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Tesco Value Sultanas

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Fruits

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    4 Reviews
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      03.08.2012 19:50
      Very helpful



      Add some goodness to your food with Tesco sultanas.

      ===Why I Bought This===

      I like sultanas and enjoy adding them to my branflakes - much cheaper than buying the sultana bran cereal already combined - so I therefore always tend to have a packet in the cupboard. They also come in very useful for general baking.

      ===The Brand===

      Tesco Value Sultanas have now been relaunched as Tesco Everyday Value - which is their basic range of items.

      ===The Product===

      Clear plastic packet of 500 grams of sultanas.
      The front has purple and lilac images of baking utensils.
      No artifical preservatives, flavours or colours.
      30 gram serving provides one of your 'five a day'.
      30 grams contains 90 calories and 20.8 grams of sugar (23% of your recommended daily amount!).
      Ingredients are 99% sultanas and 1% vegetable oil.
      Product of Turkey but packed in the UK for Tesco.
      There is also a long description of how good the Everyday Value range is as it contains no MSG or genetically modified items.


      84p for 500 grams.


      £1.25 for Tesco's ordinary sultanas - 500 grams.
      £1.89 for Whitworths Extra Juicy Sultanas - 350 grams.
      £1.99 for Crazy Jacks Organic Sutanas - 375 grams.

      ===My Opinion===

      I have been pleasantly surprised with these Everyday Value sultanas.
      Using these mostly on my branflakes I like to ensure that I have 'nice' ones, and while I like a bargain I do not want to buy cheap ingredients at the expense of their quality. I have in the past bought more expensive sultanas but decided a while ago to give these cheaper ones a try.
      To me they are just as good as any I could have bought - they are juicy, soft and you never have hard ones or bits of stalk - something I have had in the past with other brands. They also have a lovely aroma as soon as you open the packet.
      These days I always make my own branflakes by using these sultanas and the Everyday Value Branflakes - a really cheap and healthy breakfast as the flakes are only 88p.
      To be good enough to eat from the packet on my cereal is a good recommendation, as they are not so disguised as when used in the baking of cakes and scones.
      I also like adding these to fruit cakes, scones and bread pudding and they are always good and juicy - apart from when I burn them on the top of my bread pudding that is!.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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        03.09.2010 00:36
        Very helpful



        A must have for me

        I'm quite a fan of the Tesco Value Line, and am always willing to try most things in the range. One of my favourite items are the Value Sultanas. At just 64p for a 500g bag they really are a bargain.
        Tesco regular sultanas are £1.23 for 500g so its quite a saving.

        The packet
        The value sultanas come in a clear bag with the Tesco Value logo on the front and a red band underneath this with sultanas written in it. At the bottom of the bag you will find the GDA's they are given per 30g which is classed as one of your 5 a day:-

        Calories 90
        Sugar 20.8g
        Fat 0.1g
        Saturates Trace
        Salt Trace

        On the back of the pack the ingredients are listed, there's not many, they are:-
        Sultanas (99%)
        Glazing Agent (vegetable oil)

        There is a small amount of allergy advice that states although the sultanas contain no nuts and are packed in a nut free area there are nuts used elsewhere.

        The sultanas
        The sultanas taste lovely. They are sweet, fruity and tangy. They have no stalks left on them like some cheaper brands I have tried in the past. They look and taste very good.

        I use quite a lot of Tesco Value Sultanas. I always have bran flakes for breakfast and often sprinkle the sultanas over the cereal. I also use them in baking. They are great added to oatmeal cookies or any biscuit recipe. For a great fruit cake I soak the sultanas in sherry or whisky overnight. They plump up and absorb the alcohol , they taste really good (in or out of the cake).
        I add them when I make curry or sweet and sour. They are also nice added to pancakes.

        The Tesco Value Sultanas are a good buy. They are a useful addition to lots of recipes and meals or just as a mid morning snack on their own.

        Definatly one to keep in the cupboard.


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        29.06.2009 07:34
        Very helpful



        A store cupboard value essential

        I picked up a 500g bag of these sultanas at my last Tesco shop as I use sultanas in making scones and flapjacks and they contribute to the sweetness of cakes - rather than having to use too much sugar.


        I like the simplicity of the ingredients which are - sultanas 99%, glazing agent - vegetable oil.


        I also like the simplicity of the packing - a clear plastic bag with the red flashing and name. There is nurtitional info both on the front and the back of the bag.


        The price of the sultanas was just 59p! This is remarkable compared to the price of the non-value sultanas which are priced at £1.38. At this price, you may think that quality would be compromised - but this is not so.


        They look like regular sultanas - except they are smaller than more expensive ones. This brings me to a possible conclusion that size is the only distinguishing factor for the regular sultanas.

        Taste and Texture

        I popped some of these in my mouth as I was unloading my shopping and was pleasantly surprised at how good they were; I think I expected that there might be more chewy outer parts and less succulent centres but this was not so; even though the sultanas are smaller, they retain the sweet and easy-to-eat factors that you expect from a good sultana.

        Using the sultanas

        I am getting a glut of gooseberry jam at the moment as my allottment gooseberry bushes are bursting this year - so I made some sultana scones to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. The sultanas withstood this test well - with no noticable difference in the scone from ones made with regular sultanas.

        To Conclude

        These sultanas represent such good value that this one is a 'no-brainer'. If you can find them on your supermarket shelf then buy them.


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          11.06.2009 21:36
          Very helpful



          Highly Recommended

          Tesco Value Sultanas are a firm cupboard staple in our house. You'd think that buying a value product that costs so little would mean compromising on quality, but I really can't see how. Each bag contains 500g of ripe, juicy sultanas, and for only around 45p!

          There might be some bad news on the horizon for these though, as they're not presently appearing on the Tesco website. That could mean they're in the process of discontinuing or changing this - which I sincerely hope is not the case. Either way, I know for sure they're still available in store as we bought a new packet a couple of weeks ago.

          The best before date on these is about a year from when you buy them, meaning they will stay for a good long period of time in the cupboard. It's important to note because if you don't eat sultanas in large quantities then you might be put off by a 500g bag with a short best before date.

          I honestly can't tell the difference between these and any of the other brands of sultanas I've had over the years. They're ripe, they're juicy, they've got a nice texture to them and they keep well in the cupboard. Why pay more?

          Also, if you want to put them in lunchboxes, just buy some re-useable tupperware pots. It works out much cheaper than buying those pre-packed individual packets you get.


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