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Lush Fun Green

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Brand: Lush

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    3 Reviews
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      29.05.2013 18:07
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      Four out of five stars

      I bought quite a few products from Lush a couple of weeks ago, including 'Fun'. Fun is actually a four in one product - a shampoo, shower gel, bubble bar and it has the same kind of consistency as play dough so it can even be played with too and moulded into different shapes, hence the name fun!

      The product comes in a clear wrapper which is easy to remove and there is a sticker on the front with lots of information about the product. It is available in around five different colours which are really bright and fun, some of the colours available are blue, yellow, pink, red and I have a green one.

      I paid £5 for it which is quite expensive but considering that it is a 4 in 1 product & is made from mainly natural ingredients I think it is worth it, it is not something I would buy regularly though and I bought it more as a treat as it is unusual and it seemed like it'd be fun! The main ingredients are talc and cornflour and there are a couple of essential oils in it too including lavender oil and lemon & lime oil. It does have a few synthetic ingredients in it so it is not completely natural like some of the Lush products are but this doesn't bother me and I like that non of the ingredients are tested on animals.

      Using this product is really simple. The wrapper is very easy to get off and the first thing I used it as was a bubble bar. To do this I just pulled a small chunk off and moulded it into a ball shape which was fun and I then crumbled it under running water. The first thing I noticed was the smell as it began dissolving - it smells amazing! It is a citrusy scent which is really refreshing. The product bubbles up and there was soon a lot of bubbly foam in the bath, which my little boy loved and so did I to be honest!

      The bubbles were light and frothy and there were lots of them, and every time I swished the water about the bubbles would expand. Now, using it as a shower gel confused me a bit at first and i wasn't too sure if it would be any good. I took a small chunk of it and crushed it against a wet bath lily, but it can also be used by directly rubbing a chunk of it onto wet skin. The smell was obviously just the same as when used as a bubble bar and it made my skin feel soft and smooth and I did not have any irritation or anything from it.

      I found it very gentle and although I wouldn't describe my skin as feeling soft or hydrated after using it it did feel smoother and most importantly really clean. Using the product as a shampoo is also very easy, I just took a small chunk of it, mixed it with some water and applied it to my wet hair when I was in the shower. It does not lather well, and I was not impressed with its effectiveness as a shampoo as my hair did not feel cleaner or softer or anything, and I think for it to actually lather and clean the hair you'd need to use the whole bar!

      Fun overall is a good product though- it really is fun, it smells lovely and refreshing and I like that it is a multipurpose product as it makes it better value for money. It is great as a shower gel and even better as a bubble bar but it is no good as a shampoo in my opinion so I will be knocking one star off.

      Four out of five stars.


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        13.05.2013 17:17
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        A gimmicky bath product that actually works

        Lush Fun is one of the few Lush products that is predominantly aimed at children. My three year old is already a bit of a beauty product junkie (takes after her Mummy) and has tried out small amounts of my other Lush products so when I read a review of FUN on here, I decided to take her out to buy some. After much sniffing of all the different colours, she eventually decided to buy the orange one which had a gorgeous, tangerine fragrance. A month or so later, we were wandering round Westfield Stratford when she caught sight of the Lush shop and dragged me in because we had 'run out of the bath play-doh'. This time, after another round of checking out how they all smelt (she is already a consummate professional where shopping is concerned), she settled on the green version which is what I am reviewing here.

        * A bit about 'Fun' *
        Lush Fun is described by Lush as a 4 in 1 product. It is suitable for the body, the hair, the bath and for having fun. It is a 'soft bath product' with a texture which is slightly harder than standard play-doh, but which you can manipulate and model with in a similar way. It comes in a fat sausage shape wrapped in a transparent biodegradable wrapper. You can buy this product in a range of colours. Individual bars in orange, green, pink, blue and yellow cost £5 each or, if you want them all, you can buy the full set for £25 (no multibuy savings there then). The green version is a very bright green, clearly designed to appeal to young children who like bright colours. The predominant scent is lime, which is a very strong fragrance, although you can also make out hints of lemon and gardenia extract if you can get past the overwhelming limey-ness of the smell. The product is designed to be used in multiple ways - for showering you simply break off a small portion of the bar and rub it over yourself to build up a lather, for a bubble bath you crumble a small amount under a running tap, for hair-washing you can rub it into your hair to create a lather and, finally, you can use however much of it you want to as a bath-friendly play-doh substitute to create your own models.

        * Our Experiences *
        My children (aged 6 and 3) have really enjoyed using this product. We essentially use it as a body wash product in their bath, although we have experimented with it both as a hair-washing product and as a bubble bath. As a bubble bath, it creates a good amount of bubbles without having to use too much of the product with the added bonus, for the children anyway, that it turns the water bright green. To be honest, a bright green bath isn't really my thing, but they love it. As a hair-washing product it does create a good lather and leave hair looking and feeling clean - however, I prefer to use a two-in-one shampoo and conditioning product on my childrens' hair as it makes the detangling process so much easier afterwards. Also, the 'green lather' puts me off a bit - although hair looks clean and smells citrus-fresh after use, the 'greenness' of it makes me feel like it isn't as clean as it should be, even though rationally it probably is.

        Strangely, the 'green' issue is less of an issue for me when we use this as a body wash, as although the lather is green and it turns the bath water green, I feel like I can see it getting the children clean. I have also used it myself as a hand soap as I didn't feel that I could review it without using it on myself. It lathers up well and leaves my hands feeling clean. It is less moisturising than some products I have tried, but doesn't dry the skin out either. I do tend to follow it up with a moisturising product after the childrens' bath (they are currently finishing off a bottle of plain E45 cream that I got sent to review from Bzz Agent) as they both have a tendency towards dry patches of skin in the cooler weather, but I haven't noticed the condition of their skin being any better or worse since using the Lush Fun.

        Of course, the unique feature of Lush Fun is that you can model with it. My daughter is a real play-doh fan, but she isn't that into modelling with this. She says that it is a bit too 'slimy' when it gets wet and, as they use it in the bath, it doesn't take long for it to get wet. I have had a play with it myself and I do agree with her feelings on it. It models reasonably well when dry, although has a tendency to crack slightly. When wet, it remains malleable but the texture is a bit slippery and it is hard to do precise modelling. The children tend to make a lot of sausages and bracelets but nothing more ambitious than that.

        * The Charity Bit *
        10p from the sale of each stick of Fun goes to the FunD which has been set up to help children affected from the Fukushima disaster, particularly those who cannot play outside because of the lingering threat of radiation. To be honest, the fact that 10p is donated to this charity wouldn't make me buy the product if I wasn't going to buy it anyway - not because I don't think it is a worthwhile cause, as I do think it is - but because 10p isn't much money. I know it all adds up, but if I wanted to contribute I would probably simply give the money I wanted to give. On the other hand, it is a laudable concept and buying a 'charity' product does always make me feel like I have done something, however tiny, to help. So, there is a bit of feelgood factor when you buy this.

        * Final Thoughts *
        Overall, this is a fun product which my kids enjoy, with the added bonus that it gets them clean. Anything that can make bath-time enjoyable is positive in my opinion and this is certainly something that makes them enthusiastic about bath time. It cleans effectively and is fun at the same time. On a personal level, I find that the smell can be a bit too over-powering at times and it does tend to permeate through the entire house. In addition to that, I find that it is all a bit too 'green' (I actually preferred the orange one) with the green lather and green bathwater. However, the greenness is part of the appeal for my children and, as they are the ones using the product regularly, then I'm not going to argue with that. Yes, it is gimmicky but it works, and that is the most important thing.


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          15.01.2013 21:51
          Very helpful



          A FUn bath product with charity doantion

          Lush Fun - Green
          Just before Christmas lush brought out a new product a bit different from their others and that was the FUN range. It is available in green, pink, red, yellow and blue and is sold wrapped in plastic wrapped like a transparent cracker so pretty basic. For £5 you get 200g of FUN so it is not bad value for a FUN product really.

          WHAT IS FUN?
          Fun is a brand new 4 in 1 Lush creation. It works as a soap, a bubble bath, a shampoo and finally it is a play dough for in or out of the bath.

          Not only is it a fun product but it is another of the many items that Lush donate a % to charity. In this case 10p from every bar goes to the FunD - more about that later.

          THE FUND
          Lush have a lot of customers in Japan and so after the Tsunami they donated a lot to help those who suffered. Today many children are still suffering and Lush donates 10p from every bar of FUN towards children's projects in Japan. In many areas because of the danger of radiation poisoning many children cannot play outside and the money from FunD goes towards groups helping to create activities for these children so that they can run and play and mix with other children in safe environments.

          Using it on the body as a soap you can either use a small piece as a soap or squish it with warm water to form a paste or bath cream and apply with a sponge or cloth as you would a bath/shower gel or cream.

          In the bath break FUN up into small pieces or create a paste then add to the bath under the running tap as it is filling and enjoy a lovely scented bubbly bath.

          When using it as a shampoo I find that it is best to squish a small amount into a soft solution and apply it like any shampoo then rinse out thoroughly.

          Playing with it is obvious really just shape the dough like stuff as you would any play dough. Yiu can play in or out of the bath but when playing in the bath the FUN does begin to disappear so beware of long playing wet sessions.

          FUN GREEN
          The green one smells fresh and citrus like which is not surprising as it full of lovely citrus oils. There is lime oil, lemon oil and gardenia extract in this to give the lovely fresh scent.

          Sadly there is also sodium Laureth Sulphate which give the bubbles so if you are allergic to this beware.
          The malleable quality comes from talc and cornflour mixed with glycerine which are all pretty harmless to anyone.

          MY VIEWS

          Well I have tried it in all ways . Sadly my creative efforts are a bit pathetic and would win no prizes. It works brilliantly as a soap and I have used it for hand washing and body washing and had no problems and the scent is really strong and it lathers quite well though it is best squished into a sort of paste I have found.

          As a bubble bath you end up with lots of bubbles and a nice green lemony smelling bath. You have to work quite hard to get the FUN into a paste of well broken up and then swirl the water around otherwise you get left with green bits in the bottom of the bath which have not melted. The bath is not coloured after it has emptied and I just swill a bit of clean water around after and it is fine.

          The scent carries well into the room and around about and lasts quite well on my skin too after I have dried myself. It isn't that moisturising so you may have to put some body lotion on if you have dry skin.

          As a shampoo it was okay but it is not something I would use every day. You could take a chunk away with you in your hand baggage and it would be fine for a few days but I found I really needed to make a paste first then use conditioner afterwards. I can't say it is one I would buy to use just a a shampoo but if bathing children then it is handy to know you can wash them from top to toe with one item and they can play with it too.

          Obviously I am not the target audience for the play element so I tested it on my grandchildren. They loved the fact that they could play with it and squish it around. I have to say they creations were no better than mine but they enjoyed playing with it. They also loved the fact that the water turned a pretty great green colour and they could 'paint' themselves green when it was wet.

          I would say that it was a success FUN wise. I didn't wash their hair as I wasn't risking the stinging eyes possibility. I always use a baby shampoo on any of them even the eldest at aged 8 as I don't want any sore eyes. They all smelled nice after their bath and really enjoyed playing with the FUN green. They are asking for different colours now so I said I would get some others to try!

          Yes I think the children really loved it and anything that makes bath time FUN is a good thing. The colour is really strong and that was a plus with the kids. They loved squishing it and making shapes but it is a bit limited what you can shape it in to. The youngest liked using it to cut our pastry shapes on the table and once she had finished we washed her hands and she loved the fact that they made bubbles and were green!

          I just wish Lush sold packs of mixed colours and scents as one colour is limited modelling fun.

          I will be buying the other colours for when they come over next time as I like to have things for them to enjoy in the bath and it makes them smell nice and clean too.

          One star off for the Sodium Laureth Sulphate
          Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username


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