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Logitech Z 323

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    6 Reviews
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      29.05.2013 23:28
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great sound for a great price.

      The Logitech Z323 Speaker System is one of two specific "computer" speakers that I own. I bought this one most recently for the downstairs laptop, so that I could avoid having to connect the laptop up to my main amplifier.

      I wanted something with a bit of juice, so that I could enjoy music as I worked. It was also important that the speakers were not "tinny" and that they had a reasonable bass response.

      There are so many speakers to choose from for computing, but I really wanted one that came with a subwoofer. As the speakers were going to live full time in my kitchen they needed to be small enough to fit in on my shelves, and going by the size spec of these on Amazon they would be perfect.

      The speakers arrived very quickly in a big box which was cleverly packed. Using cardboard and none of those annoying packing peanuts that fly everywhere, these were slotted into the packaging like a jigsaw. It took a bit of wiggling to get everything out of the box but there was less packaging fuss to worry about afterwards which is always good.

      I remember looking at all of the wires and feeling a bit of an "oh my God" sensation but the kit was actually easy to put together despite all of the bits that come with it.


      The first thing that struck me about these was that they were smaller than I expected. Yes I had seen the measurements but they looked small, especially the subwoofer. I also noticed how attractive they looked. The front of the two smaller speakers are a shiny black plastic which contrasts with the matt of the casing and makes them look very smart. Each speaker came with a protective plastic film over the speakers themselves and the holes in the casing.

      This set comprises 2 speakers plus subwoofer. The subwoofer is boxy and has 4 chunky rubber feet for stability which you will be grateful for later on...

      One of the smaller speakers has the volume control and a little light showing whether it is on or off. The other matching speaker just bears the Logitech logo. Simple and uncluttered. The base of both of the smaller speakers have little rubber pads for feet to stop them flying about during a particularly loud and raunchy rendition from Daniel O'Donnell....

      I jest. These were bought more or less specifically for my Reggae obsession which needs a decent bass response.


      I found the cable between the two satellites to be long enough to place the speakers at a great angle for optimum sound so this was good. Some speakers come with very short wires which is frustrating. The boxy subwoofer has an omnidirectional bass sound and has a hole at the front to carry the bass. When loud, this thing puffs out air in time to the bassline which can be fairly amusing initially when you are busy typing, and you feel like a fly is flapping about your face....

      The two smaller speakers also have these "portholes" which are surrounded in a shiny grey plastic. The perfect size for lego as I have found to my cost, so do site these away from annoying children...


      All three speakers come together to connect via one very simple wire into the 3.5 jack on your PC. There is one thick power cable to connect the subwoofer up to the mains. The sub also has leads to connect up the two satellite speakers which are connected together but a longer and thicker cable.

      The back of the subwoofer has a good selection of additional input sockets and a bass volume knob and an aux input (standard red and white).

      An added bonus of these speakers is that on the right casing of the satellite speaker with the volume knob, you will find two extra jacks- one for headphones and one to connect up an mp3/iPod/phone etc.


      These speakers offer a 360 degree sound which is excellent when you place the speakers well, and it really brings the music alive.

      Logitech list their subwoofer as being "ported and down-firing" which they state gives a rich bass. I found that despite the low wattage compared to my various sound systems throughout the house, this did deliver on the blurb. The bass is very much a feature of these, so if you love a bit of Reggae like me, you will love these. I imagine they would also be great for dance music but I am far too old for all of that malarky.

      The Logitech Z323 subwoofer dual RCA jack and a 3.5mm jack can be used alongside a Logitech squeezebox network, gaming console, DVD player or iPod. There is also a handy headphone jack.
      The whole set is not overly heavy or cumbersome, weighing in at 1.2 kg all in.


      As with any system it is important to position these well for optimum sound. The big subwoofer needs to have space around it and not be shoved too close to a wall. Incorrect positioning can cause distortion and will certainly dampen down the sound quality. Also ensure that the surface that you place the sub on is flat...

      Positioning of the two satellites is also important because they are rear firing, and therefore require placement near or against a wall/ shelf back to project the sound. I only have one of mine against a flat wall and they sound great, but for "proper" set up, both should be this way.

      The sound from this speaker set is nice and crisp without being tinny or too" trebley", the bass subwoofer balancing out and enhancing the sound very well. The bass knob comes in very useful because if you have it up too high then it will vibrate and make a big racket so you will need to adjust this to the style of music that you are listening to. I have also found it useful to adjust the EQ in Windows Media/ phone/ mp3 etc to get the best sound possible.

      For the sound quality and the price, this is a very good set of decent speakers. They look good and have a good rich sound with adjustable bass. Although only 6w, these are louder than most PC speakers that can come in at a paltry 2w, and they do kick out a good noise.



      Satellites: 20.3 cm x 8.7 cm x 13.5 cm
      Subwoofer: 22.1 cm x 15 cm x 18.2 cm
      Driver Type: 5.1 cm concave dome driver 10.2 cm down-firing dome driver
      Driver Unit: Dual drivers for omnidirectional acoustics
      Input Connection: Stereo RCA 3.5 mm primary input 3.5 mm auxiliary input
      Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
      Wattage 6 watts


      A super speaker set which is an excellent step up from the standard two low output standard PC speakers. Lots of features and connectivity inbuilt in a nice, smart casing. I am very happy with these and for the price consider them to be a bargain.

      Logitech Z323 speakers are available for £34.99 from Amazon (with free postage).


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        21.09.2012 19:31
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A very reasonable and high quality sound system

        I think I bought these speakers primarily to use with my laptop, however, having also bought a television beforehand, I ended up connecting and positioning them to be used with the telly. I have also connected an MP3 player to them from time to time and even my radio. I fancied the idea of better quality sound as my laptop volume and sound quality wasn't the best.

        I got these for £35 on Amazon, which to me now is a heck of a lot of money, but as usual I paid with my gift vouchers so didn't really feel it. I've had them for around two years now with a reasonable enough amount of use now to talk about them.

        Size and appearance

        There are three speakers, the left, right and a slightly larger bass booster (subwoofer). Conveniently these fitted well within the slightly-oversized-for-a-bedroom TV unit I'd nabbed from the garage. Originally I'd hoped to spread them out more but even though the wires are long they are not that long and I'd really need to think about putting them under the floors or something. As they are in three parts with wires, these speakers are not designed to be portable and I don't look forward to moving them. However, I only use them in my room and I can just move the device I want to connect to it instead, so for me this is not a problem. It surprises me to look again at the box they came in, which actually looks rather small!

        The speakers do look pretty much like you would expect from the pictures, all black, sleek and modern. I'm still not sure if I like the shape of the smaller speakers or the glossy fronts, but the bass looks very good and I like the weight of it. The smaller ones are lighter, partly due to size but also different materials - the bass has some kind of chip wood while the speakers are made of lighter plastic materials. My room is terribly dusty at the moment however, due to moving stuff, and the dust shows up quite obviously, particularly on the shiny surfaces of the two smaller speakers. I have to clean them very regularly and there are always specks to be seen.


        I really don't think a manual is needed for these speakers as to me they are pretty self-explanatory, although I realise we take some technical knowledge for granted. There is a quick start guide that can be used as a good reference for the most common things you would need to know and as it is very user friendly, with decent pictures and clear headings, it is easy to get to the information you need.

        Putting it together

        There are quite a few wires with these speakers and those will need to be tidied up. Obviously with so many wires it can get a little tricky but I did set these up by myself. What goes where is colour-coded, hence I didn't really need the manual to get it set up, but if in doubt I'd recommend double checking.

        The power cord connects to the bass, which was a little annoying for me as this is put away in a lower (backless) cupboard and I have to clamber around it to check if it is connected properly. More my fault is the fact I have the TV wire and DVD player wires coming out the back and I'm not always sure whether I've plugged the right one in! I don't recommend you do this as it is not safe obviously so it is worth using ties or something and making sure the area is well vented, although these speakers don't really give off a noticeable amount of heat if combined with other devices it could get hot.

        Connecting devices

        It's already clear that these speakers can be used with a variety of devices and that is the beauty of them for me. The main way I connect them is with the wire, which is an old style auxiliary, rather than USB. To be honest I prefer this as it doesn't end up taking up a USB port, I still think more devices have auxiliary inputs and to be honest I'm not the biggest fans of the USB. It was designed very badly.

        You can also plug an auxiliary input into the speakers via a connection on the side of one of the small speakers. I wonder if this would be useful for a bit of the old karaoke, but I don't own a microphone and am trying not to get evicted.

        I don't really get why, but there is a connection for you to plug your headphones into the speakers. I've never used this and I can't see a situation where I would.

        Sound Quality

        There are separate volume dials on the bass and one of the smaller speakers. I like to adjust both slightly depending on what I'm doing, but usually I keep the bass a little low to avoid upsetting anyone. The quality on reasonable volumes is fantastic, and about as good on higher volumes (rarely used); I don't get that horrible scratchy sound of a speaker that's taking more noise than it can handle, which you would with smaller speakers. The sound can go a lot higher than I put it, but I'm respectful of neighbours and frankly I don't think a speaker should be that loud. It's bad for your health and other people's.

        The bass gives the sound more depth and you can actually feel it when you turn it up a little. My storage cupboard for the bass has glass doors and I always make sure they are open first! If you like your music, these are probably a reasonably priced option and would be a house party hit, but again, think of the neighbours!

        The clarity is not quite as good as I've heard on other speakers and can seem muffled, especially combined with bass, but in comparison to what I did have, it is brilliant and I'm happy with it. If you turn the bass right down and just use the speakers it is even better. I sometimes use them to help with watching television if there are worthwhile sound effects but the quality is even better for music.


        These speakers are still doing well for me today. Apart from dust and the smaller ones being knocked off the table by accident, however, they haven't exactly had to handle much. Really, they shouldn't. Take good care of them and they will last. The left speaker has been banged about a bit and this makes cringe-worthy noises, but so far it has remained intact. There are no scratches or surface cracks either.


        The warranty for this product is two years. I've never had any problems with it so have not needed to get in touch. That period has, of course, just run out for me, so if they suddenly die in the next couple of months I will be back to this review! (I'm a little cynical these days)


        I do think the price I paid for these speakers was a bit on the high side, however I've had two good years of quality sound out of them and they are still working as well as they did when I first bought them. They were physically a little tricky to set up but perhaps that's the fun in it too. They do need a lot of cleaning for the dust-conscious, but apart from that, once you have them nicely set up they work great. The sound quality is very good and they can be used on most devices, so for this they get my vote.


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          07.07.2011 16:24
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A great 2.1 setup that complements any computer setup.

          I got these speakers as an alternative to using the built in speakers in my iMac, wanting a bit more 'oomph' than what the inbuilt speakers would normally give out.

          The two main speakers are of a very good build quality, the fronts are a nice glossy black colour and the speaker with the volume control knob also has an additional output for headphones (if for some reason you dont want to be too loud at night...). The subwoofer again, is of a good build quality and has an adjustable control on the back for if you want less/more bass.

          Setup is fairly easy - the speaker wire connects from your main computer unit into the left hand stereo speaker and then another cable goes from this speaker to the subwoofer unit. There are an additional two cables coming from the subwoofer unit, one is for power and the other goes to the right hand stereo speaker. In addition, there is also two additional RCA input ports on the back of the subwoofer if you want to connect up to a further audio source.

          Sound quality for these speakers is very good, it always seems to be very clean and crisp - the only down side is that the speakers on the stereo units are not protected from anything, so they might be able to be perforated pretty easily if you are not careful.

          Overall, I was pretty pleased with these speakers and would defiantly recommend them as an option for anyone that is wanting to improve the audio for their setup.

          One last hint that I found out a few years ago - with deciding where to put the subwoofer, to find its optimum position in a room, place it on the seat where you normally sit, walk round the room until you find a spot that it sounds really good in, and then place the subwoofer here, it may sound a bit random - but trust me, it works!


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          22.03.2011 17:08


          • Reliability


          Get this if you're budget-strapped, and looking for a reliable system

          Living in a dorm room, i realised i needed some sound for a decent price, given some space constraints.


          Subwoofer is about the size of two large textbooks; speakers are the size of sports water bottles.

          KEY SPECIFICS:

          These speakers solved my problems as:
          1) they could be plugged into my video game console;
          2) could be plugged into my Computer;
          3) has its own subwoofer with ADJUSTABLE bass

          The key to point 3) is that you clearly have additional options in varying the level of noise disturbance to those around you (important for those of us in communal housing!)


          The speakers generally deliver from the low to high volume ranges; this range is also exceptionally higher than most run-off-the-mill <50GBP speakers which don't really offer you much variability.

          Some problems were in the detectability of bass at the lower volumes - suppose this is forgiveable as you're meant to find the proper balance between bass volume and speaker volume.

          I liked the bass adjustments - i could alter these for my shooter-games which needed some oomph, and the more mellow adventure games with mellow soundtracks.


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          08.08.2010 00:14
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          At this Price this is a steal and you'll be mad if you don't get these!!

          I bought this pair of scrumptious speakers a month ago from Amazon, as I was in dire need of some decent audio. When I listen to my music I want to be able to hear the clarity of the songs and this does a great job at it. The Sound I get with these beauties is very nice and crisp and excellent for relaxing. This is because the noise vibrates across the room focusing on me and my ears when I hear it.

          I use these speakers for everything including Films. It makes it such a please when I watch films from my computer as the sound is vibrant and it makes it such a pleasure. When people talk in films, the sound in the background doesn't wash it out and it means you can listen to everything without struggling to hear what someone has said.

          When I play games I can literally hear everything because I can know whether people are running left of right and this is very helpful. I especially love these speakers because you can put your headphones in the slot available which means you don't have to unplug them every time you want some privacy. For listening to music it is very good as I said because it has rich sounds.

          Overall I thought this was a bargain for all the features it has. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants great sound at a fairly low cost. I hope this review has helped and I give this an excellent 5 out of 5.


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          06.06.2010 19:32


          • Reliability


          I bought this speakers to use with my laptop and am absolutely delighted! Easy to install, "high quality feel" and excellent sound. If you listen to music, watch videos or play games this speakers are excellent value for money. For music they easily keep up with a basic stereo system. As far as I am concerned highly recommended.


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      • Product Details

        Transport yourself into your music, movies, and games. Plug in your Logitech Squeezebox, gaming console, DVD player, or iPod with the Logitech Speaker System Z323.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Logitech Z-323 - speaker system - for PC - wired
        Product Type: Speaker system - PC multimedia - 2.1-channel - wired
        System Components: 2 speakers, subwoofer
        Speaker Type: Active
        Nominal Output Power (Total): 30 Watt
        Response Bandwidth: 55 - 20000 Hz
        Audio Amplifier: Integrated
        Speaker System Details: 2
        1 x subwoofer
        Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty