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Original Source Black Pepper & Cardamom Shower Gel

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4 Reviews

Brand: Original Source / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    4 Reviews
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      27.01.2012 09:55
      Very helpful



      A decent shower gel from Original Source

      Original Source Winter Shower Gel

      Original Source clearly state on their website:
      "We are a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council and also work closely with the Vegan Society. Our products contain either pure and natural essential oils or natural extracts. We're not big fans of flying our products in from here, there and everywhere, so we source and produce as much as we can in the UK. After all, it's nice here."

      Although I do love many bath and shower products from Soap and glory, through to Lush I do find the more available products such as Original Source to be very good and so often pick these up, after doing the sniff test, when I am doing the grocery shopping.
      The Bottle:
      Once again this is a clear plastic recyclable bottle in the upside down shower gel style with the lid at the bottom and a sort of square shape tapering to smaller at the top ( the end without the lid). This is so that the bottle stands well balanced on the shelf

      The product is a clear dark honey brown coloured liquid that shows through the bottle. On the front of the bottle is the name - "WINTER" and in smaller letters "Black Pepper and cardamom" and finally at the bottom 'seasonal On the back there are symbols for "suitable for vegan" "recyclable and the list of ingredients.

      We are advised:
      "When the cold bites, you've simply got to bite back. This potent shower gel recipe will warm your cockles and other extremities right up......A fiery antidote to winter that will leaveyou suitable toasty."

      The lid flips so that you can open this easily in the shower and shut it again and because the bottle has the lid at the bottom the contents are always at the end you need them. The gel is reasonable thick and gel like so a slight squeeze gives you enough to have a good wash in the shower.
      AS I pour out the gel from the bottle the smell that hits me is similar to a pomander - orange and spice in a slightly masculine way rather than sweet and feminine but having said that I also used this very happily. It is definitely a winter warming smell and reminds me a bit of Lush'e Glogg shower gel but with a sweeter scent..
      Original Source state that they use natural ingredients and do not test on animals looking at the list on the bottle I can see both black pepper and cardamon but also quite a few of the less desirable ingredients like sodium laurel sulphate too. These are the same 'safe' ingredients I keep on mentioning in Lush stuff too which give the bubbles but are not totally harmless according to many sources on the internet.

      So into the shower or in my case the bath:
      I very rarely have showers as I do love a good soak in the bath. I tend to use all my bath/shower products in the same way as most people use shower gels. I pour a little of the liquid into my hands and apply all over with my hand ,flannel or nylon scrubby thing until I am well scrubbed then I lie back and enjoy the aroma and feeling of luxury in my lovely warm bath.
      The smell of wintery mulled wine or spicy pomander is lovely and warming and I find very uplifting too. It isn't great for moisturizing and so I do moisturize after bathing with this. I luxuriate in my bath but the smell does not linger on my skin. After I have bathed and dried myself I feel that my skin is normal, neither moisturized nor tight and dry. I have been using this on and off for a while now and have had no unpleasant reaction despite suffering from eczema and dry skin sometimes. I do still moisturize with a lotion but I don't have that tight dry feeling that you get after using soap sometimes.
      A niggly bit:

      Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is listed in the ingredients on this bottle and indeed you will find this in almost all products that produce foam. This is a controversial substance, which has been linked with carcinogens and is avoided by those who prefer natural products. This does not go with the natural claims of this product but I do know it is actually pretty difficult to find any bubble bath that doesn't contain it. However if you are one of those who really strongly believes in totally natural products then this may put you off.

      If you have any queries or comments you'd like to make regarding this product then you can contact them as follows:
      Tel: 0800 581 001 ( UK number)

      Write to:
      PZ Cussons
      NWW 13380
      SK3 OYL
      Or visit originalsource.co.uk

      This is lovely smelling shower gel which has a very winter warming scent but could really be used all year. It is a reasonable price. It was well under £2 I know. If you don't like the smell of oranges and spicy sort of mulled wine then I would avoid this as the smell is quite strong.. It is an uplifting and warming bath and shower product that I really like but I do have to be in the right mood as it has got such a strong smell.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        30.10.2011 16:36
        Very helpful



        Another great product from Original Source - recommended :) x

        Original Source Black Pepper and Cardamom Winter Shower Gel/Body Wash

        I saw this product a few weeks ago in boots and it was on offer, as this brand usually is, and I bought this scent and I also bought the honey one, previously reviewed. I loved the honey shower gel, so I thought this one would be just as good.

        - Original source description

        "These little black peppercorns got cracked, crushed and bashed into this suitably spicy shower gel, to bring some warmth to those cold winter days." "We've blended this with aromatic cardamom, to create a delightful shower solution when all you want is to sit by the fire and watch the snow fall."

        - About the product

        The shower gel is a seasonal edition for winter/christmas and it is the black pepper and cardamon scent. It contains a couple of natural ingredients such as pepper seed extract and cardamomum seed extract. The shower gel comes in a clear plastic container, it is suitable for vegans to use and there is 250ml of product in each bottle.

        - Scent and consistency

        The consistency of this product is really nice, it is just the same as the honey and shea butter shower gel - it has a very smooth consistency and texture. The scent of this shower gel, is quite the opposite of the honey/shea butter shower gel. This scent is a quite masculine scent, it smells woody and musky and the scent does remind me of christmas, although to me it does smell more masculine than christmasy.

        - Using the shower gel and the results

        I have been using this shower gel consistently for the past week or so and it is really nice, I use it with a shower scrunchie/bath lily and you only need a small amount of shower gel as it lathers up so well. The first few times I used this product I dispensed far too much shower gel - enough for about three showers, so you do only need a really small amount. The lather that is produced from the shower gel is very smooth, gentle on my skin and it also is nicely scented with the woody, musky masculine fragrance.

        The shower gel applies really nicely although when using it, it does not feel moisturising on my skin, this is the same after using the product. The results are really nice when I use this product, it makes my skin feel very clean and refreshed and while using the shower gel the scent that is released makes me feel quite warm and cosy, probably because it reminds me of christmas. The only disappointing things about this product is that the scent only transfers very mildly to my skin and this particular shower gel is not very moisturising - although to be fair it does not state that it is moisturising. This product did not irritate my skin at all.

        - Price and availability

        I bought this shower gel from a large boots store for only £1! In my opinion this price is great as you do get a fantastic product that will not run out very quickly as you only need a really small amount. The original source products can be bought from boots and larger supermarkets.



        *Nice to use and the scent is quite different and christmasy
        *Cleans my skin really well but it is not moisturising
        *Very cheap and it does contain some natural ingredients
        *Suitable for vegans and it is quite widely available


        *The scent only mildly transfers to my skin

        For more information on the ingredients and the products: http://www.originalsource.co.uk

        Packaging: 5/5
        Scent: 4/5
        Effectiveness: 4/5
        Results: 3/5

        Thank you for reading my review x


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        17.10.2011 05:12
        Very helpful



        Another great offering from Original Source with a shower gel to warm you on those cold days

        I am (and have been for a fair while now) a fan of Original Source shower gel products so when I saw a special edition winter offering with black pepper and cardamom at its core I decided it was worth a try as it was only £1 but has it been used or is it sitting on the shelf still?

        Original source is a brand I have come to trust over recent years and thanks to their experience of making shower gels this is another one that offers up a great consistency of gel so that you needn't use too much to have a great wash.
        The packaging of this as with the core range of Original Source shower gels is simple yet effective. The bottle stands on its lid so is upside down (much like many ketchup bottles you see nowadays) so that it stands steadily and securely with the shower gel always being closest to the cap and so you don't need to shake the bottle each time you want a shower and your shower gel has begun to run low. The bottles shape also allows for you to handle easily in the shower even when your hands and the bottle itself are both wet.
        The colour of this shower gel is a nice rich orange like colour which makes you think of warmth and as this is a winter special then this is exactly what you need in the winter (those thoughts of warmth).
        The gel offers you a great cleansing strength whilst being gentle on your skin so that you feel clean and refreshed each time. I also found that this shower gel is great for the muscles as it relaxes the muscles really well.
        The fragrance of this is a nice and warm spiced smell which makes you feel warmer as you on a subconscious level remember those times when you have warm spices around you which is normally when you are sat all cozy and warm.
        Great value for money as you need use so little gel each wash and so each bottle will last you longer than the standard bottle of shower gel from other leading brands.


        This is a great quality shower gel which has no negatives to speak of and smells lovely. It leaves your skin feeling very clean and fresh. The bottle is simply designed but works well and does everything you can ask of a bottle for shower gel. The product is great value for money with a little shower gel going a long way.


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        07.08.2011 22:08
        Very helpful



        Worth tracking down!

        I get through an awful lot of shower gels and the likes as I am a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my personal hygiene and I do like brand named, decent products but like a lot of people I have to live on a budget.

        This one from Original Source I spotted just last week in my local Poundand store. I was quite surprised really to see it there as this is a seasonal, winter edition and of course it is summer time now though as we know in discount shops rather often we do see random products turn up from time to time and this of course although seasonal can be readily purchased online at an time of the year!

        The Packaging:

        This is a unisex looking see-through ad slightly frosted bottle that has a flip top black lid to the bottom of it concealing a small hole and on the front of it in orange and black writing we are told of course that it is 'Winter', Black Pepper And Cardamom Shower Gel 'Seasonal Edition'. On the back of the bottle we are told that it is Original Source, we are told a bit about the product and the ingredients used with it, the size is stated which is 250ml and contact details for PZ Cussons (the manufacturer of the product) are given. Nice enough though simple looking bottle this is and informative enough of course.

        The Shower Gel Itself:

        Reasonably thin though not runny this is a transparent liquid that is orange in its colour. Fragrance wise this is a warm scent and to me has a hint of citrusy oranges to it blended with cardamoms nicely to give it a rich but still sweet and spicy aroma to it and the pepper grounds the scent making this a perfect winter warming soother.

        It lathers up nicely, you don't need much per wash and it is soft on the skin and easy to rinse off too. The scent lingers on my skin all day long and leaves my skin feeling fresh and above all clean. It is kind to my skin, great to shave with and perfect for men and women alike to use.

        A nice, everyday shower product to use, this is!


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