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Lush The Guv'ner Deodorant

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Brand: Lush / Type. Deodorant / Type: Deodorant / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2013 12:52
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      A good but unusual deodorant from Lush

      I received a bottle of The Guv'ner for Christmas and to begin with I had no idea what it was and just assumed it was some kind of shower gel until I looked closer at the bottle and seen it was a powder inside. Then I read it was a deodorant and my interest was piqued as I had never seen a deodorant that looked like that before.

      It comes in an opaque plastic bottle and inside the deodorant itself is made of a weird looking grey powder. The powder is actually made up of a combination of different ingredients including charcoal, sodium bicarbonate, lycopodium powder and calamine powder to name just a few as there is actually quite a long ingredient list of different ingredients including some essential oils for the fragrance.

      The different powders used in this are supposed to absorb sweat and soothe skin while the essential oils keep you smelling good for the whole day.
      It was such a weird deodorant to use as I had never used a powdered deodorant before and wasn't quite sure what to expect. I really like the fact that it is all natural as normal deodorants and anti-perspirants can really irritate my under arm skin and cause it to become itchy and the anti perspirants in particular can actually block the pores under my arms causing me to get little lumps which isn't very nice.

      I can honestly say that this was fantastic at being gentle on my skin and never once did I get itchy or feel like it was aggravating my skin. It doesn't block the sweat glands either which is something I do and don't like. I like it doesn't because I know that you need to be able to sweat as it is your body's way of getting rid of toxins but I also was very aware of the fact it didn't whilst using it. Normally whilst wearing an anti perspirant I wouldn't concern myself with strenuous activities I was aware wearing this that I would still sweat if doing anything strenuous and was paranoid that sweat would show through my clothes. The powder did a good job of absorbing light sweat but I wouldn't be using this if I was walking around in a hot country all day for instance.

      I wasn't concerned about smelling however as this stopped smells dead no matter how much I actually sweated.
      This is designed to be man's deodorant and it does smell fairly masculine but it is such an unusual fragrance for a man's deodorant. It is really nice but it has floral tones to it along with some herbal notes and it is really nice but unusual. Although primarily a man's deodorant it could easily be unisex and worn by both men and women.

      Applying the deodorant just involves putting some powder on my arm pits and it is fairly straight forward. It does leave a stain of dark grey under my arms which I thought was so strange to see but this doesn't show through clothes and it didn't stain my clothes either so it wasn't really a concern.

      After receiving this I did a search to see what other people thought of it and I read a great review on it (by Catsholiday) and she said about putting it in shoes to keep them fresh. Now my feet aren't particularly smelly but after wearing trainers or shoes for the whole day you can't expect them to be smelling great all the time so I took her advice and sprinkled a little of this in them and it was fantastic at absorbing the odours and making them fresh. In fact I think I probably liked it better for this than its proper use as a deodorant.

      This costs £5.95 for an 80g bottle which lasted me for ages even using it on my shoes too (and I even sprinkled some on the carpet one day to see if it would make them smell nice) so I do think this is good value. I really like the smell and although unusual for a man's deodorant it really works well. I did think it was a little bit more of a fuss to use than a normal spray deodorant and I wouldn't wear this for proper sweat combating but I liked it enough that I am tempted to buy myself another bottle.


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        10.09.2012 16:43
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        A powder deodorant with no nasty ingredients

        Lush - The Guv'ner deodorant Powder
        On one of my many visits to my favourite shop in the Westfield Centre in Derby which is of course Lush, I wanted to try something a bit different instead of my usual deodorant which is a solid one called Aromaco. One of the lovely people in Lush gave me a sample to try of this powder called 'The Guv'ner' . I really liked it and so the next visit I bought a small bottle to take with me to America.

        WHAT DO YOU GET?
        This is sold in one of Lush's small clear plastic bottles that the shampoos and shower gels come in. At this time these can be recycled wherever you usually recycle plastic and are not part of Lush's exchange scheme sadly. As the bottle is clear you can clearly see the contents and this powder is a strange dull green/grey colour.
        There is 80g in the bottle and the price is £5.95 so not the cheapest option but in my opinion this is good value stuff.

        " Govern your body odour with this hardworking, absorbent-charcoal powder. It's top dog and don't you forget it."

        This is a new powder deodorant and Mark" combined ultra -absorbent charcoal powder with lycopodium powder for a double sweat absorbing super deo. It's tried and tested by the inventor himself, worn under white shirts every day for three months."

        They lycopodium powder used to be used as a powder to help skin diseases and skin sores so must be a natural antibacterial agent. Lush have added this as it is absorbing and cooling. Lycopodium powder is also apparently sometimes used as a lubricating dust on items such as condoms and medical gloves so is obviously safe.

        Also in this powder is a local, sustainably-sourced moisture-absorbing charcoal. Apparently charcoal is also used in medicine mixed with yeast and breadcrumbs as a poultice to help prevent or cure gangrene and other sores. It is also great at absorbing moisture and also at the same time helps eliminate unpleasant smells.
        The sage and patchouli are there for their wonderful aroma and also for their antiseptic and astringent qualities and patchouli is also cooling on the skin.

        It also contains calamine powder which is soothing, absorbent and has a gentle toning and antiseptic action.
        The bicarbonate of soda is added as it is very soothing. It can be used for insect bites, eczema, and minor sunburn. It is being used to help neutralise acidic gases which may also help with body odour too I suppose.
        Finally we have the aroma of vetiver which smells earthy and just wonderful.

        DOES IT WORK?
        Yes and no. Sometimes I put just this powder on and it certainly keeps me dry but I am not totally convinced I would rely upon this for killing odours if I was somewhere very hot. My son's girlfriend tested it quite thoroughly in Chicago and did like it but was not so keen on the dull grey colour under the armpits which shows when you wear sleeveless clothes. She decided although it did keep smells away and stopped her sweating the colour was off putting and she bought a different one from Lush.

        I find it works fine to keep me dry and smell free when wearing clothes with sleeves and when i am round the house but again I find the colour a bit unattractive. Sometimes I put my cream deodorant on first then this and that combo is very effective but again not a good look if raising your arms in the air. It does fade after a while so if you keep your arms down for the first 30 minutes then you are okay and if your armpits are covered you are also okay.
        The thing I find this most useful for is for my feet. It really cools them and helps keep them dry when wearing shoes without socks. It also is great to put into shoes that you have worn all day, leave this in overnight and then wear the next day, it keeps them smelling fresh even in hot places and walking around sightseeing all day.

        I also use this if we have been out all day and then we are going out again but I don't have time for a shower. I pat a bit of this under my arms and it dries me off and keeps me smelling fresh.

        I would not like to have this as my only deodorant as the colour is very dark. I love the smell and find it is wonderful for absorbing wetness as a quick freshener and also brilliant for feet in closed in shoes. It lasts quite a while as you don't need a lot so value for money is pretty good.

        It is of course animal friendly and friendly to the earth and to you as it has no carcinogenic ingredients which are often found in commercial deodorants.

        I will be buying this again when my bottle runs out as I find it great for the uses I have described.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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