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Wake Up Naked White Ginger Body Wash

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Brand: Naked / Type: Body Wash / Suitable for: Body

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    3 Reviews
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      11.06.2013 15:37
      Very helpful



      An ok body wash!

      When it comes to bath and body products I have only two rules when it comes to me picking them. One that they don't cost me the earth and two that they are from Brands that I have heard of. This brand I knew of before I spotted its bottle in my local Poundland store and running low on what I had at home I purchased a couple of different fragrances whilst I had the chance to because as far as I can see it isn't stocked anymore in places like Boots so if you do have problems tracking this particular fragrance of product down I will usher you to Amazon!

      The Packaging:

      This comes in a cylinder see through but slightly frosted bottle with a push down large button to the top of it which in turn opens up the other side a little so you can dispense the product out of it and then on the front of it in orange and brown writing we are told that it is Get Fresh Naked 'Excitingly Zingy White Ginger Body Wash ' and then we are told that it is 97% Natural and then on the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, the ingredients are clearly stated as is the size which in this case is 250ml, we are told that from once opened that the product should be used up within 12 months and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Nice enough packaging this is and it looks very unisex.

      Using It:

      Well this product is meant to reasonably natural which it is and isn't tested on animals and the packaging is recyclable. The gel is nice enough in consistency, not too thick that it isn't easy enough to dispense out of the bottle but not too watery either. I dispense some on to my flannel or sponge and a little of this goes a very long way indeed and it feels smooth in use and gives me plenty of thick white froth too so that I can shave my bits and pieces along the way should I want to!

      The scent of this isn't what I expected at all sadly and it smelt stronger in the bottle to when I was using it. I expected a real pungent smell of ginger however for me this was nice enough and smells natural too but it really is just a peppery smell hovering over a hint of watery ginger. Like I say though its nice enough but once I am dried I can't really smell it anymore which is a shame I think!

      However this may not leave me zesty fresh or tingling clean but I know I am clean and freshened up, that this doesn't upset my sensitive skin at all and my skin is smooth enough after using it though not overly moisturised it isn't dried out or prune like either.

      Its simply ok I think this one, I am impressed that a little goes a long way of it so it is an economical product however I would have liked the scent to of been more apparent!

      Available from Discount Stores or Google if interested.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this username.


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      19.08.2012 11:30
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Unsually scented shower gel from an ethically sound manufacturer

      "Naked" is a company I have a lot of respect for; I feel that they do much more than many similar companies with regard to ethical concerns and the development of products that don't harm the environment and that use natural products. Their products don't come cheap, however so I was delighted to find their White Ginger Body Wash (250ml) first in high street discount store, and when that supply dried up, through on-line retailer halfpriceperfumes.com; I was able to buy this product for just £1 from both outlets. Unfortunately I have to report that this line is now discontinued but I feel it's worth reviewing it because it does appear frequently in discount retail stores.

      On the label of this product, Naked make the claim that it is 97% natural. A friend of mine questioned why they would point this out if they hadn't managed to make it 100%; naturally, Naked explain what I had assumed - even if you use ingredients that are ethically sourced, fairly traded and naturally grown, you still need something in the bottle to stop them going stinky or separating. As far as I know, only preservative is added to this product; the colour - a translucent straw colour I'd say - is not a visual turn off, but it's good that Naked have gone with it and not felt compelled to add a colour too. This product (and this is true of all of the products in the Naked range) does not contain parabens or sodium laureth sulphate.

      The packaging is, in theory, recyclable but, of course, facilities differ enormously depending on where you live. The plastic is made from recycled plastic. The gel is dispensed from a push button top which is easy to operate even with wet hands and you don't get any spillage if you accidentally knock the bottle over.

      This body-wash has a distinctive but not strong scent. Although the name suggests some floral element to the scent, the dominant aroma is peppery with a whiff of ginger though not the vibrant immediacy you get when you freshly grate root ginger, this is more the sort of smell you get when adding hot water to an herbal infusion that contains ginger and it's almost powdery. Looking at the ingredients there are a host of additions such as nutmeg oil and grapefruit peel oil which I don't really pick up but obviously add to the overall scent.

      The scent becomes stronger when you start to lather us the gel but it never gets really strong and it isn't as zesty as the packaging notes suggest, at least not if you compare it to, say, some of the Original Source products. Like so many products of this kind, you do have to sacrifice a rich lather if you aren't going to add an artificial frothing agent; it doesn't bother me at all but some people may use more of the product to try to create more lather and this just won't work at all (and at the full price you certainly wouldn't want to use any more than you have to). I find that squirting a little body-wash into the shower puff helps increase the amount of lather produced but ultimately, the lack of lather is something you have to get used to if you use products like this.

      I find using Naked's White Ginger Flower body-wash an enjoyable experience; it's refreshing and leaves my skin feeling clean and revived. It doesn't dry my skin, but neither would I say it's a really brilliant moisturiser. It leaves the mildest of fragrance on the skin after use, but it does fade quite quickly.

      I'll stock up when I see this product again but I can't say I'll really miss it when the last bottle is finished. The scent is pleasant but not amazing and it doesn't have any special features such as moisturising power. I like this product for a combination of reasons - the gentle but interesting scent, the ethical credentials of the company and the use of natural ingredients. It might not be the best body-wash in the world but it's one I'm happy to recommend.


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        02.02.2012 20:21
        Very helpful



        An almost 100% natural product with a weak scent

        Wake Up Naked White Ginger Body Wash.

        This is a product from the 'Naked' company who claim;
        "We are 97% natural, but 100% transparent. We are honest about everything we do- . No covering up here !"

        They claim that they have removed all parabens and SLS ( Sodium Laurel Sulphates) and petro chemicals from their products so it is possible , once again Lush take not please. Although they are in a majority of toiletries they are often the cause of skin allergies and are really not very nice so should be avoided if possible.

        They include as many natural products that are good at doing their job such as sunflower for sun damage protection and rose oil for anti aging.

        Why only 97% natural? Apparently the 3% is preservative to keep the product from going yukky after opening and also emulsifiers which stop the ingredients from separating. They claim that some of their products are actually 99.5% natural so they are definitely trying to redress the balance of natural versus chemical in the toiletry industry.

        They also state that they don't believe in testing " our ingredients on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy ( or Tigger).

        Where can I buy these products and how much are they?

        I bought this from our local Oxfam shop but they are sold in larger Boots stores. You can also buy on line from the Naked bodycare site too. The prices vary but they are not a lot more expensive that other chemically full toiletries. I believe this cost about £3.99 which is not bad for a natural product that is not bad for you or the environment.

        What do you get for your money?
        My product came in a plastic fully recyclable bottle with a push top lid. It holds 250ml of the Body Wash. The product itself is almost clear but slightly murky looking. It has not really got any colour it just looks like cloudy water I suppose. They do say the colour can vary as it is made of all natural stuff.

        Sounds good
        I have bought a few of their products and found the conditioner was quite good, certainly made my hair nice and soft and detangled. It smelled lovely too. The shampoo was okay too but the scent less interesting. This i was hoping would smell floral and have a bit of ginger warmth to it too.
        The front of the container advertises that it is " Excitingly zingy white ginger Body Wash"
        Their blog also says "Awaken skin and enjoy an invigorating morning shower with our Wake Up Naked White Ginger Body Wash. White ginger flowers are known for their gorgeous fragrance and a generous heaping of ginger root gives you a zingy kick start to seize the day, leaving your skin clean and hydrated. "

        What do I think?
        Well I have to say the scent was not amazing. It smells more like a sort of peppery powdery smell. I suppose it is the same sort of smell as you would get from pouring boiling water over ginger root and not at all floral. The product actually has a mixture of things to create the scent and this include, ginger oil, grapefruit peel oil, nutmeg oil and Hawaiian white ginger root extract. . All these are quite strongly scented and I would have thought there would have been a much stronger scent from the product from

        It is quite good at producing a mild lather and you need quite a good amount to get any lather. Is it zingy? Well no I can't say I felt zinged at all. It is a nice product but not one I'd rush out to buy again . Sad because I do think their products are aiming in the right direct ion and I applaud their aims but I really would have thought that all those lovely natural oils would create a much stronger scent.

        On the plus side when I use this my skin feels well nurtured and not tight at all so it doesn't irritate my skin not does it dry it at all but it also doesn't leave me with a nicely scented body in my view so I have to find a nice scented body lotion to counter that.

        The smell reminds me a bit of the 'Knackered Cow' body wash I had and reviewed. It has the same sort of plastic back scent which is odd.

        On the back of the bottle it has a bit about how zingy you should fell having used this. How to use it which is pretty self evident really as it is a body wash although the way they put it is quite amusing
        "....... rinse off and try not to annoy others around you with your abundance of new energy as you with your abundance of new energy as you 'seize the day' "

        Anyway I am a little disappointed with the scent of this but do applaud the company's ethics and aims. I just wish they'd work out how to make their stuff smell more natural and less plastic like.

        I have given four stars - five for ethics minus one for the scent

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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