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Police Quest (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2001 20:22
      Very helpful



      If you had an Amiga, surely you must remember Police Quest. It was made by Sierra, and it was very similar to Kings Quest and Leisure Suite Larry, which were both made by Sierra. Police Quest must have been one of the most popular Amiga games of all time, and I must admit it was one of my favourites too. The Plot. You play a police officer called Sonny Bonds, from Lyton PD. Your mission is to free the city from an evil drug dealer called The Death Angel. In this game you don't use your gun to blast baddies away, instead you do this with old fashion police methods. Such as interrogating people, gathering evidence, and keeping a watchful eye on known criminals. This may sound a bit bland, however you do get to arrest people. Opening Screen. When the game starts you will be standing in HQ's corridor, you should then make your way to the locker room, open your locker, and get you're equipment, this includes note pad, uniform, etc. However firstly you have to take a shower, before changing into your uniform. After the shower, you have to make you're way to the briefing room, once there Sergeant John Dooley will tell you about a wanted car, and two teenagers in possession of drugs, namely (cocaine). Lyton is supposed to be a relatively crime free city, so this kind of event is major. What Next? After the briefing, you have to get your patrol car keys, and drive off. This is as far as I go with the hints; I've in no way spoiled the game, as this is just the beginning. A few things to bear in mind is that if you don't walk round the car before driving off, you will end up with a flat tyre, and the game will be over, just like that. What's Involved. This game involves finding solutions to many different puzzles, in this game you don't make things happen, the game follows a set course, and if you don't do the right thing, you will end up tearing you'
      ;re hair out. The fact that this game follows a set course doesn't bother me, all you have do is to concentrate on what's going on around you, and think logically. Travelling in you're cruiser. When you travel around the streets of Lyton, you'll see the town from above. Basically, you have to drive around town, without crashing into building, or other cars. This has to be the most annoying feature in the game, it's easy to drive round, but the trouble begins when you have to park, the car, it's really difficult. In addition, you have to contend with idiot drivers, who crash into you. If someone crashes into you, you're dead, that it's finished, even if you're not to blame, this is not fair. The Controls. This game is controlled by text input. You control Sonny with you're mouse though. However, you will spend the majority of the game tying in commands. I must stress that what you type is very important. This can be very hard at times, as the words must be exact. An example phrase may be "get keys," or "open door," these are pretty straight forward, but others are not, and I guarantee you will spend hours trying to work out the correct term. I know a lot of people may be put off by the fact that this is a text input game, but don't judge until you're tried it, you may be pleasantly surprised. Graphics. The graphics on this game are extremely sub-standard, the resolution is low, and there are few colours, the colours are mostly green and blue. Sound. What sound? Despite the graphics and sound, this is a good game, and it's fun. This game involves lots of brain power, I would recommend it to anyone who likes using there brain, this game would also be good for kids, it will do them more good than beat em up games, and it will teach them to think. Where can I get this game? If you like the sound
      of this game, and fancy trying it, but don't have an Amiga, don't worry. Visit this web site. www.freeoldies.com. Click on P until you locate Police Quest, pick a download site, and hey presto, you'll have the perfect PC remake. If you do have Police Quest and need some hints and Tips, drop me a line and I'd be happy to oblige.


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