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BloPens Markers & Stencil

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Brand: BloPens / Type: Drawing

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2013 12:26
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      I bought this set from Matalan before Christmas as a present for my eldest daughter, the set was £8 reduced down to £4 which I thought was ideal for a stocking filler. You can buy the pens on Amazon and they currently sell at £3.29 with 50p delivery.

      The set comes packaged in a brightly coloured cardboard box, the box states that the pens are for ages 4 and up which I think is about the correct age. You can see pictured on the front some of the items you get inside and a little picture showing the idea of blowing the pens.

      In the box you get 3 pens which are yellow, green and purple which I wasn't all that impressed with and Sophie did ask me why there was no pink pen but there wasn't a colour choice in the set. You get 8 stencils with the set which are a princess, prince and dragon scene, a dolphin, a hot air balloon, a bike and car scene, a fish, a toucan, a sailing boat and a rhino. As you can see from the list the stencils cover a wide range of items so there is something for both sexes and different ages.

      To use the set you firstly need to remove all the middle parts out of the stencils which is a bit of a pain and you have to be careful doing it do that you don't rip the stencils as they aren't exactly very strong only being made of thin card. The pens have to be turned around in their holders to work so you have to pull off the see through plastic holder and then take the top off the pen and push the nib into the holder before placing the lid back on the other end making the pen completely enclosed so the nib cannot be touched.

      When we first tried these pens they wouldn't work and I couldn't understand why, I was blowing on the end of the pen like you are meant to and checking the little instructions that come in the pack I couldn't work out what the problem was, after a while I discovered that when you push the pen into the holder it must be pushed in as far as you can and then it will work. The pens splatter the ink across your page and they fall in lots of little blobs of ink which provide great effects.

      To create colour you simply bow on the end of the pen and it sprays the ink from the pen over your paper, the harder you blow the pen the more ink splatters and the further it splatters. To created pictures with the opens you simply have to hold a stencil in place on the paper and then blow through the holes or hold it in place with masking tape which we found was easier for Sophie as she always moves the stencil by accident.

      These pens are fun and they seem to have a never ending supply of ink in them so they last really well and you can make loads of pictures from them. Sophie enjoys playing with the pens but we do have to remind her not to turn her head whilst she is blowing the pen as we have ended up with the ink all over the table a couple of times but luckily it does wash off. I think the stencils could have been stronger and the better range of colours would have been nicer but you can buy more pens too add to these, the pens are fun and great value with what I paid.


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