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Heinz Mum's Own Sweet Potato & Beef Pie

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Brand: Heinz / Age: 4 months

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    2 Reviews
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      02.03.2010 16:45
      Very helpful



      Great main meal for baby

      Heinz Mums Own Recipe
      Sweet Potato and Beef Pie

      4-6 Months


      Vegetables (tomatoes, Sweet potato, Carrots, Onions)
      Vegetable Oil
      Yeast Extract
      Natural Flavourings
      Iron Sulphate


      This meal can be eaten hot or cold. To warm it up you can either put it in the microwave for a few seconds or put the jar into a jug of warm water until warm enough. Very quick and simple.


      Even though this is a baby meal, for the purpose of this review, I have tried it myself.

      Baby Opinion
      Baby absolutely loves this meal. The constant 'yumm yumm' noise as she eats is apparent to this love of this dinner. Quite often she eats more of this than any other meal which is great.

      My Opinion
      Although I am not keen on adult variations of this meal, I must admit the smooth flavour of this baby version is actually quite appealing. It has a subtle blend of flavours which sit on the tongue smoothly with a slight sweet tasting to it. This is one I do not mind giving my baby as none goes to waste with me around!

      Both Baby and I agree that this is a very tasty meal.


      The smell is an appealing smell, a little sweeter than some baby foods though makes my own mouth water. It is very much the same smell as an adult version of the same meal.


      The food is very smooth with no bumps or lumps at all. Baby has no problems swallowing this meal.


      The jar is the usual glass see-through jar with the purple label around the centre with vegetable decorations on one side. The top is an easy pop off and screw lid which is easily put back on.

      The food itself is a deep orangy colour with a smooth appearance. Not a bad look to it at all.


      We brought nine of these jars for around £4.50 on an offer which worked out pretty good and as my baby likes it, it is money well spent.


      A well recommended meal for baby from both baby and myself. The cost is right, it is convenient and tastes great too.


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      10.01.2010 14:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      One more highly recommended baby food.

      While we try to lose a little weight by eating more salads my kids eat ready made baby food. I tried to gibe my elder son salad but he refused even tasting it. For lunch we have soup together than we eat salad and the kids eat some kind of ready made baby food. Last time I gave my sons Heinz Mum's Own Recipe Sweet potato and Beef Pie.

      First impressions
      Once I tried to cook sweet potato to my elder son when he was a baby but he refused eating it. I had a little preconception about this food but I decided to buy it and give it a go. This baby food comes in a jar as well. It has purple label with a big Heinz logo. The name of the food in the jar is written with quite small letters. The baby food has carrot colour and it is completely smooth.

      Price and where to buy
      I bought it from Sainsbury's for 55 pence. It is available in most of the supermarkets among the baby foods. Occasionally they are on offer when you can buy 10 jars for cheaper.

      Taste test
      I put the unopened jar of baby food into a bowl of hot water and after a few minutes I got it out, opened the jar an stirred well the baby food. I tasted it and I found that it has very similar taste to my first Bolognese baby food. It is not strange because it contains a lot of carrots, tomatoes and beef just like the Bolognese. My sons loved it actually I couldn't give them fast enough. The jar contains 128 g of really smooth puree.

      Ingredients and nutritional information
      Vegetables (59%) (Tomatoes, Sweet Potato (15%), Carrots (12%), Onions), Water, Beef (8%), Cornflour, Vegetable Oil, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavourings, Iron Sulphate.

      Free From Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Genetically Modified Ingredients, Artificial Colours and Artificial Preservatives. It is a source of iron for baby's natural defences. A jar contains 1 of the baby's vegetable portions. It has low salt content. A jar of Sweet Potato and Beef Pie baby food contains 77 kcal energy.

      My opinion
      I think this baby food will be added to my list containing my sons' favourite food. Although it is recommended from the age of 4 month I would rather suggest it from the age of 7 month as it contains meat which has to be introduced gradually after fruits and vegetables.

      I found this particular baby food of high quality ad really delicious. The vegetables in it are healthy for kids and the ingredients are carefully chosen. When I give this kind of baby food for my kids I feel secure that they eat something good for them which at the same time tastes good. I think this price is affordable. I don't feed them continuously with ready made baby food just when I prepare such food for ourselves they wouldn't eat. So one more baby food on our list and one more highly recommended baby food.


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    • Product Details

      Heinz Mums Own Recipe Sweet Potato and Beef Pie, inspired by Karen Foster, is the perfect product to give to your baby at the first stage of weaning.- Baby Food

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