pillow. This pillow allows me to lie on my side in the centre of it and my airways are unobstructed - I can breath easy. This means that I do not miss any extra length that a standard pillow has to offer.

      I have been having marvellous nights sleep since getting this pillow and it's not going anywhere for a very long time. I'm thinking of getting my husband one as he snores and the pillow can help to reduce that. The pillow can also help with premenstrual night sweats, insomnia, migraine headaches and muscle spasms. This company provide pillows to a top 5 Star hotel in Dubai - if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me!

      As I have a pillow protector I have not yet needed to wash the pillow casing but if I did it would entail unzipping and carefully emptying the filling into a clean container. Ensuring that the case is completely dry before returning the filling - shake and good to go.

      I like the fact the if the pillow does last me many years (longer than the average year or two that standard pillows give me) then I'm reducing my landfill offerings and saving a fair few pounds too. On average I pay £20 per pillow and this one cost me £19.95 plus £6.95 postage and packing. I would say I got a good deal if it's current performance is anything to go by and this is a perfect fit for me.

      Points to note about this pillow when making a decision to buy...
      100% natural
      100% ethical
      100% organic
      100% biodegradable

      In addition to this I was pleased to discover that the husks had been washed so that they are dust free. The pillow is hypo allergenic - no dust mites or allergies and free from chemicals. All of these points appealed to me as I am sensitive to allergens and up to now I have been free from any reactions. Thumbs up!

      If you fancy something different that may make a difference to your nights sleep...

      Buy from...


      I got mine from a seller on eBay called aroma-relief at a slightly lower price and it is the Razzmatazz pillow at 2.6kg. I can recommend the service of this seller.

      Star Rating.....Does it deserve to be called Razzmatazz?
      FIVE STARS all the way and in my opinion the name is justified.

      Do I recommend to you the Razzmattaz Pillow that is filled with Organic Buckwheat?...
      Indeed I do, if you want to try something different. It's not like the experience of a standard feather or synthetic pillow (a bonus meaning that it doesn't deteriorate and lose its support) as it is flatter and somewhat hard as opposed to the concept of a fluffy pillow - fluffy pillows just don't work for me as I need/want something in the nook of my neck that maintains my posture and can manage the weight of my head (which is pretty heavy as I've squished many pillows with it!). It's well made and should last an impressive length of time - up to 20 years! The hulls that are within the pillow casing improve with age and get used to your requirements when positioning. I've not noticed any strange smells. I should add that there is a slight rustle sound as the hulls move when you reposition but to be honest it is not a problem for me at all. I think it is great that you can add more to the 2.6kg of hulls - it is personal preference but I'll keep mine how it is as I find it a perfect amount. I just shake the pillow and have more husks at the bottom for when my neck reaches it and I'm sorted for the duration of the night. I think that my husband will be having one of these as he likes the coolness that is always on the edge when sneaks across for a cool down. Hopefully it may aid in stopping his snoring too. As I don't snore I cannot comment on that benefit but I can remark on the pillow never blocking my nose. I am having refreshing sleep and waking up knowing that I have slept deeply. I think I have found the holy grail of pillows - for me anyhow.

      I have tried a memory foam pillow in my quest and I can confirm that though the Razzmattaz pillow is hard in comparison to the standard types it is not like a brick as the memory foam one proved to be that I trialled.

      Also published on Ciao
      © dawnymarie


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