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Magic Minerals Make Up Gift Set

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5 Reviews
  • Nice finish
  • Limited coverage
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    5 Reviews
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      22.02.2015 22:44
      Very helpful


      • "Nice finish"


      • "Limited coverage"

      Nice finish but lacking the 'magic' factor.

      I was given this set by a relative, mainly because I am always complaining about my sensitive skin which is prone to blotchiness when exposed to the elements. The mascara was a bonus.
      The powder features small dots of various colours, each which is meant to deal with a particular facial flaw, for example, to deal with redness (fingers crossed). The set comes with a soft dense make-up brush with which to buff the powder into your skin.
      The first time I tried the product I was quite disappointed. I had to put on more and more for it to even start to even out my skin and the whole effect seemed to rest in my lines and pick up any skin texture, creating an unattractive matt chalky effect. Instead of matching my skin tone, Magic Minerals gave me less of a glow and more of a sickly pale effect.
      So, I washed the whole lot off, applied my usual concealer and a thin layer of tinted moisturiser. Once this had been absorbed into my skin, I again added the Magic Minerals compact powder using the brush provided. This time the effect was more even and instead of the grainy pale effect of before, it left a matt finish with a hint of smooth sheen, the effect of which improved after about 20 minutes of wear. I think you need to have very good skin already to get away with wearing just the Magic Minerals powder on its own, but with something to help even out skin tone underneath, the powder works nicely as a usual powder compact, but isn't anything special. The mascara, though seeming a little dry, did make my pale lashes look more intense.


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      16.02.2014 21:07
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A lovely powder and mascara which make your skin and lashes look lovely

      I was given this gift set by my sister in law a year ago after she got fed up of me pinching hers. It contains both a mineral brush, applicator brush and a mascara.

      The powder
      The product has been created using mineral powder and is both talc and fragrance free. It promises to even out the skin's complexion and to help deal with a whole host of skin problems. The powder is translucent so it should match most skin tones and the ultra fine powder promises to feel weightless and completely natural on the skin. It also claims that it won't settle into fine lines and creases.

      How does it work?
      Packed within the powder are little balls of bright colour which looks a bit scary of first observation. The pink balls promises to brighten your complexion while the green colour promises to hide redness and hide any skin discolouration. The purple colour claims that it will leave your complexion looking healthier and the yellow shade helps to hide veins and dark shadows around the eye area.

      The powder comes contained within a very sturdy square shaped compact. It has a mirror in the lid so you can apply the product on the go and a sponge applicator is enclosed within. The packaging keeps the powder safe and sound.

      My experience
      The powder can be applied with either the provided brush or the sponge. When applied using the sponge, the effects are more intense and noticeable, while the soft brush leaves a lighter more natural coverage. Despite the plentiful colourful balls within the product, you can't see the colour noticeably on the face. It actually gives a rather full coverage and does cover a multitude of imperfections.

      The colour of the powder is fine on my pale complexion and doesn't leave me looking like I've been tangoed. It does a fantastic job of evening the skin tone and it does leave your skin looking healthier and fresher. It does cake on the skin and it has good staying power although it does easily rub off if you hug someone so beware! It hasn't irritated my skin or caused me to develop any blemishes. It is easily washed off using my usual face wash.

      The mascara
      The mascara promises to leave your lashes looking longer and fuller. The product is contained within a chunky black and silver tube. The brush contained within the lid of the product is very full and chunky. The mascara has a weird aroma to it which smells a little like grass to me, random I know! The size of the wand does make it hard to apply without getting it on the skin around the eye but if you're careful, it can be done.

      The mascara coats the lashes really well and coats each lash. It does indeed make my lashes look both thicker and longer. It has a lovely dark black colour so it makes my lashes stand out much more. It is gentle on my eyes and hasn't caused any irritations, even when I have been wearing my contact lenses. The mascara has good staying power and doesn't flake or smudge as the day goes on. The mascara is easily removed using my usual eye make up remover.

      The set will cost you around £20 and it can be bought from large supermarkets, boots and also from a range of online websites.

      All in all, this is a fantastic powder which evens out the complexion and leaves it looking much healthier and brighter. It is gentle on the skin, suits my skin colour well and is easy to apply. It has long lasting results but does come off on other people's clothes if you hug them! The mascara is very good too despite its peculiar smell. It makes my lashes look longer and thicker, and it doesn't smudge or flake during the day. The included brush is soft but I find the included sponge applies the powder better. I love this set and I would happily recommend it.


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        22.08.2012 08:47
        Very helpful



        Would recommend to those who only need light coverage

        Predating the BB cream craze, JML, notorious for their 'miracle' performing products, bought the Jerome Alexander collection into the market. Interested in how a mere powder could correct every flaw it claimed to, from uneven skin tone to unsightly blemishes, I purchased the product. The set contained the compact, the brush, and the buffer style pad and the complimentary mascara.

        The products appearance itself is quite quirky, the powder designed to adapt to your skin tone contains visible green, pink, yellow and purple pigments. It may alarm some people to look at, but all these colours are designed to gloss over and correct imperfections and create a flawless finish. Mint correcting redness etc.
        The actual packaging itself, the square plastic case, appears rather cheap, which I found disappointing considering it was nearly double the price of most traditional foundations.

        Immediately I had to discard the application brush, the bristles were coarse and firm, and would have been perfect for holding the product... If the hairs didn't actually fall out in alarming volumes as I lightly swirled over my face! After switching brushes and using the pad as advised to set the foundation, I was surprised at the result.

        While not perfect, it still provided a reasonable level of coverage. It was light, natural and I was happy to leave the house without anything else, no other concealers or creams or finishing powders. I found as I went through the day, I was having to 'top up' my foundation several times to ensure a good finish, which at first I found acceptable. Until I realized the actual quantity of the product was depleting quickly.

        Overall I was satisfied with it. Some may be put off by the large price tag, but after you have made that initial purchase, you are unlikely to ever have to invest in any other foundations or concealers. While offering reasonable coverage, I feel there are foundations out there, even more inexpensive ones, that offer slightly better coverage and lasting ability.


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        16.03.2012 00:02
        Very helpful



        Quick and easy to use - non-messy and long lasting

        ---Why I Buy This---

        I first became aware of these Jerome Alexander Minerals when watching Ideal World shopping channel.
        They would do makeovers on the models and it seemed to work so well that I thought I would give them a try.

        ---The Brand---

        Jerome Alexander was selling his own items on Ideal World shopping channel and also other shopping channels that I never bothered watching. However recently he has been advertising his minerals on TV under the JML brand.

        ---The Product---

        There are various products in Jerome Alexander's range but this gift set contains:
        * COMPACT FOUNDATION - a compact of the pressed mineral powder.
        This powder has various colours embedded in it to help even out your skin tones:
        'Pink - Brightens pale complexions
        Mint - Dulls redness and conceals skin discoloration
        Lavender - Camouflages yellow and pallid skin
        Yellow - Coverage for your under and over eye areas'
        All-natural micronised mineral power, self correcting with built-in colour correctors, fragrance and talc free. (JML website)
        Square black compact, minerals 'made in China'.
        Once opened use within three years.
        14 grams.
        Press front of compact to lift lid - there is mirror in the lid.
        * BRUSH - a stubby brush to use to apply your foundation powder - 5 inches long with a thick stubby head of bristles and a thick black handle.
        * MASCARA - lash extending - comes in black wand with silver ends - 'makes lashes look up to 50% longer and 4 x thicker'.

        ---Other Items Available---

        Jerome Alexander does a primer, under eye concealer, lip colours, lipstick, eye shadows, eye liner, brow colour and blushers. You can also get a stackable set of magic minerals, eye shadows, and lip colours.


        JML does not appear to have this exact set on sale at present but it is available on Amazon for £15.49 and on Ebay for £16.49.

        ---My Opinion---

        Spending too much time watching shopping channels I was intrigued with Jerome's demonstrations and eventually bought myself a set. Once I had bought my first Jerome Alexander mineral powder I was hooked and have bought quite a few over the years.
        The powder itself is compressed and so is easy to apply and non-messy. Anyone who has tried the loose mineral foundations will know they are a nightmare.
        The coloured bits in the foundation powder are supposed to even out your skin tone - I would not say they are magic but I do like it as a foundation, mainly for its ease of use.
        It is so quick and easy to sweep the powder over your face on just the areas that need it - for me over cheeks, chin, nose and forehead - it can be done very quickly and I like that it is not like a liquid foundation that needs to be applied with your fingers - which takes longer and is messy.
        You can continue to applying the powder until you are satisfied, personally on most days I only use a little - just enough to make me look a little more human.
        I have also had the huge 32 gram compact which seems to last forever, and the stackable pots are great if you are travelling.
        I like the little stubby brush - I have had mine a few years and it still seems fine and the bristles have not lost their shape. All I do is wash it in a little soapy water every week or so.
        I am afraid I cannot comment on the quality of the mascara as I never use it and gave my two lots away. However if it is of the quality of the eye shadows, blushers and lip tints you will have no problems.
        For a few years now I have used a lot of Jerome Alexander products and found them all to be very long lasting and compatible with my skin and I have had no problems whatsoever.

        ---Star Rating---

        5 Stars.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely.




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          09.09.2011 00:32
          Very helpful



          All in one powder foundation that leaves an excellent finish.

          It seems barely a week goes by without a new product entering the beauty product market that claims to be a miracle cure for any type of beauty need. The latest is a new powder foundation - JML's Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander. I had seen the advert for JML Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander on one of those advertising screens at the Boots checkout. The powder costs £20 which is twice the price of my usual foundation and I always think of JML as a company that carries products like banana cases but I thought hey why not give it a go.

          The Claims:

          JML Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander claims to be the only foundation you will ever need. It is a concealer, foundation and corrector all in one. It claims to correct redness, dark circles, age spots and breakouts. Its has built-in colour correctors to make skin imperfections disappear and its fine formula glides gently on the skin without clogging wrinkles or lines. The powder is fragrance free, contains no talc and is hypoallergenic.

          What's the big idea?

          The powder is made up of a unique formula of minerals in the perfect colour combinations to create a translucent fine powder that matches your skin tone and balances out imperfections in all skin types for a flawless finish.

          Pink - Brightens pale complexions
          Mint - Dulls redness and conceals skin discoloration
          Lavender - Camouflages yellow and pallid skin
          Yellow - Coverage for your under and over eye areas

          The product in hand:

          The powder comes in what I thought was quite a good size square black plastic compac. It also has a good size mirror so it can be used on the go. The set I purchased came with a stubby applicator brush. Unfortunately I found that the brush was not of very good quality and the hairs fell out from the first application so after a few applications I reverted to my own make up brush.The powder itself looks a little strange as the different colours are really obvious and to be honest my first impression was that it would be too dark for my light skin despite claiming to be suitable for all skin types. The package I got also came with a free mascara.


          To apply the powder you simply swirl your brush on the powder and sweep it on to your skin. The powder as promised is really fine so and there is not a great deal of mess which I have found to be the case with other powders. As the powder looked dark I was quite cautious when applying so initially applied a light coat, I found however that it was easy to build up the coverage to the level I needed. After a bit of experimenting I mastered the technique for my skin and I can now apply it quickly and fuss free.


          I have to say I was very impressed with the results of this product. I was a bit worried that as the colours were so obvious on the palate I would end up with weird coloured smears on my skin but this was not the case. The colour is great for my skin tone which I was really surprised at as I could not believe a one size fits all product would work.

          I personally do not suffer from spots or acne so cannot comment on the coverage it offers in that respect, however, I have found that it has been excellent at reducing the dark skin around my eyes and other patches that are prone to redness. Whilst I did not find a completely flawless finish it was certainly the best result of any foundation I have used. I found it did balance out my skin tones and as such I was left with quite a radiant glow rather than a dull matt finish.

          When I am wearing make up I do not want to feel concious of it, there is nothing worse than feeling like your skin is caked. I found the powder to be really light, it did not get clogged in any lines and as it was so fine it felt almost like I wasn't wearing any foundation at all.

          As I have very sensitive eyes I do not usually wear mascara but I gave this a try for the purpose of review. I found that it was a good colour but was quite clumpy and rather difficult to remove so would personally give it a miss.

          Value for money?

          The £20 price tag attached to JML Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander is almost double my usual foundation so I initially thought it was quite pricey. However as you do not have to fork out for additional concealers or base foundations it probably works out not much more expensive. I have not had JML Magic Minerals very long but I can imagine it will last quite a while. That said I could not help but feel that an ineffectual brush and average mascara added to the price so felt it would be better to make it cheaper without the additional extras and as such have marked it down.

          Overall I would definitely recommend JML Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander and will continue to use it myself.


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