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Hobbycraft Pink Flower Confetti Glitter Glue 120ML

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Brand: Hobbycraft

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2012 16:18
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      An ideal craft item

      One part time little hobby I have is creating various plaques, you the ones that are shabby chic in design and seem to be everywhere! My plaques are slightly different in terms of they are generally bigger and I use wooden materials rather than just a wooden plaque and write on them. I have recently had orders for bedroom door plaques but specifically for girls and they needed to be pink, pink and a bit more pink with bling added!

      Because they were going to be an indoor plaque I was able to use a lot more materials and finishes as I wouldn't be using waterproof paints etc. One item I had bought purely because I thought it would add an interesting touch to the plaques is Hobbycraft Pink Flower Confetti Glitter Glue. They had a few other varieties in terms of different colours and different shapes including butterflies but I preferred the flower version.

      The Hobbycraft Pink Flower Confetti Glitter Glue are specifically designed for a wide range of card making and scrapbooking activities which makes it quite versatile. But Hobbycraft claim that their own branded product is also ideal for jewellery making, decorations and decoupage and not just paper crafts. I did hesitate when buying it as I would be using it on wooden plaques albeit it on top of a layer of paint I thought the reasonable price tag of £2.49 was not going to break the bank just in case it didn't work.

      The Hobbycraft Pink Flower Confetti Glitter Glue comes in a clear squeezable plastic bottle which has a nozzle tip which is enclosed with a cap. The label is incredibly simple being bright pink in colour with yellow writing. It features all the relevant information about the product itself such as what the product is, ingredients list and how to use it.

      To look at through the squeezy bottle you can clearly see the bright pink glitter as well as the little flower multi-coloured sequins included within the glitter. It really does look different when sat on the shelves next to regular glitter glues which is one of the reasons why I bought it as it is something just a little different. The flower pieces of glitter are quite sparse in the bottle but just enough for you to feel that there is enough in each bottle.

      To use you simply take the cap off and point the nozzle to where you want the glitter glue to come out onto. It does have a decent consistency in terms of thickness but I noticed that when I squeezed it out the liquid that is the glue is clear in colour and the glitter although bright pink comes out rather sparsely as does the flower pieces. Also, being a glue based product if you haven't used the bottle for a while it can dry and clog up the nozzle so you do have to unblock frequently.

      I have been using the Hobbycraft Pink Flower Confetti Glitter Glue mainly on my plaques over a matt paint as I find that it just won't dry or give an even finish on acrylic paints or spray paints but matt paints it works a treat. I tend to apply a small amount and use a paint brush to spread along the wooden plaque. It doesn't take long to dry properly but because of the problems stated above I do have to wait until it dries to add another layer and to deepen not only the glitter but the colour as well. I guess though in a away it means you can get the glitter look you desire you just have to wait a while.

      I have used the glitter glue in one of my daughter's scrapbooks/photo albums and it does give the same sparse effect which is a little disappointing and of course it does make the paper crumple up underneath the same effect as using PVA glue on paper. But once dry and you've applied it as much as you want the colour of the glitter is lovely and with having flower glitter pieces as well it really gives a nice effect which is just a little different than your average glitter glue.

      Overall, it is a good product but not wonderful but for the price I paid I really can't moan too much but I'm glad I didn't pay any more for it. I would consider buying another variety but I won't be banging down the doors to get one. I like the eventual colour and effect it gives and it does dry clear, shiny and smooth finish which is nice especially when I am using it on wooden plaques. For me I would recommend for your every day craft projects but don't expect wonders. 4 stars from me.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Hobbycraft
      Price: £2.49
      Size: 120ml
      Availability: In store or on their website


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