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Imaginext Batcave

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Brand: Imaginext

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2013 12:22
      Very helpful



      A must for little superhero fans!

      Taking after their dad, my two boys are mad about Batman. This Batcave was on our list to buy for Christmas but their uncle got in first and bought it for our son's third birthday. It is still played with every day over a year later and so far we haven't had to change the batteries yet.

      The Batcave itself is made of plastic and is pretty sturdy. Although it is quite large, it doesn't take up much room when not in use as it can be placed up against a wall. On the front there is a concealed fold-out entrance and a bat signal that lights up when you press a button. The back is the inside of the cave, which features loads of nooks and crannies including a jail and a lift. The set comes with Batman and Robin figures, a Batbike, glider wings, computer, telescope and a couple of weapon-type accessories. My kids love the 1966 Batman film so they were pleased that the Batman figure is wearing a grey and blue suit rather than the black one.

      My boys are two- and four-years old but their seven- and eight-year old cousins also like to have a play with the Batcave when they come round so it is the kind of toy that will last for years. It encourages imaginative play and I love watching and listening to my boys make up voices and scenarios with each other. They are kept entertained for ages with this toy and the fact that we have had it over a year and still haven't lost any of the parts shows how often it is played with.

      The only thing that would make this set better would be including one or two baddies. All the usual suspects like Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face and Mr Freeze are available to buy separately but it would be nice to have at least one with the cave to make role playing a bit more exciting.


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      28.11.2012 22:32
      Very helpful



      A great toy for little boys (and girls).

      ~*~*~ Imaginext Batcave ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This was a very difficult toy to get hold of last year that's what it is!
      I managed to buy two on Toys'r'us with one being half price and then in January my son had one delivered from a competition he had entered the previous October so we ended up with three in the house! I bought one for my son, one as a present for my friends son which she had also managed to get so I ended up selling that one on ebay.

      The toy is a large plastic cave that stands at approximately two foot tall (maybe two and a half, can't measure at the moment as it is in the bedroom and my son is asleep). Unlike the previous version this one is upright rather than opening out on it's side and it is much taller.

      The cave is mainly grey in colour and it does look very cave like.

      It is of course Batman cave!

      ~ Packaging ~

      The Batcave comes packaged in a mainly yellow open front cardboard box, on the back it shows two children playing with the cave and it's very bright and eye catching.
      It was simple enough to open but when opened I didn't feel the need for it to be reused so I threw it away. It didn't really make for an ideal keeping place for it anyway with it being open fronted but it did secure and protect the toy well enough.

      ~ What does it do? ~

      This Batcave provides my son with hours of fun and it is a toy he goes back to all of the time. It mainly lives in his bedroom but he does bring it down to play with quite often.

      The cave is a solid and strong plastic construction.

      At the front the cave is coloured in a mainly grey flecked plastic and is shaped to look like a cave, it isn't just straight up and down it's all notched and rocky looking. In the middle of the cave is the unmistakable Batman symbol coloured in the usual yellow and black, below this is the enterance door and above are different platforms, there is a purple caged off area where the yellow telescope can be housed, this can also be placed on top or even on the floor.
      Inside the cave, when it is turned around or you go behind it you will find a working lift, ladders and staircases.
      By placing Batman on the turning wheel on the top you can lift the telescope from the cage area to the top where it pops through the two door flaps.
      Various knobs on the front can be used to do different things with Batman and his sidekick Robin.
      In all there are five activation points on the cave, you can get to all the levels of the cave by turning the knobs to raise and lower the lift, a knob on the front will activate the launcher and fire the 'bullet'.

      ~ Why I bought it ~

      This is the main toy my son raved about before Christmas, so much so he asked me to enter the competition from his 'Brave & the Bold' magazine in the hope that he would win the cave. I knew he would love it and I didn't for one minute think he would actually win the competition as I figured so many other children would have entered so I went ahead and bought the Batcave and I paid around £40 for it. At the same time I also bought one for my friend son as there was a buy one get one half price offer, unfortunately for me she had already bought one so I sold this on ebay, at a profit, due to them being so hard to get.

      On Christmas morning my son was really thrilled with this, he was so excited and wanted it open there and then, we managed to put him off to finish opening the rest of his stuff and tidy up before we felt cruel for making him wait any longer and opened it up for him.

      He loved it then and still loves it now, this is the one toy that he hasn't got bored or fed up with over time. We bought him a few other bits and pieces and he loves them. Every time he plays with it he comes up with a new story and gets Batman and Robin fighting the baddies!

      In January I was really surprised when a knock on the door resulted in one of these being delivered to us, it was addressed to my son and just like the previous ones I had bought it came delivered in the same Fisher Price cardboard box. I knew what it was straight away and opening it up I was delighted to see that my little boy had won the competition, although a little bit peeved that I had paid out for one just the month before! Never mind!

      When my son came home he was surprised to see his Batcave all boxed up and stood looking at it in a bemused manner! I then explained to him that he had won it from the competition he entered and he was so pleased with himself. It really was his big moment and it was very cute.
      This one is safely put away in my bedroom just in case the other breaks as it is his favourite toy.

      ~ Overall ~

      As you can probably already tell I am happy with this toy. It is still in perfect condition even after lots of use and my son likes to wipe it over with a wet wipe to keep it looking shiny and new!

      This is something my son hasn't got bored with and I am pleased to see that he uses his imagination to act out little stories with the figures.

      It's nice and big and I do think it is well worth the money. I have however seen them selling at stupid prices (£150+) and I would never pay that. But £50 and under is a good bargain for a good sturdy toy that I think will last for years to come.

      Whilst it is mainly grey in colour, the added yellow, purple and red hints really brighten it up so it looks nice and child friendly. The big Batman symbol on the front lights up and glows when you press a button, but funnily enough this isn't a big thing for my son and he rarely uses this feature. He is more interested in the fact that he has Batman and his cave which makes it ultra cool!

      Pow - Kapow - Bang!

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance The new Imaginext Batcave comes with a Batman figure, a Robin figure, a batcycle, a bat-glider, a computer consol and two small accessories Features and benefits for Imaginext Batcave Requires 2 x AAA Batteries batteries (included) The new Imaginext Batcave comes with a Batman figure, a Robin figure, a batcycle, a bat-glider, a computer consol and two small accessories.It features 5 activation discs and lots of other exciting features. Unveil the secret Batmobile entrance, turn the activation disc and open the door. Once inside the Batcave, park the Batmobile on the rotating turnstile, turn the activation disc and use the claw to work on the Batmobile.Access all levels of the Batcave by turning the activation disc to activate the elevator. Batman can be on the lookout for villains by turning the activation disc on the top of the Batcave to reveal a working telescope.If villains are approaching, just turn the knob on the front of the Batcave to activate the launcher and fire the projectile. Batman can use his secret Batcycle exit to capture the villain, bring them back to the Batcave and put them in his jail.Includes Batman, Robin and Batcycle.Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. What's in the box: 1 x Imaginext Batcave with light-up Batman sign 1 x Batman 1 x Robin 1 x Batcycle

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