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Buggy Boy (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2004 23:16
      Very helpful



      ====What Kind of Game?====

      This was a joystock controlled game. You were a "buggy" for want of a better word who races against the clock.


      These were very simple being a joystick game. you automatically move and to jump you pushed up.

      There were two gears on the buggy - hi and low. To change between the two, you hit the fire button, which for a small child that I was at the time made things complicated as I didn't understand gears!

      ====Aim of the Game====

      To beat the clock and complete the race. Each course was divided into five sections, each with its own finish line. If you crossed it in time, then the clock restarted for the next stage.

      ====Flags and Gates====

      Around the course, there are flags and gates dotted about. Most of the gates gave you extra points, but some offered extra time. These were labelled simply "TIME". To collect them, you had to drive through them.

      The flags were different colours and in the top right hand side of the screen was a sequence of flags showing you which ones you needed to collect. Once you'd got all of them, some twiddly music would play and the flags in the corner would flash and all of the flags you passed on the road would be flashing too. Whilst these were acting like a Christmas Tree, you could collect as many as possible and they would count as any colour needed. If you completed the next sequence during the flashing time, the whole madness would start again.


      The game would be very boring if there wasn't any challenging aspects. To make life tough for you, there would be boulders carelessly left in the middle of the road. If you crashed you lost valuable time.

      There were also fence panels, which again would slow you up if you crashed.

      Tunnels and bridges were real pains in the bumper. Nine times out of ten, I would crash or fall in the water, putting me seconds behind where I should have been.

      Hills were fun, as you got to drive up the side of them at an angle - very James Bond. However, if you missed the approach, you might have crashed. Yes I did that one many times too.


      There were four in total - North, east, south and west. These ranged from very easy to very hard. I think east used to be my favourite as there weren't too many bends.

      ====Graphics and Sound====

      If you picture the kind of graphics you'd get at the arcades then you've near enough got it. Bear in mind this was a 1980's game so simplicity was the key. The music and sound was very quirky. The main sound effect was of course the engine.

      ====Game Play====

      I used to sit and play this for hours, as did my sister. The simplicity is the attraction I think. There are no other cars so if you ake a mistake then it's your own fault. No you can't blame the rock! The fact that there was a map in the top left hand corner of the screen that showed you how close to the end you were when you ran out of time really used to make me determined to play again and win. Also running out of time when I could see the finish post used to annoy me too.

      ====Over All====

      I really think this is one of the best simple games I ever played on the Amiga. I's sure I played it on the old ST as well.

      If you like racing games then I see no reason why you shouldn't like this one. Anyone of any age could play it quite happily.

      Thanks for reading


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