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Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Clubhouse Playset

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7 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Playset / Type: Playsets

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    7 Reviews
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      19.11.2013 13:23
      Very helpful



      love item but wouldnt pay more than 20.00 as very flimsy

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I wont bore you all with who mickey mouse is....big hit in our house with my 2 year old (and recently my 4 year old to!). My youngest got the set for his 2nd birthday in November, along with Disney Cars we have to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every single day (i kid you not!) so when i saw this i knew it was an absolute must for my sons birthday list. What i liked about the look of this set was they it was the exact copy of the set in the tv programme, which i knew my son would recognise. This set ive seen retailing at around 40.00, overpriced i think as i paid nearly half that in the boots boxing day sale, so do shop around, i know they have just released a newer version so i imagine this set will be cheaper in most places now.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Whats In The Box? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I was very pleased to see lots of accessories with this set meaning I didn't have to add more things to the set to keep it from getting boring. It came with:

      *The Clubhouse Playset
      *Mickey and Minnie mouse figures, solid figures but they can bend at the waist
      *Air balloon
      *coffee table
      *Mouska toddles with 2 mystery disks (these disks have pictures on the back that can be revealed with inside the mouska toddles)

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Playset ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      This set is based on the TV programme 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse', it is made by Fisher Price, a very well known brand. Age recommendation for this on the box is 2+, my youngest got this for his 2nd birthday, so just fits into the age recommendation. It comes in a big red box displaying a picture of the item and a cut out bit displaying the 2 figures it comes with (mickey and minnie mouse). Taking the item out of the box its pretty much already assembled, with only the slide needing to be attached to the back which just very clips into place, so takes approximately 10 seconds. The clubhouse does close with everything inside which is great for space saving, it also means my son can take it to nanny's without losing any bits!). It is 11 inches high and can open up to 24 inches (or 27 inches including the slide)

      The playset itself is shaped in the form of Mickey Mouse's head and body, it is mainly red with a black top and windows, yellow boot and blue slide exactly as in the programme. The clubhouse when opened displays a kitchen on the right hand side, with an oven where the door opens showing a pie, wash area and a fridge with a door that opens displaying a picture of different foods. The left section shows a lift where you can stand mickey or minnie to take them up to the top level where he has a bed and a telescope (both the bed and telescope are on swivel pieces so can be turned inside). At the bottom on the left there is a yellow door in the shape of a boot that opens, and on the right hand side of the playset is a blue slide. The ears at the top of the playset to open up but we are unsure why at the moment as the figures do not fit in there.

      Sadly my air balloon was missing from the box so i cannot go into detail about that, but the other accessories such as the sofa and telescope are red plastic, the coffee table is yellow plastic and has small decoration on it to make it look like it has things on it. The mouska toddles is very cleverly made, it has a red backing with what looks like a clear mirror at the front, this is like a magic window because when looking at the 2 disks you cannot really see the pictures on them, but as soon as you place them inside the mouska toddles the picture is that made clear, you use this to create adventures and solve problems.

      Mickey and Minnie are aprox 3 inches in height and both wear the same outfit as they do in the programme, mickey in is red shorts with his right hand to his side, his left hand held slightly out (fits perfectly with minnies right hand so my 2 year old found out as he makes them walk round holding hands). Minnie is dressed in her pink polka dot dress with matching bow, her left hand help up and her right hand pointing down so shes able to hold mickeys hand.

      Both figures are very solid plastic with no small parts for toddlers or babys to choke on, they bend at the waist so that they are able to sit on the sofa, but that is the movable parts on them.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ In Use ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      As said above, my little boy is only 2 so still figuring everything out but he does love it! We also own the rocket, fire station and fire engine so have a little 'mickey mouse world' going on most playtimes, i brought the farmhouse and camper van for christmas to add to his collection as he is obsessed! My son was very ill on his 2nd birthday due to bronchitis but wouldn't let go of this as soon as he opened it, the 1st thing he wanted was the figures, the playset stayed in the box for a little while longer while he opened his other toys but mickey and minnie stayed firmly in his hand.

      When the playset was opened the 1st thing he went for was the slide, sitting the figures at the top and laughing as they slid down. He then moved the figures around the playset exploring the different features.

      He can open and close the playset himself and easily move the 2 figures around the playset with ease, although he does struggle with the lift at times, the lift moves up and down but does wobble a little making minnie and mickey fall off which he gets frustrated about, so he now tends to sit them on the lift instead of standing them on it, he also struggles with the little hands on the little doors (fridge, oven and yellow door), as they are very small....tiny actually. Sadly while the ears do open up nothing fits inside so hes always trying to cram things inside those.

      My little boy doesnt quite understand the mouska toddles yet, he understands it from the programme as the object chosen is what they need to help them get through the situation, but as this toy involves him doing it his self hes still figuring that part out as hes used to someone (Mickey) asking what item would be suitable for the job, where as when playing with this he doesnt have anyone asking him (unless i play of course, or his older brother) in which case he plays with it just fine.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ My Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I thought this set looked pretty impressive, its very bright and easy on the eye, it looks exactly the same as it does on the tv programme so i knew my little boy would love it. I was very impressed with how little assembly the set needed, most things take quite a while which means impatient and winy children, thankfully we had none of that with this toy.

      There are lots of accessories with this set meaning you do get lots of play value from the set, normally with plastic branded toys you get 1 or 2 things meaning you then have to buy an array of accessories to get more play from the toy, so i was pleased to see we had a great range of things that came with it, including the mouska toddles. We have quite a few playsets and most lose their appeal pretty quickly or turn out to be quite an expensive purchase with extra bits needing to be purchased to make the most out of the set.

      Due to its many features and accessories you dont really need to add any other playsets to it, there is enough play to have with this toy alone, my little boy does however like to add everything to it (we now have this, the fire station and fire truck, rocket, camper van and farm) so we sometmes have a real mickey mouse world going on, and the other mickey and minnie figures that you get with those other sets do fit in this set.

      Aside from the accessories there are many features within the playset from the opening door, balcony, bed, living area, kitchen area with opening doors also the slide, so there's plenty for my son to make Minnie and Mickey do without getting bored or running out of new ways to play. Sadly there isnt much on the outside so when the playset is closed there isnt anything to do exept use the slide, but i guess they have just copied that from the programme but when closed it still looks fun so would be nice for them to add a few things to the outside area.

      Because the set looks exactly like it does in the tv programme and my little boy watches the programme every day he tries to act the scenes out from the programme so never gets bored.

      The figures are solid so dont have any movement in them except bending at the waist but i personally find that makes them even easier to play with, my little being only 2 has chunky little hands and would struggle to move their arms/legs etc as the figures are quite small at only aprox 3.5inches in height. For solid figures they weigh quite a bit so not ideal if your toddler is at that throwing stage....as mine is! They are great for little hands tho, my eldest has lots of the imaginext figures which my 2 year old is constantly trying to grab but he struggles to use them as they have moving arms legs and head etc, where as because these are solid they are easy to grasp, without him having to struggle and hold the figure as well as moving its limbs.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Any Negatives ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      My only real negative is that its very flimsy, i wasn't expecting perfection or anything because we have owned a lof of character playsets and toys and ive found most to be cheap tat that break within a few weeks or months or just constantly fall apart, but for Disney i was expecting better quality.....especially for the RRP.

      We have a range of playsets from Happyland to Imaginext to character branded ones (spiderman and toy story) and we have found the Happyland and Imaginext a lot more durable than this. As im now updating this review we have quite a stash of Mickey Mouse clubhouse playsets and quality wise this has to be the worst one.

      There are no small parts so i dont have to worry about my youngest choking on anything but it doesn't feel durable, where the house closes the hinge also feels very flimsy, i imagine constant opening and closing would cause this to break over time, we have this playset stored on the top of my sons Ikea Expedit unit which he can get to anytime he wants and i leave the playset open so that we dont have to keep messing around with the hinge in the middle.

      The website also claimed that you can buy additional figures separately....im yet to find them, i did see some on amazon but they reviews are awful saying that the figures wont go into the playset. As we purchased extra playsets we now have quite a stash of minnie and mickey figures and 2 pluto figures but it would be nice to be able to buy donald, daisy and goofy.

      Maybe im just being pickey, but for the RRP of £40 it would be great to have the playset play the theme tune, that would really set the toy off, we have other noises from some of the other Mickey playsets such as the fire station and rocket.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Overall Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The toy is great for their little imagination but while my little boy doesn't have any problems with it, ive noticed a few things that mean i wouldn't pay full retail price. 1) it is very flimsy! Just by touching it you can see how cheap the plastic is. 2) the handles on the yellow door and fridge are tiny, meaning my little boy struggles to open it, i appreciate 2 year olds have small hands but the handles are too small to grab hold of. 3) The swivel bits that the bed and telescope are on are very poorly made. As much as my little boy loves and looks after his toys id be surprised if this toy lasted a year, the plastic is that cheap it bends with 1 finger. It just doesn't feel sturdy at all.

      Overall it is a bright, fun playset that screams to be played with (even my 4.5 year old likes it) but i 100% wouldn't pay full retail price, so to anyone thinking of buying it, id say pay no more than 20.00 and dont expect it to last years! As above, we own the mickey mouse rocket which is VERY strong and sturdy so i thought it would be the same.


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      13.12.2012 16:44
      Very helpful



      A great toy for any Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan

      My daughter loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and loves small world roleplaying, so for her fourth birthday, we bought her this clubhouse.

      It took us only a few minutes to get everything out of the box and put together, although instructions were not included, and the level of detail really pleased us. There's the Mouskedoor with two disks showing tasks and tools, the sofa and coffee table complete with cup and letters, the oven and fridge doors open to show food inside, there's a telescope, a bed and, of course, the glove balloon. Even the ears open and close!

      Another feature is that the clubhouse has a flat back, and all folds up for easy storage.

      Straight away, Mickey and Minnie were launched into an improbable adventure involving lots of sliding and climbing and all the many features, and this has become a favourite toy very quickly.

      Although only two figures are included, my daughter uses other figures in it, it would be good to be able to buy the Shoe Garage as well, which I can't find anywhere, and other figures can be bought but to get the 'super 6' of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Daisy would involve having two Mickeys and two Minnies. It is nice to have a toy that can be added to, though.

      As parents, we were impressed, and our daughter is very happy.


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      21.07.2012 22:01
      Very helpful



      a great replica of mickey's clubhouse

      Last christmas my daughter received this gift after I told my friend how much she was (and still is to some extent!) a huge fan of mickey mouse. It is a brilliant toy as it recreates the look of the clubhouse Mickey lives in, in the Mickey Mouse clubhouse episodes which currently air on Disney Junior.

      It is a little plastic house, which has a garage with a ramp, kitchen, and a bedroom. It also comes with assorted toys like a little Mickey to play with and a toy Toodles (who always brings the Mouse-ka-tools! to solve their problems throughout their escapades.) and a little car.

      My daughter absolutely loves this toy but I have a few gripes with it! Firstly, Mickey Mouse is quite rigid, and only sands upright so he does not even fit in the toy car. The house is a bit basic, (considering my friend said she paid near to £30 for it!) and doesn't come with any furniture to go inside so we had to hunt on ebay and amazon and hope the figurines would come and be able to fit inside!

      The house itself is strong, durable and has been a permanent fixture in the corner of the living room and whenever our little one is bored she will go and have a little play with it and recreate her own mickey mouse episode. I have to say the pieces are small and we have somehow already lost the garage ramp and toodles in the midst of all the millions of toys she has!

      Overall, Mickey Mouse is a firm favourite and we all find ourself in our household singing M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E! And chatting "oh toooooodles!!!" whenever we play with it! It can be bought on Amazon and various toy stores at a general price of £30 I believe but often the Disney store have a sale so check it out!


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      28.05.2012 16:54
      Very helpful



      Not worth the money

      Last year my 2 year old Daughter dumped her yearlong obsession of Peppa Pig to Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So, as her toy box consisted of various Peppa Pig items, by Christmas, I had a new character to shop around for.

      For those of you who don't know what Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is, it's the channel Disney Junior's number one show. It features all the classic Mickey Mouse associated characters, including Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Pete, Clarabelle and Chip n Dale. They have a task to complete in every episode, where they call upon Toodles to give them 4 handy 'mousekatools' to help them along the way. A very educational TV show, which helps with counting, colours, numbers, problem solving, puzzles and many other educational topics aimed at 2 to 5 year olds.
      I only came across the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse by actually searching on Toys'r'Us for Mickey Mouse items. As soon as I saw it, I knew that she would enjoy it as she has a really good imagination and knew that this toy would keep her entertained role-playing and making up her own little stories.


      In the box, you get the actual Clubhouse, a telescope to add to one of the balconies, a settee, hot air balloon, Toodles with 2 extra 'faces', Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse figurines.


      The clubhouse is all put together when you take it out of the box; the only thing you have to assemble is the slide on the side of the Clubhouse, which just clips onto the Clubhouse quite easily. The clubhouse is identical to the one on the TV show. When closed, it has a red rounded base which looks like shoulders. It has a Mickey Mouse head shaped top, where each of the ears slide open to reveal little pots in which you can store the Mickey and Minnie figurines very easily. The door to the clubhouse is on a yellow shoe on the side of the Clubhouse, and then the large blue slide on the side of the house.

      When you open up the clubhouse, you have 2 small balconies which slide out underneath the 'ears'. One consists of Mickey's bed, and the other is the observation tower, where the telescope goes. The observation tower is also where the hot air balloon which the characters use in the show lands when they go off on a balloon ride. In between the balconies is the lift which transports the characters from the ground, up to the balconies. The inside of the clubhouse features a small kitchen for your child to pretend to use with the figures.
      Toodles is very large, bigger than the figures, where in the show he is a lot smaller than them. I suppose this is for ease of playing. He has a red 'glass' front, and his 2 extra faces slip in just behind, depending which one you want to use. They all feature the mystery mousekatools, which in the show is always a special tool they use on their adventures, and the red 'glass' on the Toodles reveals the mystery mousekatools to the child, which is quite a good idea. The hot air balloon is also quite large, as is the settee. The Mickey and Minnie figures are good quality as they are quite solid and not flimsy little hollow things.


      The Clubhouse is made of plastic, which obviously is handy for a pre-school toy. The 2 balconies are only secured on by tiny hinges, so if your child is heavy handed you can see them just snapping off. The blue slide which just clips into the side of the clubhouse is forever falling off, so my Daughter is constantly asking me to clip it back on.

      The clubhouse itself compared to the extra items you get is quite flimsy. As I mentioned earlier, Toodles, the settee, hot air balloon and the figures are tough plastic and not flimsy, but I think the actual Clubhouse should be a lot more durable than it is. The lift in the middle of the clubhouse is always getting stuck also as it is quite flimsy also, so just catches on the pole that it stands on. My Daughter has a lot of trouble trying to move the lift up, and again is asking me to unstick it sometimes.
      My Daughter was very excited to get this item, so obviously she had a lot of fun playing with it and role-playing. She would sing the songs from the show when using Toodles and the hot air balloon. She had a lot of fun making up little stories and hearing her make her own little Mickey Mouse adventures up when playing with the Clubhouse was nice to listen to, and just shown how much imagination comes into play.


      Inside the clubhouse is just plain red, which I would have thought there would have been a bit more décor, such as the living room wallpaper, but unfortunately it isn't. The other side of the inside of the Clubhouse has the kitchen, which is just flat blue plastic against the red background. Now on the show the living room, kitchen etc spins around and the room turns into what room you want. I think they could have done this with this item, as all they needed to do was add a flip down of each room. I once bought my Daughter a Ben and Holly Cave which turned from clean to messy by lifing the floor up which stayed up by a small magnet. This could have added a lot more value to the toy rather than it just being empty inside.

      Obviously, you are to use the area in-between the 2 sides of the Clubhouse to play, but I expected a lot more space inside the clubhouse to play. I paid £35.99 for this, and your child can't actually play with it, apart from lifting the lift and sliding the figures down the slide, it is just more like a background item whilst they play with the figurines on the floor.
      Another downside is that to buy extra characters, it costs around £9.99, depending where you shop. So, to get all the characters, which I'm sure many children would want with this item, would end up costing you £60, or maybe over that, again, depending where you shop. Luckily my Daughter already had all the characters from another play set, so I didn't have to spend more money buying the characters, if I had, I'd have been very disappointed.

      ALL IN ALL

      £35.99 is a good price for the item, but I do not think it is worth it, especially if you have to buy all the figures and because the Clubhouse is flimsy, the lift sticks, the slide falls off and also it lacks a lot of features, so I'd advise to shop around. I think £25 is more ideal rather than £35, up to £40 in some shops.

      All in all it is the Clubhouse from the outside, but open it up and you're disappointed. The only reason I'd recommend is if your child absolutely loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like my Daughter, then buying this not for the worthiness of the item but, as I said before, just to hear them play and role-play, it just shows that no matter what a child is playing with, it's their imagination and what they can do with it that makes the toy a worthy buy.

      Please note, review is also on Ciao under same username.


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        18.01.2012 15:22



        If your child likes the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse programme, this toy is worth every penny

        My daughter is a massive fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and when I saw this I knew she would love it. She has played with it every day for the last 6 months so it was worth every penny.

        Included is the Clubhouse, Mickey, Minnie, and several accessories. I have since bought the rest of the characters from the Disney store which she plays with in the Clubhouse.

        The quality of the plastic is fair but compared to playsets she's had from Early Learning Centre it is inferior. The plastic is quite thin and when you close it you have to push it together a certain way else it won't close. When I bought it, the description said all pieces can be stored within the closed clubhouse but I have never been able to fit them all in so bought a small box to keep all the pieces in.

        I would recommend this product for any child who likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it will be played with for hours!


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        11.12.2011 22:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

        It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - come inside, it's fun inside.

        My little girl is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and in particular the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse television show on the Disney Channel. Here we see Mickey and all his friends playing and completing fun tasks in Mickeys purpose built house. The house is really cute and this toy house is an exact replica of what you see on the television.

        The clubhouse is much like a plastic dolls house although it is in the shape of Mickey Mouse in a way. The middle portion of the house which acts as the main living section is made to look like Mickey Mouses's pants. Then there is one of his feet that comes out from the end. At the top is Mickey's head and ears and these make up the observations deck of the clubhouse. The clubhouse shuts up nicely so you can shut everything inside away and then when you want to play with it it all opens up allowing you to see and play with the inside.

        Inside the clubhouse we have a living room, bedroom, kitchen, garage and Mouskadoer room. For those of you who do not watch the television show, a Mouskadoer room is where they house Toodles who shows Mickey and his friends the task for that day and gives them tools to achieve this task. There are fun play pieces that comes with this playhouse in order to help you achieve this. You have three mystery discs that you can insert into the Mousekedoer which reveal the mystery mouseketool. If it all sounds like a mystery to you then you're probably not Mickey fans but if you know exactly what I'm talking about then your kids will love this section of the playhouse.

        The bedroom and observation tower are found in Mickeys ears. The bedroom has a little bed in it and what I find fun is that if you turn the bed outwards it positions itself over a slide which you can then drop the figures down, a fun way to get out of bed in my opinion and my little girl loves to watch the characters go down the slide. The observation deck has a telescope that you can look through and I also like this addition to the playlet as they often use the telescope in the television show. There is a hot air balloon title toy that comes with the set that you can fit the characters in and take them away on a balloon ride.

        The set also comes with a little Mickey and Minnie figure which is great as you can use these to play in the house with. We have numerous other Disney figures that we have bought from the Disney store over time and these also play in the house which is good fun. They can sit on the couch which comes with the Clubhouse and play in the kitchen opening the fridge and other doors. The front door also opens too so provides another way for the figures to get in and out of the clubhouse.

        The product is made by Mattel and in my opinion is very well made. We have had this for quite a few months now and nothing has broken off or snapped or been damaged in any way which with a toddler playing with it is standing up well in my opinion. Its a fun clubhouse to play with and I would say is good from about the age of 1 and a half and I can see us playing with it for a few more years yet.

        The clubhouse costs £35.99 which I think is a fair price for a set like this and comparable to other Happyland sets and doll houses I have seen in various toy shops.


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          06.01.2011 20:59
          Very helpful



          Expensive, but worth it.

          This has been another firm favourite since Christmas with both of my sons (ages 2 and 5).

          WHAT'S IN THE BOX:
          The main item is of course the Clubhouse. This closes up to hold all the bits and pieces of this set or opens up to create a lovely play area. The front door is in the shoe, the ears swivel open to create small stands, there is a fold out observation deck, and the bed even swivels around so Mickey can slide from his bed downstairs. There is also a lift which slides out and a built in kitchen, complete with a fully stocked fridge and a pie baking in the oven. You also get Mickey and Minnie figures, a couch, a footstool, a Mousekadoer (which I mistakenly thought was toodles before being corrected by my son) with three magic disks which show the mouseketools only when placed behind the Mousekadoer's red lense, a telescope, and the glove balloon.

          PLAY VALUE:
          Both of my sons have absolutely loved this toy. Although it was ought for the younger child, as the older one was mostly getting video games and his bicycle, he cited this and a golf set as what made this the best Christmas ever, and both boys spent hours and hours playing with this. I do think play value was greatly increased by the addition of extra characters though. We were very fortunate to find a clubhouse car, complete with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Daisy and Donald for only £10 and ended up buying Goofy separately for £5. I really think this would have been difficult for two boys to play alongside each other for so long without the extra characters, and because Amazon did have a set with the car and extra figures included at one time, I would really recommend choosing this option if possible. If not I would expect to purchase extra pieces.
          I do think this is a brilliant toy though as it gets the children playing creatively and using their imaginations for hours on end. Not to mention the fact that I get quite a lot of peace and quiet with this toy out!

          For the most part, I have found this toy very well made and easily able to withstand all the bumps and knocks of being played with by young children. This has already been dropped several times, trailed about the house and even fallen on top of once. Of course I would expect nothing less from Fisher Price, who are known for well made toys for very young children. However, depending on which site you look at, you will see this alternately listed as manufactured by Fisher Price or Mattel. As Mattel is the parent company of Fisher Price, I doubt these discrepancies make much difference. The only flaw I can find in the construction is that the slide comes off and on snapping into place. This would not be a problem except that it does not snap in very well, and does fall off periodically, requiring an adult too line it up right and snap it back in. For most adults this would be quite easy, but is made more difficult by the fact that I have problems with my hands.

          As mentioned earlier, I do think this needs the addition of other characters to get it's full value, allowing the children to act out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stories, or just make up their own adventures for the gang. By the time you add other bits, this does get a bit expensive, but I think it is a very high quality toy, made to last, and certainly one the children will choose time and time again. As such I do not find the price unfair. I would rather pay more for toys that last, then get a bargain on something that falls apart in a few days. The only other flaw I could think of is the slide mentioned earlier.

          The price of this toy varies widely. I think I paid £22 on special at Smyths, but it now sells for £29.99. It is only £22.49 at the Disney Store now, but can sell for as high as £76 on ebay, and I have seen it on other sites in the £60 range. Amazon Market place currently offers it at £ 49.93 delivered, but has sold for higher and lower prices, obviously it pays to shop around if you are looking to buy one of these. The set with extra figures is not currently available, but was £50 - £70 when offered.

          I asked my 5 year old what rating he would give this out of 5 - he replied 5 because this is "The best". I don't think my two year old could give a rating, but if he could I am sure he would also choose 5, as he clearly loves this toy. This has really seen hours and hours of play as he has not been as active as normal due to a broken foot, but he has never gotten bored with it. As for me, this fits all my requirements for a good toy, it's well made, encourages imagination and really brings a great deal of joy to my sons, so 5 stars all around.


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