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100 Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards Lot

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The Perfect Collection for your Pokemon Fan.

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2010 08:36
      Very helpful



      A great idea for both children and adults to collect and enjoy

      There was a time when Pokemon Cards were selling like hot cakes. Kids all over the world went crazy collecting the Pokemon Trading Cards and even one mad fan of a maths teacher that we knew, had his own collection of 'shiny' cards, some of which he had paid way over the odds to buy.

      We had our fair share of the trading cards and you were able to buy them all over the place. Woolworths and other well known toy stores used to do a roaring trade in them, they were for sale on car boot sales, collectors
      shops and online via Ebay and specialist online sites.

      We have various different Pokemon Decks and in our search for rare and more unsual cards we did bulk buy some larger 100 card sets which had a wide selection of Pokemon pictured on each card. They weren't all very desirable cards as such but they did increase our collection.

      One of the favorite charcters of ours and everyone else's has to be Pikachu, the lovable Pokemon side kick. Pikachu is a sweet yellow looking Pokemon who can be a really shocking friend due to his special powers.

      Recent series of cards have included diamond and pearl, platinum, crystal guardians, heart gold and soul silver series. I remember when the series of dark Pokemon came out and we all went crazy for them.

      We were lucky to get several shiny dark Pokemon cards including a Pikachu card which was rather cool. Other much loved shinys included several Charizard cards that featured an orange shaded fire breathing dragon and some really desirable Mew cards too. We have a large number of trading cards bought from different sources and in various fixed decks and 100 card multi buys.

      Pokemon trading cards are widely collected and traded, but they can be played with too. The game is rather complicated and should be played on a fold out play arena, which allows each player to set out the Pokemon cards in play and use the power or ability of that Pokemon to take down the other persons Pokemon.

      Its a game for two players who pick a limited play deck to use and is still widely played within tournaments. Its based on a series of Pokemon battles. The Pokemon cards each have HP or hit points that can be used to damage your opponent into submission and ultimately win.

      Each card shows a character along with that characters powers, type, HP and abilities. There are various 'types' of Pokemon ranging from electric, grass, fire water, wood, fighting, darkness, metal, psychic and lightening.

      Each have their own skills and talents. The types of Pokemon are also colour themed depending on their type for example fire Pokemon cards have a red theme, grass types are green, lightening are yellow etc.

      When the dark Pokemon cards came out everyone wanted them as they had darker meaner looking Pokemon on them and we liked the variety of those a lot.

      Along wth your character cards you need trainer cards and energy cards. Your own playing deck can consist of 60 assorted cards and your opponent will have the same number consisting of cards of their own choice.

      I find the actual game is rather complicated to play as you need to work out which of your Pokemon can do more HP damage based on the type of Pokemon he is battling against.

      Damage counters can be added and taken away during the game and you need to be on the ball for moves that might put your Pokemon to sleep etc. So a game can take at least an hour or so to complete.

      Some cards such as Sneasel, Slowking and Ancient Mew have been banned from use during play, so can be collected but not used in battle.

      Many cards have never been played with and our shiny cards are amongst those as it would detract from their value to a collector. We have had lots of fun with Pokemon cards and I think they encourage children and adults to interact well together during game play.

      Families can play the game in pairs or just take part in the pure joy of owning and collecting a variety of interesting cards.

      The pure idea of Pokemon cards and the world they come from, is something that had never been done before and this makes them very interesting. I am awarding Pokemon cards a full 5 stars. Love them or hate them they are here to stay. Pokemon - Gotta catch em all!


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