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Mister Maker Crepe Paper

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Brand: Mister Maker / Type: Crafts - Crepe paper / Age: 3+

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2011 17:40
      Very helpful



      A cheerful, fun and safe material that can be used to make numerous artistic models and shapes.

      The Product ~*~ 'Paper Chase'

      This beautiful light weight crepe paper can be purchased either at the Early Learning Center on the high street or on-line on the ELC website (http://www.elc.co.uk / Mister-Maker-Crepe
      Paper/128214,default,pd.html) or other outlets such as social sites as Ebay. Although the colours are noted as green, red, yellow and blue, ours was purple instead of blue. The Purple is vivid, a very intense shade. The yellow, although bright is fairly subtle. The red is a kind of raspberry shade. While the green is a lovely vibrant grass shade. These four sizable sheets come neatly packed in transparent plastic paper with the Mister Maker logo and picture of the BBC character. The material is suitable to be used by three year olds upwards. As the art material is generally combined with other tools such as scissors, strict supervision needs to be maintained at all times!

      The product is associated with the CBeebies channel, the program having the same title. The program along with the on-line site, http://www.mistermaker.com/make/affords copious amounts of ideas for art ideas. In the site's own words, "Mister Maker is the ultimate children's arts and crafts show which teaches and entertains in fun and imaginative ways. Children love joining in with Mister Maker on CBeebies and online at www.mistermaker.com".

      This on-line site gives ideas for using the crepe paper, one is to make an 'Underwater Tissue Stencil', and notes the following items needed; 'Tissue Paper, White Paper, Sponge,Water, Modeling Clay' and gives instructions. This is just one of many ideas.

      Experience of Product ~*~ 'Paper Cut'

      The first thing I assisted my young grand-children with was flowers. As a child, I learned these simple shapes to make.

      ~*~To make Crepe Flowers~*~

      1) All that is needed is scissors, children's art safety wire and the children's choice of colours from the selection of crepe. My grand-daughter is left handed whilst the lads are right handed. I purchased the appropriate children's scissors on the high street beforehand. I measured two 15 inch strips of the two different shades of crepe paper, marking in pencil. The paper can ruffle and tear upon pressure of writing tools, so by simply stretching the place to be marked between two fingers, markings can be applied easily. Under my supervision, the grand-tots cut out the shapes.

      2) Next, I laid the strips one over the other other. Using the pencil I marked with, I embedded the lead end into some play dough to keep it up-right and steady. Then the tots began to wrap the crepe around the upright pencil. Then, I held the base edge of the rolled paper, as my grand-son slid the pencil out. I then twisted the bottom edges together.

      3) I cut a 6 inch piece of children's art kit wire. My grand-daughter bended the top at the pen marking I had made at a 1 inch notch so that it formed a hook shape. My grand-son placed the hook over the base edge of the crepe paper, in which I twisted the wire to ensure the flower shape was held securely.

      4) I cut tiny angled shapes in the top edges of the paper. Then showed the tots how to gently pull the crepe to shape the petals.

      5) The wire left showing can be covered in pretty wrap but we left our as it was safely covered in soft fibrous material. I finished off by starting from the flower head, wrapping all the way down the wire to shape the flower's stem. For extra effect, we made a few and then wrapped a long strand of the crepe to make a ribbon to wrap around the set.

      ~*~Making a Crepe Paper Hat~*~

      1) I used this design for my youngest grand-son, as it is very simple to make. I keep washed containers such as plastic trifle containers for art play. We used this particular container to make the hat; a very believable hat shape!

      2) I placed some PVA children's glue in a bowl with a paint brush. PVA seems to work better than general glue, which tends to seep through the crepe too easily. I cut out various coloured strips of the paper.

      3) My grand-son enthusiastically pasted on the colourful strips on the plastic dish.

      4) I cut out various fun shapes that my grand-son completed the design with.

      5) I used a whole puncher to make a hole on both sides of the edge of the hat. I pulled through and secured three plaited strips of the crepe to make the hat ribbons that secure the hat to the head.


      1) These are wonderful to use as a reward system for homework completed or other good behaviour. The Tots love making these for their party reward games too. I use a pencil around a saucer to help the tots know where to cut to make circle shapes from cpoloured art paper.

      2) I then show them how to ruffle the crepe strips they cut earlier, around the circular paper. The thinness of the crepe makes ruffling easy. We use PVA glue for my youngest grand-tot to attach the ruffled strips around the paper shaped as he finds this more fun! I generally staple the crepe to keep it fairly in place before he starts pasting as his little hands find it difficult to keep the shape whilst gluing. The older grand-tots like using the double-sided tape; generally pulling off longer strips than needed!

      3) Then they write and draw various things on the rosettes to complete.

      And Finally ~*~ 'Looking Good On Paper'

      This pretty and flexible paper is currently available from the ELC for £2 a pack; Product Code: 128214. I continue to have great fun with my grand-children using this fairly durable material to make fun shapes. There are countless on-line sites that give decorative instructions to keep the ideas fresh. Along with wonderful programs devoted to art, the grand-tots enjoy time used effectively. This product, along with similar utensils furnishes young ones with communication skills as they learn how to interact effectively; working side by side in planning their imaginative designs. A wide variety of skills are learned by our young ones using these beautiful products.


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