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St. Tropez Body Polisher

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9 Reviews

Brand: St. Tropez / Type: Body Scrub / Subcategory: Polish / Suitable for: Body

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    9 Reviews
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      12.08.2011 09:08
      Very helpful



      Not the best exfoliator I've used.

      I was given this as a part of a St Tropez gift set way back when during Christmas / New Year period. At that time my skin was somewhat in need of a bit of help in the colour department and I couldn't wait to use the products in the set.

      - Price -
      The cost of this exfoliator (240ml) varies quite considerably in price and it's definitely worth a price check for the best deals:
      £7.49 - Argos
      £13.79 - Boots

      - Packaging -

      This comes in a very plain, simple white opaque plastic bottle with a screw top lid which has a push down nozzle at the top to reveal a small hole from where the 'polish' is dispensed.

      - So what is it? -

      According to the back of the bottle this is 'specially formulated for gentle action to remove tired skin cells. It will leave your skin ready for perfect tanning.'

      In short for me, this means that it is a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin before applying a false tan...... The 'Golden Rules' on the bottle advise you to concentrate on knees, elbows and feet before applying your tan.

      - My Experience -
      Given the good reputation of the product from others around me I had very high hopes for this product.

      ~ Smell, Appearance and Texture

      This polish has a strong scent and can definitely clash with any perfumes that you may want to apply after using it as the aroma remains on your skin for quite some time afterwards.
      It is white and has a good texture to it with very small, fine little 'bits' in it unlike some of the other exfoliators that I've tried which have rather large pieces in them which can be more than a little painful when rubbing on your skin.

      ~ Using it

      I've used this in both winter and summer, pre and post natural suntan.

      In the winter, I get very dry shins and therefore feel the need to use this particularly in this area even if I'm not planning on using the St Tropez tanning lotion or mousse. I have to say that it certainly makes my legs less dry and scaly therefore suggesting that the gentle ciruclar motions that I use when applying this actually works.

      In the past week I have been using this body polish in a desperate attempt to rid myself of flaky dead skin cells now that my tan is rapidly fading. This isnt a good look at all and I have been using this daily.

      I have tried it in two ways:

      a) Ever so slightly dampening my skin in specific areas and using both small and large circular motions. This takes quite a lot of FIRM circular movements and I can actually see the dead, dry, flaky skin cells coming off in lumps.
      b) In the bath when my skin is completely wet. Thisdoesn't seem to be quite so effective and I can't really see any improvement in the removal of the flaky skin that is appearing all over my legs and tummy regions.
      This isn't the easiest to remove when in the bath, obviously because you are sitting in the polish that has been removed and it still clings to parts of my skin, leaving a not so pleasant residue in the bath. As expected this is a whole lot easier to remove in a powerful shower but you do need a very good rinse.

      ~ Lasting Effects

      Even though I can see the removal of dead skin using the first method, once I have rinsed off the polish and patted my skin dry, there are still flaky bits on the very dry areas so after all of that effort it isn't 100% successful, probably about 50% effective.

      Not the best or worst exfoliator I have used but given the lack of success, I certainly won't be using this again once I have finished the bottle. During the winter months when I need a bit of help with the tan from a bottle, I couldn't really see a marked difference in the success of the St Tropez tanning mousse or lotion and now that the so called summer is here and I need a good exfoliator it isn't that great.

      Thanks for reading. Review also appears on ciao.


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        06.08.2011 16:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great exfoliator and fake tan preparation

        Fake tan is something I am quite wary of, having had horrendous experiences of being bright orange and streaky and not being able to get rid of it for a few days. I don't like having pale skin, especially during the cold winter months but fake tanning always seems such a chore. I thought I would dip my toe into the world of sun beds which admittedly works a treat at getting a great even tan all year round, but as the possible healthy implications are so huge, the cons definitely outweighs the pros and I didn't keep it up for long.

        St Tropez were introduced to me fairly recently by a friend who always has glowing skin. Nothing over the top or tanned to the point it looks fake, but a bit of a glow with a sun kissed look. Her secret was St Tropez and I didn't hesitate to go out and try some for myself.

        --- THE RANGE ---
        St Tropez were first established back in 1996 and are now largely recognised as a professional brand specialising in self tanning products. They have a wide range of products available including their gradual steps which they are quite famous for, step 1 being the product I am reviewing here which is the Body Polisher. St Tropez do a number of products that have been designed to tan the skin in different ways including a spray and a gradual mousse. Their products are often used by professionals who do spray tans in beauty salons, which highlights the reliability of their products.

        --- STEP 1---
        The body polisher has been put down as step one as when it comes to fake tanning it should be the first part of the routine. Spray on or mousse fake tan is more likely to become streak when the skins surface isn't smooth so particular attention should played to areas which are prone to becoming dry as when the fake tan is applied, it may appear darker on these areas. Those areas include elbows, ankles and knees but I often find my neck can go streaky too so that might be worth considering. The whole body should be exfoliated gentley prior to exfoliating to ensure an even skin surface for the fake tan to be applied onto.

        This product is essentially an exfoliator. It comes in a 120 ml bottle that comes in a style of packaging that is typical of St Tropez products - relatively plain in a white bottle with the brand name surrounded by a black rectangle. It has a black lid which when pressed down on one side reveals a hole and the product is dispensed from there. The material of the bottle is quite flexible so when squeezing the bottle it isn't too rigid so I didn't struggle to get the product to come out. The body polisher itself is quite thick in its consistency and is a pearly blue colour. The beads inside it which exfoliate the skin are quite small, slightly larger than the size of a grain of salt and they blend in well with the rest of the blue polisher. The actual beads aren't as harsh as others I have used in the past so when it actually came to using the product it felt as though they were being much kinder to my skin than most other exfoliators.

        The whole range of St Tropez products can be found in most large department stores such as John Lewis and Selfridges due to their popularity. Most large Boots stores stock them too so you can also get some points on your advantage card! If you'd rather bag yourself a bit of a bargain it may be better to shop around online for a good deal on websites such as Amazon and eBay where they may be considerably cheaper. I would recommend cheapsmells.com which sell discounted beauty products and they stock this for £3.99, the retail price being around £10 so its a very good saving!

        --- MY EXPERIENCE ---
        I have always used this product whilst in the shower as I find it much easier to lather it up so it isn't as dry as when it is first dispensed from the bottle. I tend to use quite a lot of this sort of product at a time, more than necessary and I fill my palm with it and use it pretty much everywhere that I think the tan could streak. As soon as you rub it into the skin you can feel the beads and feel them working and getting rid of the dead skin. As mentioned before, they're not as harsh as others I have used in the past which I prefer as it makes them a lot easier to use. It is easy to dispense from the bottle due to its flexible material and makes it convenient when you have wet slippery hands! Washing the product off is also relatively easy but you have to make sure you scrub a bit as the beads tend to cling on to the skin a little bit. The whole ease of the product makes the process much easier than what I have experienced with other exfoliators in the past.

        --- RESULTS ---
        As soon as I started to wash off the body polisher I noticed how smooth my skin felt. I could immediately feel that the exfoliation had worked in getting rid of the surface dead skin. I looked specifically at the drier areas of my skin that I mentioned earlier and I noticed that my elbows, ankles and knees felt very soft and I felt confident that my fake tan would apply very well and evenly over the top. Even if you don't like using fake tan, exfoliation should still be a vital part of a beauty routine and it works well simply as an exfoliator and it is a great competition to its high street alternatives.

        --- SUMMARY ---
        I will be giving this product 5 stars as it is absolutely brilliant and while it is a little more expensive than some of its competitors, I think you pay for the quality and that is certainly what you get. This product definitely delivers in all aspects and I wouldn't expect anything less from a brand like St Tropez! I applied my fake tan a few hours after my first use of the body polisher and showered it off later in the evening. I was so pleased not only with the colour of the spray tan but how evenly it had set onto my skin. There wasn't any streaks at all and even after 5 days it was still in place perfectly. The body polisher is great value for money especially as a small amount of product goes a long way. My first bottle lasted a good 6 months with regular use. 5 Dooyoo stars!


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          21.02.2011 20:14
          Very helpful



          For great results use prior to tan application

          St Tropez is one of my all time favourite products as it allows me to achieve a natural looking tan without causing any harm to the skin. The St Tropez range is ideal for all skin types and allows you to develop and maintain a natural tan quickly and easily.

          St Tropez is introduced to the consumer in three steps -

          Step One - Exfoliation
          Step Two - Tanning
          Step Three - Moisturising

          Today i will hopefully explain Step One 'Exfoliation'...

          The St Tropez Body Polisher should be use prior to tanning - using this product first means your skin if fully prepped and ready to achieve a flawless, non-blotchy tan. It acts by using tiny exfoliating beads to remove dead skin particles found on the top few layers of skin. Without exfoliating the tanning products are simply applied to dead skin which will appear dull, uneven and fade very quickly.

          When applying the product simply squirt a good fifty pence piece amount on to the hand and rub in a circular motion all over the body. It is best to concentrate on the dryer area's of your body such as knees,elbow's and feet (skin tends to be thicker on these area and less moisturised meaning lots of dead skin) Once the product has been fully massaged in to the skin, wash off thoroughly (Take care when washing to make sure all the exfoliating beads are removed if not your skin may feel gritty). After you skin has been rinsed pat gently with a towel rather than rubbing so not to irritate the skin, leave for a few minutes then begin Step 2 of the tanning process.

          Once your tan is applied it is a good idea to use the body polisher every 2-3 days this allows the exfoliating beads to remove dead skin cell build up which can make your tan dull, it also means your tan will fade evenly all over the body.

          Overall i feel this product really does live up to it's promise - it smells very pleasant (I want to say like the sea...), Last a long time (a large bottle will last you many months) and is also extremely easy to use - just hop in the shower and off you go.

          The product along with the complete range is available from all good department stores, some supermarkets and online. Price wise you can pay anything from £7.00 + for a 120ml bottle but my advice would be to shop around to get a good deal.

          9/10 rating - a good, all round product!


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          28.01.2010 22:01
          Very helpful



          St. Tropez Body Polisher

          I recently reviewed the moisturiser from this range so I thought it might be about time to get my arse into gear and start reviewing the rest of the St Tropez gift set I got fro Christmas starting with this product. I usually use exfoliating gloves with just an ordinary shower gel because I use the gloves it still has the same effect but whenever Im going to apply some fake tan I always exfoliate and moisturise every day for at least a week beforehand. So when I got this exfoliator in the set for Christmas I thought because it is made by such a good brand I would use this before and after applying my fake tan because then I would end up with a healthy, natural looking tan, well that was my hope anyway.

          Useful Information:
          Made In The USA.
          Comes In A 120ml Bottle.
          It Can Be Used On Any Skin Type, Before And After Fake Tan Application.

          Do Not Apply To Broken Or Irritated Skin.
          Do Not Continue Using This If You Have A Bad Reaction On Your Skin.
          If You Get This Into Your Eyes Rinse Thoroughly With Warm Water.

          The Smell:
          I thought this might be worth a mention because this stuff actually smells really nice. It smells exactly like the moisturiser that is made by St Tropez and it basically smells really fresh and clean. There is a hint of a fruity scent when you sniff the product in the bottle but it is very faint so it doesnt irritate your skin at all. The smell does transfer to your skin when you apply it and I think it lasts a good few hours after you ahve washed the beads off which I really liked because it does smell pretty great.

          The "Beads":
          When you squeeze some of this product out of the bottle I dont think it looks much like an exfoliator at all. It looks more like a nice, pearly coloured shower gel so this is the part when I started expecting that this wouldnt work, simply because I couldnt see any of the little beads you would find in a normal product like this. However when I squeezed a tiny amount onto my fingers and rubbed them together I felt really find, little beads within the pearly substance. The grains are about the same size as little grains of salt which in my experience is a lot smaller than most exfoliators I have used, but after using this one and comparing it to others I think that in this case size matters. The smaller the beads the better!

          Being Used [Before Fake Tan Application]:
          As I mentioned whenever I am planning to use fake tan I start exfoliating at least a week before so I am left with soft, clean skin to apply the tan onto which in turn will hopefully give me a natural, un-streaky tan. So I got into the shower, put on my exfoliating gloves and applied quite a generous amount onto them and then began to rub it into my skin in circular motions. Then all you do is simply wash off like you would do with normal shower gel and I have found it works even better if you wash it off with wait for it ..... freezing cold water.

          As soon as I had washed this off and got out of the shower I started to notice how soft and silky my skin felt it was so soft I didnt even need to apply any moisturiser over the top!
          After using this for about a week and then doing my tan it went on better than I have ever known it to before and looked even better, more natural and un-streaky than ever!!

          Being Used [After Fake Tan Application]:
          The back of the bottle that contains this "body polish" says that you should continue using this after you have applied you fake tan in order to keep it glowing and natural and make it last even longer so who am I to argue with St Tropez?!

          So (after waiting the suggested 4 hours after applying the tan) I popped into the shower to clean of because after applying fake tan, no matter how god you are at doing it your always left with a few dark patches here and there! And I decided to exfoliate while I was at it just to make it look even more natural and make certain I wasnt left with any streaks. Now the great thing about this exfoliator is that while it does leave your skin really soft and smooth it isnt harsh enough to take away all the fake you have just worked so hard at applying. All it does is even the tan out more and leave you with really soft skin that looks glowing and healthy.

          I think this for a 120ml bottle is around £7 but I think that is proper good value for money when you consider the great results it gives you.

          Overall Opinion:
          I would recommend this to literally everyone whether you are a fake tan wearer or not because in my opinion it is one of the best, if not the best polisher I have ever tried. I could gush about this product for hours, but it would probably get boring so I will just say it leaves your skin feeling amazing, looking fabulous and if you do use it alongside fake tan it gives you a great healthy glow without the streaks. What more could you want!

          I highly recommend this product!!

          Thanks For Reading

          x-0 Salz 0-x


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          01.01.2010 07:58
          Very helpful



          A good product but also quite expensive, it's my favourite for exfoliating.

          If like me you love having the 'just come back from somewhere exotic' look without jumping on the sunbeds, you may have already heard about fake tanning, and quite possibly the St Tropez collection.

          The secret to a good tan firstly is knowing which brand works with your skin, St Tropez tanning lotion is perfect for all skin types, and is especially good for those with a pale complexion. St Tropez does not give off a radiant orange glow but a more subtle deep bronzed effect.

          A perfected tan starts with a well prepared base. The steps you need to follow for a flawless look would be to gently cleanse the skin, then exfoliate. You may wish to use toner afterwards (personal preference), then followed by a light moisturiser.

          The product we are looking at today is the St Tropez body polisher. This is available in trail size which is 120ml and in a full sized bottle, prices varying but you will most likely buy together in a set if this is your first time using St Tropez.

          The bottle has a push down lid for quick easy use. The contents itself is a white paste with small white 'salt like' pieces which work as your exfoliators. Use a small penny sized amount and gently massage over your face and neck in small circles to remove dead skin cells and clear the pores. If you are going for the full body tan you may want to do this after you have had a shower/bath, follow as before being careful to get the back of the arms. Once you are happy that you have exfoliated thoroughly you should use a damp face cloth to remove any excess exfoliating beads, and tone if you wish and moisturise afterwards. This creates a well prepared base for your tan.

          A quick word of warning, be careful not to get the body polish close to your eyes, if you get any of the exfoliating beads in your eye it will feel very itchy and dry, and most likely very red where it has been irrated.

          Overall I would say this is one of the better exfoliators I have tried for preparing a fake tan base. The body polish doesn't really have a fragrance and the exfoliating beads remove dead skin cells with ease. Other brands I have used don't feel like they are doing the job. Although I am currently using Xen Tan, I still use the St Tropez body polish to prepare.

          The St Tropez range can be quite expensive if you are starting off, it is an investment if you tan regularly. It is worth shopping around online to see what deals are available.

          I have also posted this onto Ciao under my username mandyplatinum.


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            20.04.2009 22:03
            Very helpful




            Well folks, it's getting nearer and nearer summer time, more reason to have a wonderful glowing tan. Now, if you're like me and want a tan but try your best to avoid skin cancer, then a fake tanner lotions are probably part of your weekly beauty routine, but you can't achieve the celebrity worthy tan without your skin being in great condition - that's where this product comes in.

            St Tropez Body Polisher, Step 1 is a very fine exfoliant to be used before you apply your fake tanner (preferably to be used in conjunction with other St Tropez products).

            According to the bottle; Uncover smoother, softer skin. St Tropez Body Polisher will refine and renew skin to create an even and longer-lasting tan, while leaving your body feeling polished all over. Designed with large round beads that will never rip or tear the skin. It is as beautiful in colour and scent as the French Riviera.

            Now I'm not one to brag, but my skin is already pretty damn smooth anyway, simply because I exfoliate and moisturise like it's going out of style, so I didn't really know what good this would for me, but I paid for it, so I was going to bloody well use it!

            The Body Polisher comes in a tall, white bottle, just like the St Tropez Auto Bronzant (check my review). It is made of soft plastic, so that you can squeeze the product out easily, but it is in no way of cheap quality. The lid is made of hard black plastic and has a one sided flip top cap. The ingredients, directions, description and company information is all printed on the back of the bottle, leaving the front to host the famous St Tropez logo and product name.

            The directions on the bottle say; 1) Use St Tropez Body Polisher 2 or 3 times per week when showering or bathing. Massage onto wet skin using circular motions, concentrating on elbows, knees and feet to prepare skin prior to self-tanning. Rinse well.
            The directions which follow this are only relevant to the other St Tropez products.

            I took the bottle through to the shower with me and hopped under the running, warm water. After thoroughly washing my hair and body, I then moved onto the Body Polisher. I unscrewed the cap first so that I could smell it. It was really delicious, like a clean, fresh scent. And man oh man, the colour of the Polisher was insane. A very bright blue, you'd have to see it to believe it. It looked very thick in consistency, and the bottle was filled to the brim. That's value for money ;).
            I re-screwed the cap and the squeezed a small amount into my palms. I then rubbed it all over my arms and was amazed with the results, my skin felt really silky and smooth. I repeated this process with the rest of my body and then got out to moisturise with the St Tropez Body Moisturiser (step 2).

            After applying the self tanner, I realized why this product was so important, it resulted in an extremely even tan which looks 100% natural.

            I have continued to use this before every self tanning application and use it every other day to prevent self tan build up in my old skin cells. My skin has never looked better.

            I purchased this product in a set from Boots which cost me £30. Included in the set was St Tropez Auto Bronzant 120ml, St Tropez Body Polisher 120ml, St Tropez Body Moisturiser 120ml and St Tropez Everday Daily Moisturiser 200ml (a gradual, light, false tanning moisturiser). There was also a pair of latex gloves included. This may seem like a steep price for some, but buying this set will actually save you just over £17 as buying these products separately from ASOS.com would cost you £47.70 - now that's what I call a bargain!

            This kit will last you anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on how often you tan - it lasts me roughly 4 weeks.

            So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to your nearest Boots and pick up not only a bargain, but a healthy glow too!


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              13.03.2009 21:35
              Very helpful



              A must use for all self tanners out there!

              St Tropez Body Polisher......

              I thought it about time I review one of my favourite beauty products. I have previously reviewed the St Tropez as a self tanner but it wasn't until recently that I used the polisher that goes along with the self tanner and I found this to be very effective and a must if you are using a self tan.

              The St Tropez body polisher is sold within the kits of St Tropez Self Tanning Systems and depending on the size the prices can range from around £25 from the smaller kits to £60 for the larger kits. The body polisher can be bought separately too for a price of around £15 for the larger sized bottle of 240ml.

              The design of the body polisher bottle is much the same as the St Tropez tanning cream and moisturiser in the fact that it has a simple white bottle with black lettering and a turquoise edged information label. The look of the bottle is very sleek and does give off an expensive impression, which indeed it should because I do feel it is on the expensive side.

              The body polisher is step one of St Tropez tanning system kit and it is basically used for getting rid of all the dead skin from your body by exfoliating away all of the harder cells. This leaves the skin feeling new and soft and much similar to that of a new born babies (well nearly). You really need to exfoliate before applying self tan to avoid any areas where the tan will clump together.

              When I have used St Tropez before I had always opted to use a different make of body scrub/polisher such as St Ives because I believed this to be the best scrub around. I do however feel slightly wrong about this since using the St Tropez scrub/polisher which seems far better suited to the job at hand.

              The St Tropez polisher doesn't just do a better job than previous scrubs I have used, it looks and smells better too. The polisher is a vibrant blue in colour with smaller exfoliant beads that are said to be far better than the larger beads (which St Ives use) because they have less chance to damage the skin. The smell of the polisher if far nicer than the slightly medicated apricot aroma that St Ives gives off but has more a floral fresh smell.

              To use the scrub you have to massage it in small circles into damp skin, concentrating on problem area such as knees and elbows. This is very easy to do although I would suggest turning off the shower when you apply this so that the polisher isn't washed all down the drain before bring rubbed into the skin. A little does go a long way and the 240ml bottle hold lots of applications.

              Once you have exfoliated all of the body, the polisher needs rinsing off well and the body then needs to be towel dried so that the moisturiser can then be applied. Once the moisturiser has all soaked into the skin then the application of the self tanner can begin. The whole process can take at least 45 minutes if done thoroughly and then the self tanner needs at least four hours so develop although I tend to let mine dry off, put my PJ's on and sleep in the stuff.

              So all in all I have found that the St Tropez body polisher as an exfoliant is brilliant. It really does tick all the boxes. It may be a little on the expensive side but I think with this product you are still getting value for money. It looks good, smells good, works brilliantly and goes a long way plus it wont damage your skin. I don't think you could really want for more in a body polisher and it works so brilliantly alongside the St Tropez self tanner why would you use anything else!

              A5 star rating and a HIGH recommendation is awarded to this product from me. If you are in to tanning then this is your first port of call and for those who haven't self tanned at home before, try it. It's easily done to a professional standard if you use the right product, and this is the one! Good Luck!

              I hope this has been of some help to you. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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                09.08.2006 13:04
                Not Helpful



                Too expensive, buy a cheaper product instead

                I am a massive fan of the St Tropez tan. When I first purchased the auto bronzant mousse, the sales assistant talked me into buying the moisturiser and the body polisher as well. I just couldn't resist that patter! Anyway, I will not be buying this again as it is far too overpriced and you just don't need to use this specific exfolliant. There are plenty other products on the market for a fraction of the price that do just as good a job, if not better. I swear by Superdrug's vitamin E body scrub, which costs less that £2.


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                19.04.2006 09:21
                Very helpful



                Good body polisher, nice smell

                It's that time of year again...summer is almost upon us, and out come bosies whish have not seen the light of day since last year!EEK!! Sad fact is, the last time it saw sunlight was August.
                However, am I dismayed? Not a bit of it because I am a St Tropez convert. Whereas once upon a time it would have been the sunbeds, three years ago, I had my first professionally applied S.T. tan and was hooked. Now I am so good at it that I can "go it alone"

                WHAT DO YOU DO?

                There are 3 stages to applying the S.T. tan and yes, the best, most natural looking tan is achieved if you follow all 3 stages. The first is exfoliate, second moisturise and third is to fake it!


                This comes in a white bottle with the St Tropez logo in a stripe on the front- simple but effective packaging. It has a flip lid which means that you can squeeze as much out as you want and so you can minimise waste; the top also screws off so just when you think you have very little left, leave the bottle upside down for a while, and hey presto, when you open the top, you have enough to polish once or twice more. Great stuff!

                THE POLISHER

                I actually like the way it is marketed as a polisher. Although it states on the bottle that it is an exfoliant, I always think of it as polishing me rather than scraping off dead skin...what a horrible thought.
                So, flip the lid, give a little squeeze and out comes the polisher. It's a kind of turquoise/sea green colour...I believe the idea must be to remind us of those lazy summer days on the Med. It is almost smooth feeling when you first put the polisher onto your hands although it does say that it is designed with round beads. It smells very fresh with just enough perfume scent to be clean smelling but not so much that it completely overwhekms any other perfume you may put on.

                HOW TO USE IT

                This is the nice bit. It is advised by those nice people at St Tropez, that you polish the day before you begin the tanning process but I always do it on the same day and it's never harmed me. get into the bath or shower, squeeze out some of the polisher and massage onto your wet skin. You may need help for those hard to reach places!. Pay special attention to bits like knees, elbows, ankles-all those bits that can go streaky. Once you have given yourself a good massage, rinse off, and hey presto, you're done.
                Simple as that. You are now ready for the moisturising bit.

                WOULD I RECOMMEND IT

                If you are going to do a bit of self tanning, it';s a MUST HAVE but even if you just want soft skin, it's worth a go to feel a real smoothie.
                The polisher massages nicely into your skin and although I know there are large beads, it does not feel as though it is ribbing my skin, and in fact, it feels totally non abrasive. Once you have exfoliated skin does feel more smooth and I like the idea that all those nasty dead cells have gone.
                A little pointer here though, although I recommend it, I would actually recommend any exfoliator/polisher before applying self tanning products otherwise you end up with orangey bits which are worse than all white bits!

                Usually retails at about £15 for 240ml but it's worth checking out websites for special offers.


                This has information on all products available and detailed application instructions. I especially like the "before" and "after" photos!

                Thanks for reading



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