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ELC Inflatable 6ft T-Rex

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Brand: ELC / Type: Action & Aventure Toys

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    1 Review
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      01.03.2013 11:03
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      A high quality toy for imaginative play

      I've shopped in the Early Learning Centre for a number of years. It was my favourite shop when my daughter was little. There are a lot of competitors now, as there are far more toys shops. However, I still enjoy visiting the Early Learning Centre on a frequent basis with my lively 3 year old son. We spend quite a lot of time looking around and testing out all the toys, which results in me buying new toys from time to time.

      My son loves monsters and dinosaurs and all things related. When I happened upon the gigantic inflatable dinosaurs I excitedly picked up the inflatable T-Rex, and was smitten immediately. I was excited to see that they were marked down to half the retail price, which left me clutching onto the T-Rex. The full retail price for this beast is £10, which would have me hesitate, as this seemed pricey for an inflatable toy.

      The T-Rex is neatly folded inside a snug cardboard box. The gigantic beast will need a good set of lungs to bring him to life. Sensible people would probably use a foot pump; however, in my haste and excitement I didn't think that far ahead. I happily gave my partner the job of bringing the mighty prehistoric creature to life. Not an easy task, a good 20 minutes later and a woozy head and the T-Rex was standing tall.

      His body fills out nicely, and he stands in the typical upright pose, standing tall at a gigantic 90 cm. He is made up with a good amount of detail which makes him look staggeringly good. He features large white ferocious teeth, a long tail for balance, which keeps him upright nicely, and a stunning green body. The body is very detailed being made up with a couple of shades of green, white and black for definition.

      I eagerly stood the T-Rex in the centre of my son's room. My eyes widened as I admired the magnificent creature. The dinosaur dwarfed my son, who looked at him from afar rather cautiously. He wasn't sure about him to begin with, due to the fact that the ferocious beast towered over him. I didn't want to frighten my son with the dinosaur, as the large beast can seem a little intimidating for little people, even if they are boisterous and scary.

      I sat the T-Rex in the corner of my son's room, and he was happy to continue playing with his other toys whilst glaring over at his new friend. He would play near him, but not with the T-Rex. The gigantic dinosaur occupied the corner of my son's room on guard for the next few months. Eventually my son grew curious, and was starting to feel a little braver, as he was getting taller. The T-Rex was still fully inflated and in good form, even though he had been sat there for some time.

      My son cautiously approached the gigantic dinosaur and warily played with him. Over the coming weeks he became scarier and more monstrous than the giant T-Rex, as he wrestled him to the ground and battled against him. My son had become confident and excited to play with the dinosaur, he enjoyed throwing him about the floor, jumping on him, hiding behind him, laying on top of him, and best of all sitting him on his bike to ride him about. The T-Rex obliged and happily engaged in all the fun.

      My little monster and his pet T-Rex have been terrorizing and having a roaring good time for just under a year. The gigantic dinosaur does enjoy rough play; however, he has had to be bought back to life a few times, when he has lost a bit of air. He is a tough old beast that enjoys monstrous play. He can take a beating, and doesn't mind being thrashed about the floor. He has certainly been a good play mate, and provided hours of fun.

      I'm actually surprised at how long we have had the T-Rex. He isn't looking too old, considering his age. He is still in great form, with his body looking just as good as the day we welcomed him into the home. He hasn't lost any colour, and has suffered no damage. He is a tough old beast that is constructed from a thick durable plastic. It has been fully tested by my boisterous toddler, despite jumping on him, wrestling him, and throwing him about, he is still standing tall and is ready to take more.

      There are a few other gigantic inflatable dinosaurs that are available from the Early Learning Centre, all of which are retail at £10 each. I think they are excellent value for money, as they are of a high quality, and are made to last and take the rough play from excited children. The T-Rex is great fun to play with; as he is lightweight a youngster can have fun with him. He is a large beast so youngsters may feel a little intimidated to begin with. However, once the initial wary phase passes, children soon learn how much fun a giant dinosaur can be.

      He looks fantastic standing proud in the corner of my son's room, and adds a good presence. This is an excellent toy, and particularly good for bringing a child's room to life. He stands perfectly, and is only knocked over if given a push. Running past him won't unsettle this scary beast. He is perfect for dinosaur fans, and lively children, and of course adults will want to join in the fun, too. This prehistoric creature is an excellent buy, and makes for many hours of imaginative play.

      RRP: £10.00 - Early Learning Centre
      Suitable for children aged 3-8 years.

      [Review posted with pictures on Ciao under the same username.]


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow up T-Rex until he's bigger than me. Features and benefits for ELC Inflatable 6ft T-Rex I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow up T-Rex until he's bigger than me.This giant 6ft T-Rex is perfect for dinosaur parties or for decorating your child's room.Not suitable for children under 36 months.

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