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Brand: Boba / Position: Front / Type: Sling

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    1 Review
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      23.09.2013 15:58
      Very helpful



      a fantastic buy for any new mum or dad

      ==Boba Baby Wrap==

      When my second son Kai was born in December 2012 I was keen to get some sort of carrier so that I would hopefully find it quicker and easier doing the school run every morning and not have to faff about too much with putting the baby in and out of a pram and layering him up with a ton of winter clothes.

      This Boba wrap was suggested to me as one of the better ones to purchase from another one of the mummy's at school that also happens to run the local "Baby Sling Library" so she was of course clued up on which ones were the best buys.

      ==What is a Boba Baby Wrap?==

      A Boba Baby Wrap is basically a long piece of material which is approximately 5 ½ foot in length and around 1 ½ foot wide. It is made of a cotton and spandex mix which gives it a very soft yet rather stretchy make up. It comes in a variety of different colours but I had a very nice burnt orange coloured one.

      The idea of the wrap is that you learn to tie the wrap up as there are no buckles, poppers or buttons to use it is just used with a series of folds and ties out of the long bit of material itself. This will then create a safe, snugly and super comfortable for baby ride. There are other sorts of wraps like these on the market, some you have to be careful of especially if buying online off places such as eBay as lower quality imitations are on the market.

      ==Price and Availability==

      I couldn't find anywhere on the High Street that did these particular wraps although because of knowing about the Sling Library group I was able to order from them and they seemed to offer it at a slightly better price that I could see it for on the internet. There are plenty of stores that seem to sell this item online though I would be a little apprehensive about buying it from eBay and the like only because I know that copies of these are quite rife.

      The price of £35 which I paid was a little under the usual £38 I have seen on the internet. Of course you also have to take into account that you have the postage and packaging fee to whack on top of this thus making it a little bit pricier. However compared to other wraps and baby carriers of this sort, this price seems pretty reasonable and I know for a fact that they more or less keep their money and selling it on after you have finished should be easy and make your money back as they are in big demand.

      ==Look and Feel==

      As I said previously the wrap is really very soft and feels very nice to the touch. It has a more textured feel to one side of it and this is making you aware that this is the inside which aids in the folding and tying technique as you need to make sure the wrap itself doesn't get tangled or twisted up. The outer side of the wrap is smooth and has a solitary label with the Boba logo on which again is positioned to aid with the wrapping as this need to be on show at the front and central on your babies back.

      Because of the fact that there are so many colours to choose from I think there is something for everyone here even the men that of course would not want to look too out of place with a bright pink one as there are plain black ones or navy ones to choose from. The different colours do not seem to affect the price when buying new although for resale value it might be wise to get a colour that would have a bit of universal appeal.

      ==General Use==

      Seeing as the baby wrap is really just a long piece of material I was quite daunted with the prospect of being able to tie it up correctly and then it being safe enough for me to actually place my tiny baby inside it but my worries were really unnecessary. I was shown how to tie the sling by my mummy friend who runs the local Sling Library. She needed only to go through it a couple of times before I was able to get the idea completely and there really is nothing to it. Making the wrap from the long piece of material literally involves putting it centrally around your chest, crossing it over at the back, bringing the ends round to the front and over the shoulders (making sure not to twist the fabric), tucking the ends down the band you initially made and round your back again crossing over to finally bring them back to the front and tying the ends off. It probably sounds more complicated writing it down that it does actually tying the thing up itself.

      I found myself being able to confidently tie the length of material to create a wrap strong and secure enough to put Kai in and he absolutely loved it from day one and would still love it now if he hadn't out grown it. I found it a god send on the school run as I could leave the house with the wrap tied around me and park the car near school and rather than fiddle with getting the buggy up and down could just get Kai from the car seat and slot him into the wrap. The majority of the time he would stay asleep! The fact that it takes less than 1 minute to tie the wrap up anyway meant that it is handy to carry around and even if I didn't wear it out from the house I could pop it in my handy bag and use it if I needed to.

      The fact that I could leave the house with Kai cuddled into me was lovely too, it meant that I could still hold onto my eldest child's had with ease and that we could still do our "off road" adventure walks where no buggy dare to go. Whilst doing all of this, Kai was warm and cosy and of course mostly asleep when he was a tiny baby. As Kai got bigger the sling was able to grow with him because of the stretch and it just meant that I had to tie it with extra "give" in it. I found feeding him a bottle in the wrap was no bother at all and he seemed to feed better in this upright position that he would do lying down in my arms.

      I loved the closeness it gave both me and Kai and I think he benefitted from it a lot too although I do think it has made him somewhat clingier than my eldest child was at the same age but I don't mind that too much as I am sure he'll be a moody teenager before I know it.

      ==Overall Opinion==

      I really can not rate this product highly enough. The price is affordable for anyone and especially as you can either buy these quite regularly second hand or indeed find out If you have a local Sling Library operating in your area where they also loan these out to people on a trial or monthly basis.

      In my opinion they are worth every penny and more besides. The material of the wrap is constructed well and will surely last for many years if you plan to use it with several children. Wrapping it is easier than tying your shoe laces once you have the idea and it feels rather liberating to be without a pram or buggy whilst baby is getting that much need close comfort.

      I am amazed at how much I loved this Boba baby sling and am now looking for something to purchase from their range now that he is approaching the year mark and still likes to be held. I think nothing but a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and an exceptional recommendation will do for this fantastic product.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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