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Boots Teething Gel

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Brand: Bee Bo / Genre: Boots / Type: Teething Gel

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2012 12:04
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      A cheap but effective teething gel

      My daughter had so far sailed through teething without any major problems at all. Yes, she had the odd grisly day but nothing awful, she never lost sleep over it nor did she get upset by it. However, her last two teeth have taken quite a while in appearing and when they have decided to finally break through they are coming together and are therefore proving a little painful for my daughter and she is having a tough time of it as the teeth seem rather slow in breaking through completely. I would normally opt for Calpol but as it seems that these teeth are taking a little longer I wanted to find something else which would relieve her painful gums.

      So where was my first point of call...Boots of course. I tend to head to Boots as I find that they have a wide range of products and in my local store the pharmacist is incredibly helpful. After having a look at their range of products suited for teething I ended up purchasing Boots Teething Gel. I opted for it simply because it was on offer at the time and compared to Bonjela the saving was quite considerable and as Boots' products are formulated by pharmacists I didn't hesitate in thinking whether this teething gel wouldn't work.

      Boots Teething Gel is exactly the same as the Bonjela teething gel. It has been specifically formulated to help soothe and help gently numb the area affected by teething pains and discomforts. The teething gel contains antiseptic and anaesthetic which are there to help the sore gums and give a little relief from the pain that teething brings. The teething gel itself is specifically for babies from 3 months onwards so at the grand age of 20 months my daughter is perfectly old enough to have this and Boots do say that it cannot be used for babies under the 3 months age restriction but it is always worth talking to a doctor or pharmacist if you have any queries.

      The teething gel itself comes in a small, slim purple cardboard box which features the Boots logo together with a little image of a baby's face. Around the sides of the box there is the usual information such as how to use, ingredients list etc. The tube itself is only very slim and quite small, it is white in colour and has a screw on plastic cap. Before use it is important to see that the tube seal is not broken, if it isn't then it's fine to use and just up turn the cap and press it into the seal to pierce. The tube of the gel is such a handy size and because I am using it on a regular basis it fits into my handbag very easily.

      On piercing the cap and using it for the first time I noticed the teething gel had quite a minty aroma to it with almost a linseed note to it but certainly not like Bonjela which is what I was expecting. It is clear in colour and has a typical gel consistency which is obviously ideal when having to apply to a toddlers mouth! Using the teething gel is incredibly simple, you just apply a small amount to your finger tip and then rub onto the affected gum/ sore area. Boots recommend that you can re-apply this gel every 3 hours should you need to.

      Now my daughter has a full set of teeth which when she clamps down is pretty hard and not to mention painful so it has become a complete skill to get the teething gel actually onto her gums so in practice it can be a little hit or miss! I have been applying this gel not always successfully for around a 10 days now and I generally apply around twice a day. When I manage to apply it without her struggling or clamping her mouth shut I have noticed that she doesn't seem as grisly and there is a definite change to her when it starts to numb the gums which is obviously nice to see as a parent as she turns back to her happy, giggly little self.

      I have myself rubbed this onto my gums when I was having tooth ache a few days ago and applied it just before bed as it was preventing me from sleeping easily and I found that it gave a small tingling sensation before giving a very gentle numbing effect. So if it works on me that well then I would hope it would work on my daughter's sore gums just as good, if not better. I do however notice when it starts to wear off as she does become a little quieter and she is back to chewing on her toys or fingers trying to get some sort of relief which is a good indication that she needs more but I do tend to give it to her when she is at her worst rather than keep constantly applying it.

      Overall, a great teething gel which is just as good as the brand names such as Bonjela and Calpol. Definitely worth a try and at £1.99 it won't break the bank. I would recommend this to all parents of very young babies/toddlers as something to definitely have on standby! 5 stars from me.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Boots
      Size: 15g
      Price: £1.99
      Availability: In store and online

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