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Easidream Ewan the Dream Sheep Baby Comforter

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4 Reviews
  • Part of bedtime routine
  • Helps baby sleep hopefully!
  • Uses batteries
  • Not a miracle cure!
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    4 Reviews
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      02.01.2015 16:06
      Very helpful


      • "Part of bedtime routine"
      • "Helps baby sleep hopefully!"
      • Cute


      • "Noise can be annoying for adults"
      • "Uses batteries"
      • "Not a miracle cure!"

      Ewan the sheep - not a miracle, but our bedtime friend!

      In the early days of having a newborn who screamed constantly unless being held I was willing to do anything in order to get more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep over a 24 hour period. I had heard good things about Ewan the dream sheep, and my brother and his family wanted to know what gift they could get, so I asked them to get us this. It cost £29.99 on Amazon (and still does) - sounds like a lot for a cuddly toy, but this is more than just a cuddly toy.

      Ewan is a friendly looking cuddly sheep with a lovely purple face and legs. He reminds me a little bit of Shawn the Sheep from Wallace and Gromit.

      Ewan has four legs and when you squeeze each one a different white noise plays (which apparently soothes the baby as reminds them of being in the womb). All have a baby's heartbeat in the background. One of them has a sort of static noise, and one of them has a soothing tune which plays over it (this gets VERY irritating so we avoid that one), and the others are just variants on the heartbeat. When the noise is playing a red light also shines from his body - this is helpful for being able to see baby too.

      The noise plays for about 20 minutes, and hopefully by this point the baby will have fallen asleep. In practice of course this isn't always the case. Therefore Ewan can be played quite a few times throughout the day (especially when considering naps and nighttime re-settlings), and the batteries do get eaten up (3 x AAA batteries).

      Cameron was in with us for the first 6 months, and I found the noise quite irritating when trying to get him back to sleep throughout the night. I found I couldn't go back to sleep myself until the sheep had stopped. It's more bearable now he is in the room next door (although the nights are generally no better really), although I can still hear it.

      I always put Ewan on when putting Cameron down for a nap in his cot (previously in crib). I generally then just walk out of the room and leave him to it, only coming back if he starts crying, usually to stick the dummy in. I think Ewan is helpful as hopefully Cameron associates him now with nap and sleep time (and we always take him away with us). Of course if Cameron is near to Ewan he wants to play with him - when he was in the crib he was able to put Ewan down (he was attached to the top of the crib with the velcro strap) on top of him, and change the leg to the annoying music setting. This isn't an issue in the cot - yet!

      4 out of 5 stars from us - it's not a miracle sleep cure, but I think it helps.


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      02.07.2014 23:54


      • "Easy to travel with"
      • "Attaches to cot/pushchair"
      • Comforting


      • Expensive

      A lovely sleeping aid for bedtime, but be prepared to use it constantly!

      We bought Ewan the dream sheep when my son was a few weeks old and we were struggling to get him to sleep on his own at night. We also bought it because we were going away for a wedding when he was about 3 months old and wanted something familiar for him to have at bedtime that would hopefully encourage him to sleep. At first I don''t think it made any difference to our son because we later discovered he had reflux and that was why he wasn''t settling. It is a lovely toy, it plays white noise or music with a steady thumping heartbeat and a red glow to mimic life in the womb, which I think would make it more suitable to use straight away, rather than waiting a few weeks like we did. However now our son loves Ewan, and I think that when I put the music on and put him into his cot it helps him to know that it''s bedtime. I am also confident that if he stays over at Granny''s, or if we go on holiday, having Ewan there at bedtime will be a familiar comfort to him and help him sleep better. In fact I wouldn''t risk not taking Ewan anywhere overnight now!


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      12.11.2013 14:07
      Very helpful



      A great gift for every parent to be and baby!

      When we had out little boy, one of my friends bought him Ewan the Dram Sheep as a present. She had just bought one for her niece who was just a month older than out little boy. Her sister had raved about Ewan that much and told her how great it was that she figured we would benefit from one too, and she was spot on :)

      Ewan is a plush soft toy sheep. The body is a cream fluffy material and he has purple legs and head. He is priced at around £30 and can be bought from amazon, ebay, toys'r'us and countless other shops. He is designed for ages 0-adult as he says on his box and aims to help create soothing sounds and lullabies to help you drift off to sleep.

      The sheep plays a series of what it terms as pink noise, so sounds that a baby would be used to hearing in the womb. There is a lullaby, womb sounds, a white noise option and a heartbeat. These are switched on by simply pressing Ewan's paws. In addition to the soothing sounds, Ewan also has an option of emitting a soft red glow, also to mimic the womb, and although our son liked this, it does make Ewan look a tad sinister! Ewan has several settings including whether to have the glow on, and the volume can be adjusted. Ewan is easy to set up, work and use. One press of a button and he's off doing his job for around 20 minutes. He then switches himself off.

      To attach Ewan he has a Velcro tail that can loop around cot bars, child seats etc to keep him out of reach but still in sight of your child.

      We began using Ewan after we came out of hospital and found it really soothed Riley to sleep. Without Ewan it would take him a lot longer to drop off and would often be quite restless. The soothing sounds and warm glow seemed to relax him and even now he prefers to sleep with some sound rather than in the peace and quiet.

      Ewan really is a lifesaver and we are so glad to have been bought him. It makes night times easier. The only down sides are that you can't wash him, just surface wash only, and with an eight month old now pulling him off the cot and dribbling on him he could really do with one. And also the batteries do not last long. It takes 3xAAA batteries and these often only last a couple of weeks. After that they the sheep does still work but is a lot more muffled and switches off after a few minutes.

      In summary Ewan is well worth buying, and we have recommended it to a couple of our pregnant friends. At £30 it is well worth the money, shown by the fact that is won Baby Gift of the Year in 2013!

      A must for every restless baby!


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        19.08.2013 16:05



        OK toy choice, expensive for limited use, but popular with baby

        My baby daughter was given one of these as a cultural joke. We laughed politely and thought it would be consigned quickly to that pile of noise making toys that drive parents crazy within seconds and must never be heard from again.

        However, when we tried it out with the baby, even from very tiny, she found the sounds soothing, and seemed to enjoy being close to the soft sheep.

        Actually, the sounds are not annoying (yet, some months in).

        All the sounds include the heartbeat, one being JUST the heartbeat, one being rain with heartbeat, one being music with heartbeat, and one being white noise with heartbeat. Each one is activated by a press of one of the feet. We prefer the musical one.

        It turns itself off after 20 minutes or so of sound, which is great for leaving it with the baby at night. It has a Velcro handle for this purpose so that it stays attached to the cot sides, and can't be pulled over the baby.

        The integral night light is soft and unintrusive.

        And, if one or other of the noises proves to be a problem, you don't have to wait for it to play itself out, it is easily swapped or stopped with a simple, slightly longer press on a foot.

        It is a little challenging for smaller babies to find a bit to grab on to, being round and soft, but, is, none the less, soothing, and my baby at least, seems to like it.

        I do feel that it is expensive, however, and that you are, in part paying for something that is "the in thing"

        Also, if you have a licky, sucky baby, who likes to taste everything, obviously, as this has batteries it is less easy to wash.


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      • Product Details

        At a Glance Warm and cuddly comforter that plays real heartbeat and womb sounds to help soothe even the most restless babies. Features and benefits for Easidream Ewan the Dream Sheep Baby Comforter cuddly soother to calm restless babies plays white noise including heartbeat and womb sounds plays pink noise to soothe older babies and toddlers and maintain sleep routines can be attached to cots, pushchairs or car seats with his velcro tail doubles as a nightlight Want to know more?ewan the dream sheep? is a simple yet effective tool for settling restless babies and toddlers into a peaceful slumber. Cute, cuddly ewan? attaches securely to the cot bars or sit him next to your moses basket, and he plays real heartbeat and womb sound combinations that mimic the noises babies hear inside the womb. These comforting sounds have been proven to be effective for settling and calming even the most restless newborns, as they make the difficult transition from womb to world.Even better is that ewan? has a choice of 3 further pink noise sound combinations- similar to white noise but more effective - which are suitable for older babies and toddlers, so he can go on helping with your sleep routine well on into the pre-school years!ewan? loves to travel, so if you're out and about he can be attached to the buggy or car seat so your little one can be comforted 'on the go' and there's no chance of leaving him behind. With his useful tail you could even securely attach a dummy or teether.ewan? also doubles as a nightlight, thanks to his soft pink comforting glow, so no need to buy one of these as an extra and his calming soft light simply adds to his charm!Don't forget...To help your baby sleep, why not try the Mothercare Sleeping bags? They allow enough room to kick and wriggle during the night but elimate the opportunity to kick off covers and wake up cold.