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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Olympus / Type: Compact Camera

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    3 Reviews
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      14.09.2012 21:48
      Very helpful



      A good purchase if you want to take some quick unprofessional photos.

      I bought this camera about a year ago because i wanted a new camera which had a good picture quality and amount of mega pixels on it.
      In the store i looked at quite a few different camera brands and styles and there were some in there that seemed ok, but primaerily i was out looking for a camera of at least 12 mega pixels. i dont kn ow why but that has always seemed to draw me into the purchase of a camera, (trying to have the best ).
      Then i saw that this camera had 14 mega pixels as did some others, but another thing that made me do the deal on it was the huge screen size. The size of the screen stretches out to the very edges of the camera and only leaves about a millimeter of colour around the edges. I likeed this because screens like this look very modern and obviously lets you see more of the picture your taking.
      The features on the camera are quite good (for the camera price anyway), for example it has a 5 x wide digital zoom which is very compacted compared with the camera size.
      When you turn the camera on there are a few cool features to play around with too such as the top logo lets you switch to many different camera functions to take pictures in. these are:

      Panorama, which help when taking pictures from a far.
      program auto, where youu can change functions manually.
      iauto, where the camera is set automatically from the scene.
      DIS mode, reduces blur caused by movements.
      scene mode, which optimizes settings based on the shooting situation.
      Finally theres magic setting which is the fun feature. This has 7 features in itself called pop art, pin hole, fish eye, drawing, soft focus, punk, and sparkle.

      There are also normal camera functions like options of the flash, and macro and super macro which focuses on things close to make it good sharp quality. Also, a self timer, exposure setting such as +0.0 ect, and lastly a white/ black, sunny choice button.

      bad points:
      The video capture is quite good but not the best, and at first i loved the 14 mega pixel clearness, but now it doesnt seem as good as it was, (maybe my fault as i have now got an iphone which is only 8 mp but seem a whole lot better).

      In all its a good sized light weight thin camera which is suitable for all as it comes in many colours, althought if you are a photographer i would go for something dlr instead to get the VERY BEST quality pictures needed.

      hope youve enjoyed reading,


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      21.08.2012 19:58
      Not Helpful



      Good little camera, well worth buying if you're not looking for impeccable professional quality.

      I've always been a massive fan of Olympus cameras, having owned many models myself over the years. This model is no exception. Aesthetically pleasing, moderately responsive and extremely menu-based.

      The camera is far better at focusing on stationary subjects, rather than even slow moving items. The start-up and zoom features are good enough for most users, but it really is the autofocus that lets this model down - it's too slow for pretty anything that moves.

      However, the stationary pictures are impeccable. The quality of the images can be improved even more so, with a little knowledge about lighting - but the camera deals well in low-light conditions anyway, particularly when using the focus assist lamp.

      I'm not a massive fan of menu-based cameras, as I like to have dedicated buttons for functions rather than having to search through masses of pages, thus missing the moment I desired to capture.

      It's a fantastic little camera though, perfect for the everyday amateur and not too bad for those that like a little bit more from a camera too. As mentioned, the only real downside is the menu system, which can be at times frustrating.


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      16.09.2011 15:14
      Very helpful



      Beauty is only skin deep. This looks great but inside it is just....... well, not!!

      Well, I hope I can remember how to do this, I have not written a review in ages as I have had a very busy summer.

      Ok so the first of many cameras I have lined up for review is the Olympus VG-130. At first glance this camera with its sleek mostly metal body is very eye catching and leads you to expect good things from it, my only issue with it is the silly stickers advertising that it has HD movie capability and a 5 times zoom lens, these seem so unnecessary and certainly ruin slightly the look of the unit.

      As well as this looking like it should perform well it also on reading the manual, sounds like it should perform well but in truth there are many limitations to the camera and although inexpensive it still might actually not be worth its price tag.

      When it was first released it cost as much as a whopping £157, let me tell you right here and now at that price it was way, way overpriced. It has now universally dropped below £70 and can be found for as little as £56 if you shop around, at £56 it may just be value for money but do not pay a penny more for it.

      Ok let`s start by saying a few words about what is good about the camera, well as mentioned it has a metal body which is always good in my opinion, plastic feels cheap and in most cases looks cheap, this metal bodied camera feels good and looks good and that is definitely a plus point.

      Another plus it has to be said is that the camera is easy to use, this could be largely due to the lack of functions and features but never the less if you like things simple then that's what you get here. Thirdly there is the large three inch screen which offers very good resolution previews of the photos you have taken.

      Although I find it hardly worth mentioning I will say that this little camera uses a lithium ion rechargeable battery which offers good long lasting power and recharges very quickly, I guess that is sort of a good point too.

      With the three main good points out the way let`s move on to the many less than good points that really let this camera down. The biggest annoyance for me with this camera was the fact that it is a 14 megapixel camera which will have people drooling and thinking they are getting something special but sadly it really is not all about mega pixels and with a lens and sensor as poor as this camera has then the 14 megapixels count for absolutely nothing.

      The lack of features and functions for such a modern camera is also a worry and the fact that most of the features and functions it does have work very poorly or perhaps even not at all means you are buying a very basic unit indeed. Take for instance the face detection, there is no noticeable difference to photo's taken using it and not using it. I took several single person portraits and group portraits with it off and then exactly the same shots with it on and found nothing to separate the images at all.

      Ok so if the camera has to be used as a basic unit does it take good enough auto photos to make it worth the £56 it can be found for? Well here the answers depends on light, in bright sunlight this camera produces over exposed images, in poor light it produces under exposed images and when you use the flash the results are appalling. The flash is quite weak and seems to only light one half of the image properly, it causes horrific red eye and leaves a bright hot spot on ever image it is used in.

      In all honestly I found the only time the automatic modes on this camera could produce a decent image was in outdoor daylight with no sun so if you are ok to limiting your photography to suit the weather conditions then perhaps this camera might be ok for you but if you like to take pictures when YOU want then this camera will frustrate the life out of you. It really would be so easy for me to slate this camera, it has a slow start up time it is slow to be ready between taking photos, the automatic functions seem to fight between allowing enough light in and image noise, there is no built in anti shake system so if you are zooming in poor light then good luck getting an image with no blur without using a tripod. I really could go on and on but there is something about this little camera that makes me want to say good things about it as hard as that might be to do.

      I think how I will end my opinions on this camera is to say that Olympus have let themselves down, they built a good looking robust little camera but they have ruined its looks with silly stickers. They have given the camera a lot of megapixels and a decent sized zoom, made it easy to use and given it a perfect rear screen but they have ruined all this with a poor lens and a real lack of features and functions so what could have been a very good camera I am sadly forced to say is a very bad one.

      Also on a final note I really should speak of the HD video function as they have seen fit to put a sticker half the size of the camera on the front to remind us it`s there. Anyone who has read my previous compact camera reviews will know my opinion on them having video functions at all and that is that video should be done using a video camera only..... the clue is in the name!

      The video function in this is like every other compact, decent results in bright light and pretty much unusable results in poorer light, you can add to this though on the Olympus VG-130 a very poor built in mic that makes everything sound tinny and quiet except the wind which sounds like a hurricane even if there was only a light breeze!


      CCD effective megapixels 14.0 megapixels

      CCD size 1/2.3in
      Viewfinder none

      Viewfinder magnification, coverage N/A
      LCD screen size 3.0in

      LCD screen resolution 230,400 pixels
      Articulated screen NO

      Live view YES
      Optical zoom 5.0x

      Zoom 35mm equivalent 26-130mm
      Image stabilisation none

      Maximum image resolution 4,288x3,216
      Maximum movie resolution 1280x720

      Movie frame rate at max quality 30fps
      File formats JPEG; AVI (M-JPEG)

      TO SUM UP
      Sadly I have to summarise by suggesting that this camera even at only £56 should be avoided, the bad points heavily outweigh the good and with most compact cameras offering tons of features and functions these days, this one seems to be left way behind, good looking enough but sadly unless you are very shallow it`s what's inside that should count.


      LOOKS 6/10
      BUILD QUALITY 7/10
      EASE OF USE 7/10
      IMAGE QUALITY 1/10
      VALUE FOR MONEY 2/10
      Overall 4/10

      Thanks for reading.

      © thebigc1690


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