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Fisher Price Rainforest Open Top Take-Along Swing

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3 Reviews

Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Swings

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    3 Reviews
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      21.09.2012 17:38
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      Good bright swing, but too powerful

      We bought the fisher price take along swing for our baby as we have bought and loved a few other items in the rainforest range. We have had this for around four months now.

      The Product
      This swing has five different speed settings and seven different songs with a volume control (options are high and low) It takes 4 C batteries to work these. It has a rainforest design, being predominantly green with cartoonish images of various rainforest animals printed on it. The frame is silver and the controls are cream and blue.

      There is a bar above baby's head which is a large plastic leaf from which hangs stuffed animals, a toucan and a monkey. This bar can be swung out of the way for easy access to the baby. The seat is soft fabric and has a three point harness to hold baby in. The swing is suitable from birth till 9kg. It retails around £70.

      The review
      We bought this to match with the rest of the equipment we had purchased (the playmat and a bouncer) and love it's bright and eyecatching design. It's suitable for both boys and girls and ideal if like us, you bought this before found out the sex of the baby. It was really easy to put together and the instructions were very easy to follow.

      The swing has five different speeds but I haven't noticed much of a difference between them. The heavier a baby, the swing is supposed to compensate and swing slower but even with our 14 pound son, I still find even on the lowest setting, it is still really fast. I find it looks like it is really violent and my son doesn't seem to enjoy it. I assumed at first this was because he was small and when he grew, the swing would be less harsh but this doesn't seem to have happened. It is still very erratic and he will not sit in it for more than a few minutes at a time.

      the swing is suitable from birth but when my son was newborn he looked hunched in this and the seat was to upright for him. He wasn't a small baby at 8 pounds so I can't imagine any smaller babies would be very secure looking in this. The harness is good for older babies but I would have preferred a five point harness when he was smaller.

      This swing is quite expensive at full retail price for what it is. Luckily we managed to get it at a discount (almost half price) but even at this price I wouldn't say it was worth it. I think there are better swings out there in this price range. In my house it has now been relegated to the cupboard and my son much prefers the cheaper bouncer.


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        10.10.2011 14:12



        Great Swing/chair but not from newborn if using the Swinging feature

        I got this second hand for my daughter before she was born, but the original price (seen at 69.99 in some places :O ) To me is rather steep for some swinging chairs,but this is great :)
        Hammock design not only (looks) comfy for my daughter but has 5 swing speed settings, 2 volumes for the music which loops (so no need to keep turning it on) and two cute creatures that hang down for entertainment.

        For me when i first put Lily into her Swing and put the speed to one, it looked like she was going to go flying out, much too fast for a newborn baby. So had to manually swing it ourselves that for me was a down point as it is from newborn so the Swing speed should accomidate for that. As she has got older and put more weight on it is less vigirous and now more enjoyable.
        The music, well its just a few tunes on repeat that you can change the volume on. It's ok i guess. She isn't too bothered with the sound so we hardly have it on.

        Itis bright and colourful, easy to fold up and put away (i don't as i constantly use it!) so great if you have a lack of space or are taking it from place to place. I wouldn't say its light but on the same token i wouldn't class it as overly heavy either.
        All in all my daughter loves it and enjoys being and swinging in it now.


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          29.06.2009 17:35



          Swing not suitable for newborn but a few weeks old

          I put my newborn baby in this swing as it says you can use it from birth however I think it is suitable from the 10 weeks onwards. There are 5 different swing speeds but I found even the first swing speed to fast and the swing went too high to be used from birth. At 10 weeks my daughter still only likes the first speed and this sends her to sleep.

          Although the swing is portable I find it is still quite big and find its easier not to take it with me. I wouldn't recommend taking the swing on holiday for example.

          The material of the seat is easy to clean but is not as soft as I would like it to be.

          The swing comes with two soft toys attached to a branch which hangs over the seat. The red frog keep my daughter entertained but she doesn't find the blue parrot as interesting.

          The 7 different tunes keep my daughter entertained for a short time and after a while I think they annoy her. I have found the best thing to do is put the tunes on while she is going to sleep then once asleep turn them off.


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      • Product Details

        Maximum weight: Birth to 25 lbs. Baby can enjoy 7 rainforest songs and 5 different swing speeds. With 3-point harness.

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