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2 Reviews

Vision AV-1301 - Amplifier - black

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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2010 01:45



      A decent purchase if you need a good sound system on the move or in small rooms

      What you get for the price cannot be argued with. The amp produces clear sound through the bundled speakers suitable for medium to large rooms.

      The installation of the speakers couldnt be easier, with just a simple bracket with 2 screws. The kit comes with speaker cable and phono leads to connect to a pc and a dvd player or similar sources.

      These are the same systems that are supplied with the interactive whiteboards we have recently had fitted and the pc sound is more than loud and clear enough for normal classroom use.

      I'd reccomend this system to anyone after a decent starter system thats easy to install and use. The trade off is the price, as there are better deals available, however the alternatives would be a bit of an overkill for the environments that you would buy this amplifier for.

      Worth the price for its level of simplicity and compatibility.


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      25.02.2010 19:54
      Very helpful



      A decent little amplifier for those on the move and are lacking in space

      I've been in the audio market more or less for a while now, from performing live gigs to Djing around the country, this little amplifier I bought more for my "littler" music appliances so i can use my hifi with my computer.

      Seeing as it only has a 50 watt outputs don't bother thinking this could power live gigs ect.

      2 Speakers from this maximum but those speakers have to be less than 50 watts, the average is around 70 watts i would think but that is more for the larger speakers not desktop ones.

      The size of this amplifier is a help seeing as it is very easy to transport and after spending a few pounds on a cable you could link this in with an iPod and some small speakers! The sound is respectable and can get pretty loud (around 70 decibels without losing quality) which is a bug thumbs up for this amplifier. The design i thought was pretty stylish with the curve at the bottom and at the front giving it a sleek and modern look and goes especially well with the black finish.

      The connectors are decent seining as you get 4 line inputs so you can connects iPods, turntables, cd players, 2 microphones and has an output of 2 speakers at 8 ohm.

      You also get built in bass and treble knobs which are a bit of fun to play with and are a great help if you like certain tracks with a lot of bass and little treble and vice versa.

      I got 2 speaker cables each being 5m and 2 audio cables each being 2m with this amplifier which is quite generous.

      The only downside i see is the price, £80! Nowadays I have seen 2000 watt amps being sold used but in perfect condition for more or less this price but this amplifier is a really good solution if you are on the move and need to save in space.


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  • Technical Data

    Product Description: Vision AV-1301 - amplifier
    Product Type: Amplifier
    Enclosure Colour: Black
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 42 cm x 29 cm x 10 cm
    Sound Output Mode: Stereo
    Audio Specifications: Amplifier - 80 - 12500 Hz - 77 dB
    Response Bandwidth: 80 - 12500 Hz
    Output Power: 50 Watt
    Power: AC 230V ( 50/60 Hz )
    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty