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ELC Animal Cards Make Your Own

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2006 11:44
      Very helpful



      Good kit to start children with card making

      Make your own cards

      We are going through a stage where Little Miss wants to make cards for everyone’s birthdays, and after having sent many Thank you cards, has decided that it’s better (and more time consuming) to make your own.

      A recent trip to ELC had us loitering around the art and craft section, and along with other items, we picked up some of these packs of card making kits.

      **WHAT DO I GET?**

      Inside the (pleasantly small) box, is…5 blank cards, envelopes, wavy card in different colours, holographic paper, 9 wobbly eyes (we like these), feathers, sequins, glue, glitter, pom poms, templates and full instructions on how to make each card.


      The pack really does have everything you will need to make each of the 5 cards. There is a bird, spider, frog, butterfly, and dragonfly and when they are made up, they really are bright and feathery and gluey!

      The complete instructions obviously can’t be followed by children as there is a lot of writing, but with minimal adult supervision, they are simple to make.

      All you do is cut out the templates and then follow what the instructions say, and they really are specific, telling you the colour of card to use and how many eyes etc…even how many feathers for the bird, although we added lots more since we had feathers in the house and wanted a bird of paradise!


      £5 from elc stores and the internet, but watch out for postage if buying off the internet.

      I do think £5 is reasonable, not so much for the materials you get but for the ideas.


      Make your own fashion Cards
      Make your own Springtime cards

      **MY VERDICT**

      At first, I though it was quite strange that there were only 9 eyes- were we going to make an alien. However, when we started to make the cards, I realised that the bird is seen from the side with only one eye showing.

      The instructions are very detailed and show you step by step how to make the cards, so as long as there is an adult around to talk the child through it, they can be made really easily.

      The one thing to note though, is that the templates are made only of thin paper so it’s worth making them on card or laminating them as I did. This way, they will be fine for using again, because once you have the idea and the know how, it’s then cheaper to buy the materials needed to make the cards and then make the particular design as often as required.

      As with many ready made packs, there is enough for only one of each card, with no extra for spares, so help will be needed when children place the template on the card. Their natural instinct is to put the template in the middle of the card and them find that after having made the spider, there i9s not enough black card for the lady bird.

      The glue is fairly sparse as well…why are they not more generous with the glue? Be ready with extra glue and glue spreaders!

      It is an excellent activity for improving fine motor skills, and to develop artistic expression, and if children are left to cut out the templates and card themselves (as little miss did), then they not only improve their cutting skills but also get a great sense of achievement.

      Overall, though, a good activity if looking for inspiration for card making. Children have fun making the cards and if they are anything like little miss, will feel a huge sense of achievement when the card they have made is put in the post box, and they are then thanked for their artistic endeavours.

      I am going to buy some of the other kits and ensure I laminate all of the templates- invaluable in the classroom!!

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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