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Tweezerman Polka Dot Slant Tweezer

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Type: Tweezer / Brand: Tweezerman / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      15.08.2013 22:00
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      Worth the money

      I get a lot of ingrown hairs - I'm not sure why, but because I do a good pair of tweezers is an absolute must-have because if ingrown hairs are left they can become infected and they are obviously pretty ugly too!

      I used to struggle for ages with my old pair of tweezers which were really cheap and awful quality, it used to take me about 5 minutes to manage to actually grip the hair and pull it out and I also sometimes needed to use a needle if the hair was deep in my skin , but with these tweezers they have a sharp edge which is great and they're very precise and sharp so they grip the hair without any faffing around and get any skin covering the hair out of the way as they're so sharp, this might sound painful but it really isn't.

      They're also great for plucking out any stray eyebrow hairs and neatening them up. It's easy to get hold of a single hair and pull it out because of how precise the tweezers are and whenever I am using the tweezers they aways get the whole hair out by the root which means it takes longer for the hair to grow back which is good, my other tweezers would usually just snap the hair off and leave the root which meant that I had to pluck the hairs very regularly.

      The tweezers are comfortable to hold, lightweight and easy to grasp. Although the tweezers are a little smaller in length than an average pair of tweezers they are not fiddle and not really that much smaller, but they're still neat. With my old pair of tweezers which were metal all over rather than having any sort of coating on the handle part I often was left with indentments on my fingers from where I'd been holding them whilst plucking my eyebrows etc, and although this wasn't very painful it was a bit annoying, but because these ones are smooth they are comfortable to hold with a smooth handle they don't dig into my fingers. I also find that I don't need to use a lot of pressure when pressing them together, which is really good. I tend to remove ingrown hairs when I'm in the bath and I am able to easily grip the tweezers even with wet hands.

      The tweezers are excellent quality and after over a year of being used regularly they aren't blunt or rusty. They are easy to clean and I just use an antibacterial wipe to clean them once I've finished removing the ingrown hair, though I don't bother cleaning them after plucking my eyebrows. As well as being durable, good quality and accurate they are also really cute and girly, and they're so much nicer to look at than an average pair of tweezers! Mine are a lovely shade of purple with white spots, and they have the tweezerman logo on them.

      The tweezers retail at around £15 which is pricy, but 100% worth it. I have had mine for a year and they are still just as good quality and accurate as they were the day I bought them, and I think they'll last me for at least a few years. I actually only paid £8 for mine as I got them in the ASOS sale, but I'd happily pay the full price given the quality and design.

      Highly recommended.


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        14.11.2011 16:40
        Very helpful



        Tweezers that work!

        Tweezerman goes dotty

        Why decide on Tweezerman?
        This brand is decidedly more expensive than my recent few sets of tweezers but having read numerous reviews about these little fella's my mind was made up - my next lot of Boots Advantage points was earmarked and I was treating myself to a pair of tweezers that actually perform well.

        Points spent and home I went!
        I was excited to trial these tweezers. Having struggled with my latest pair for a good year or so I looked forward to a good session of brow shaping. My last pair simply were not fit for purpose - the grip was rather hit and miss and they appeared to slice hairs in half rather than remove if used at a certain angle.

        Mirror time!
        The first thing to note about the Tweezerman's is how cute they are and that they have a reusable plastic case with a lid on. I don't need a long handle as I normally hold tweezer close to the pincers. The width is surprisingly thick and the polka dot design covers the handle perfectly and giving some gloss but with a matt feel. The tips are bare metal and look a good thickness and quality. Indeed the small product is very high in quality. I'm glad about that as £15 is quite a lot more than I normally pay for tweezers.

        I have some thick brow hairs and some finer hair - would the Tweezermans succeed in removing the finer hair? Yes. I did not do any special preparation before I began to pluck. The slanted tips of the tweezers are ergonomically well designed as is the whole tweezer as it is so comfortable to handle and I feel totally in control. The hair was located and pulled out fully - no problem encountered and certainly no slicing through the hair shaft. Thicker hairs were a doddle. I can even locate stray hairs which are in amongst the other brow hairs and manage to pull them out - rather than attempting numerous times which often results in a thin/bald spot!

        The tweezers maintain the tight grip and clean looking tips. No rust has appeared up to now. I always keep them in the case that is provided so that they remain as clean as possible.

        Sourcing a Tweezerman!
        Boots currently stock these at £15

        There are a variety of designs and sizes by Tweezerman - some lower in price and some higher. These can be purchased from a number of different stores online which include Amazon. A google search will identify more.

        http://www.tweezerman.com/ has videos, tips and techniques and other products - some of which can be sourced in the UK.

        I'm dotty about Tweezerman!
        I can highly recommend these tweezers. I have learned that by paying a bit more I can have a pair of tweezers that are fit for purpose and of high quality. They come with a reusable case which has proven very useful and keeps them clean. Pocket sized these are easily stored. Hair removal is now very easy for me and I wish that I had purchased them sooner instead of struggling. I was reluctant to pay so much initially but after reading a significant number of reviews I took the plunge and can report that you will get what you pay for and they will last. I am very impressed.

        Thanks for reading - also published on Ciao.


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