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Bob The Builder Remote Control TV

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Age: 2 Years+

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2001 20:26
      Very helpful



      For little fans of Bob, this is fantastic. For us Mums and Dads, it can be downright annoying! The one I'm talking about is the Remote Control Bob The Builder television. It costs around £16 and seems to be pretty good value for money as it can be educational and keeps them happy by singing the theme tune. Ah yes, first problem. The theme tune. Contrary to what it says on the box, which leads you to believe it plays it all, it doesn't. It just sings "Bob The Builder, Can We Fix It, Bob The Builder, Yes We Can" over and over again. Nothing about Scoop, Muck and Dizzy and Roly too. Believe me, when you have heard that continuously for about 10 times, you feel like taking one of Bob's hammers and smashing the thing to bits! And then there is the volume. On most toys of this type there are two volume settings - this has one. LOUD!!!. So up to now we've got the annoying 4 line tune which is set too loud - not going too well is it? However, if you can put up with those, things do get better. The little yellow remote control is easy for little fingers to press and is absolutely brilliant at working round bends, through doors, the lot. What I find I do is keep hold of the remote myself so when it is getting too much I can confuse the little one by turning it off! The TV itself has four buttons on - green triangle for stop; orange circle for play; purple backwards arrow for rewind and blue forwards arrow for fastforward. These control one long moving picture featuring all the favourites from the series and goes slow enough to be picked out easily. However, what confuses my little boy is that it plays from right to left so to fastforward he has to press what he thinks is the rewind button (like on a stereo) and vice-versa. It also really sturdy, mine having been dropped on stone floor tiles from a height on a number of occasions, and has still not broken.(No, it wasn't me!!) On the wh
      ole, a Bob fan will probably love it. You can teach a limited number of colours and shapes so it has it's uses educationally as well. Batteries seem to take a long time to run out and is still a favourite toy after 4 months. Unfortunately though, what your child will have to watch out for, is a tendancy for it to go missing. There's only SO much we can take!


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    • Product Details

      Working infrared remote control TV. Stop, start rewind, fast forward functions playing part of the theme tune from the series.

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