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Valentino Rock n' Rose Shower Gel

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Brand: Valentino / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2012 14:20
      Very helpful



      nice but not for everyone

      ~Rock n Rose~

      Rock n Rose is a fragrance by fashion designer Valentino. This fragrance collection includes an Eau de Parfum, body lotion, deodorant and shower gel. These products can used alone or together to enhance the Rock n Rose scent on the skin.

      The shower gel in the Rock n Rose range is described as being 'fabulously creamy' and 'delicately fragranced'. It follows the same fragrance path as the perfume and incorporates the following fragrance notes :

      *Top notes - crisp green leaves, muguet, bergamot and blackcurrant
      *Heart notes - orange blossom, gardenia and rose
      *Base notes - sandalwood, orris, vanilla, musk and heliotrope

      This shower gel promises to cleanse and scent your skin whilst showering. It is the perfect base product to use.


      This shower gel is presented in a baby pink, round plastic bottle with black writing. A silver neck is topped with a black, unusually shaped lid which has quite sharp edges. It isn't the most comfortable to open! This shower gel is dispensed via a small hole under the lid - this helps control the product flow. The bottle can be recycled and this shower gel has a 12month shelf life.

      I find the bottle design to be quite attractive. It is girly but with a modern edge and looks lovely when sitting in my bathroom.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Rock n Rose Shower Gel can be purchased in a 200ml bottle or as part of a gift set in a 100ml size bottle.

      *Amazon - £14.10 (200ml) or £49.94 (gift set inc 50ml EDP, 200ml body lotion and 100ml shower gel)
      *www.forget-flowers.co.uk - £13.95

      ~My Thoughts~

      There are benefits of having a sister who doesn't use highly perfumed body lotions or shower gels that she receives in gift sets - little sister gets to use them! I was given my 100ml bottle of Rock n Rose Shower Gel in one of my 'little sister beauty bags' earlier in the year. For some reason, this has become my 'holiday or overnight' shower gel and has been on 3 trips with me so far - with no leakage I may add. I do not have anymore overnights planned until November so I use this shower gel at home at the moment (alternating with my other shower treats).

      Whilst I do like this shower gel, I cannot say that it is my favourite designer shower gel. It smells exactly like the perfume and at first, can be a little bit overpowering. The shower gel has a runny consistency and is visually clear. Despite being runny, only a small amount is required on a flannel or body puff to create a beautifully rich lather. The lather is thick on my skin yet incredibly lightweight and gently cleansing. It feels luxurious and is a treat to use in the shower. My skin always feels cleansed, refreshed and soft after drying off - I do still need to apply a body cream as the shower gel alone isn't moisturising enough to hydrate my dry skin for the day ahead. Despite being highly perfumed, my sensitive skin hasn't experienced any reaction to this shower gel.

      Scent wise, this shower gel is very strong. Personally, I am not crazy on the scent. Unlike an actual perfume, the different fragrance notes tend to become a little muddled together. Rock n Rose is a nice enough scent but I feel there is too much going on when I am using this in the shower. The scent is very floral with the rose being the prominent note that my nose can pick up - everything else seems to blend together and acts as an undertone to the rose. Once I have dried off, the scent lingers on my skin in a more subtler way and I witness some delicate sweet notes coming through but it is difficult to determine what I am actually smelling. The overall scent is quite fresh but the floral notes are just too strong for my liking.


      I wouldn't buy this again. If you are a fan of heavily perfumed shower gels and like rose scents in general then this is for you. It would have been more appealing to me if the other fragrance notes (especially the top notes) had been more noticeable as they could have taken the edge of the floral rose. The scent does linger on my skin for a few hours.

      This shower gel would make a pleasant gift for a rose fan. My 100ml bottle has lasted well and I feel a 200ml bottle represents good value for money at the current selling price.

      Thanks for reading x

      Written for ciao Aug 2012.


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        04.04.2008 18:06
        Very helpful



        A beautiful modern floral shower gel that makes showers so luxurious!

        For Christmas this year I had a huge list of presents I wanted and I got them all and more besides! At the top of my list was Rock 'n' Rose Perfume. I'd seen the adverts, gone to sniff the scent and feel in love! Then I made sure I banged on enough about it to my stepdad to get it and he went to Boot's to sniff it he loved it and not only did he get me the perfume I longed for but got me a huge set of it which comprised the perfume, shower gel and body lotion. Chuffed I was!!

        Moving on a few months I still have the perfume. I use mine on special occasions but the shower gel? Well I've repurchased it time and time again. Not only do I use it in conjunction with the other products I use but I buy it to use with whichever perfume I'm using or as a pick me bit of luxury.

        Usually, like most people I buy shower gels and bath products which are mainstream. You know Radox, Imperial Leather that sort of thing. They're always on offer and do a decent job. Well that was before this gift set I was bought. You soon learn the difference between ok products and luxury!

        It's funny cos the reason I'm doing this review is cos of a chat I had a couple of days ago with my Mother and I must tell you about it lol My Mum is someone who has the money to throw about on luxuries if she wanted to but she doesn't want to. Don't get me wrong she isn't the sort of woman who only uses coal tar soap and the cheapest shampoo she can lay her hands on economy in Kwik Save or anything but she is frugal with her pennies. She buys shops own beauty products such as shower gel, 2 for 1s and doesn't even own a pot of face moisturiser. Her bedroom isn't littered with all different products (unlike mine). She owns one deodorant at a time, one shower gel that sort of thing. Well the other day she was going on that for her birthday she wanted a pot of Opium Body Cream for £50.00! Not a problem I'm glad she loves something and it makes buying her something all that much easier but I was surprised. She told me if she doesn't get it she'd get it herself and as I say that is why I'm here writing my review!

        It struck me that when I run out of this shower gel, even if its my last £20.00 I'd 'need' it! I'm sure we all have stuff that we must have with our last pennies. For me I run into Boot's without a second thought to purchase this but the funny thing is I will stand in Poundland with a couple of items and ponder whether I need them or if I'm just being wasteful! So that's how keen I am on this!

        What It Is....

        Valentino Rock 'n' Rose Perfumed Shower Gel. Mine is a 100ml but it can also be purchased in a 200ml size. Can be bought in Boot's and online at discount stores and mine sets me back about £20.00 per bottle. Saying that, that's depending on how heavy handed you are and I am I get about 20 uses per bottle!

        The Packaging....

        Light pink opaque plastic recyclable bottle with black writing on the front telling me it is indeed Rock n' Rose by Valentino and I'm also told on the front that it is Shower Gel. On the back I'm given a list of ingredients, the size and contact details for Valentino. The top is a black plastic jewel like screw on/off cap. Under that the shower gel is dispensed from a small hole which has inset plastic in it's top to stop it pouring out (like a safety feature).

        The Official Word....

        The fragrance is inspired by a new generation of young Valentino women. She is a modern woman, who combines a Rock 'n Roll attitude with elegance and style. She is a Rose on the outside and a Rocker on the inside.

        The fragrance is created as a perfect balance between edgy modernity and Valentino's elegance and tradition.

        The Fragrance....

        The fragrance is the same as the perfume and the body lotion in this range.
        Top notes of bergamot, black currant, and crunch green.
        Middle notes of orange blossom, gardenia, muguet, and rose.
        Base notes of sandalwood, orris, musky notes, vanilla, and heliotrope.

        My Opinion...

        Well when I first tried my first bottle of this shower gel I wasn't expecting much from it apart from a nice matching fragrance to the perfume. However...

        It's marvelous. Real luxury! Firstly the amount you need is miniscule. Bout the size of 10p does the whole body and it's a clear gel that isn't runny but quite thick. It lathers up beautifully with rich creamy white bubbles and on application with the skin although its a gel it's just so kind and moisturising and kind of hugs your body! It's brilliant to shave legs and ya bits and bobs with and just so silk like.

        The smell is just lovely too. Very light and slightly floral. Sometimes I can smell the gardenia more and sometimes I can really smell Rose but always I can smell a sweet musk. It's very modern for a floral fragrance

        Now sure this was brought out in mind to use with the perfume to layer the scent and that's wonderful and I do, do that but as I stated earlier I'm more than happy to use this with other fragrances I mean you use Radox and stuff which is fragrant so why an earth not?! It's just a very feminine smell and delicate to boot and not an 'in your face smell'.


        It really is kind to my skin. Forget the smell I've gone about that enough! It's just easy to lather and rinse off leaving no residue and a little goes a long way. It's how my skin feels after using it that's the best thing. My skin is so soft and after using it I feel clean.

        To me this isn't just a fragranced, overpriced shower gel. It's pure unadulterated luxury and shows me you get what you pay for. I'd of never thought that it was worth the money without trying it and now I have I'm hooked. People comment on how nice I smell and I have been told what wonderfully soft skin I have (once or twice lol). This is great for someone with dry skin who is looking for a treat and personally I'm looking forward to the summer and wearing this with the body lotion in the evenings for a lovely girly, light smell!

        Really recommended!


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