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London Luton Secure On Site Airport Parking

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Secure on site airport car parking at Luton airport

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2011 17:15
      Very helpful



      Safe, secure and recommended

      London Luton Airport Car Parking.

      *** Why Airport Parking? ***
      On my second trip to Poland this year I was flying from London Luton Airport and decided to make use of the secure on site airport car parking facilities after my good experience at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport.

      *** Making a Booking ***
      To make my booking I once again did a Google search to find the airports website, and once again when I clicked onto the website just like Doncaster Airports website there is a big clear advert stating "Airport Car Parking from £3.49 per day*" I clicked on this and was taken to a page where I had to fill in when I would be arriving at the airport, the dates and times. The next screen gave me prices for the different car parks at the airport, for a 4 day stay on the car park the prices ranged from £49.99 for the car park next to the terminal building, right down to a more reasonable £21.99 for the cheap car park located about a 15 minute shuttle bus ride away from the terminal building. I decided that a 15 minute shuttle bus wouldn't be so bad and selected the cheap option. I then proceeded to enter my car details, the make, model, colour and registration of the vehicle and then my card details and make my payment.

      Within around 10 minutes of making my booking I received an email confirming all of the details and giving me my booking reference along with an advisory to print this email. On the bottom of the email was a small map showing directions to the car park and also the postcode to put into sat nav to be taken directly to the car park rather than just the airport.

      ***Arrival ***
      As usual I took full advantage of sat nav and used this to find my car park but it is well sign posted too for those who don't have sat nav. From entering the airport area to actually arriving at the car park seemed like a mission! As I reached the car park, I pulled up to the barrier and the ticket machine told me to wait a moment while the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) read my number plate, found my booking and issued me with a ticket. As the ticket was issued to me a message was displayed on the machine "Thank you Miss Harris" which, at 4am, managed to put a smile on my face.

      *** Finding a Space to Park and Getting a Shuttle Bus ***
      As I drove into the car park I could see it was rather large so I started looking for a space near something memorable, after about 5 minutes I found a space by a big sign labelled "L14" I parked my car and headed towards the nearest bus stop to wait for the shuttle bus singing a little song as I went "L14 bus stop 2" just to make where I was parked memorable, it worked because I still remember it now! The bus stop was about 30 seconds away from my car and the shuttle buses were supposed to run every 15 minutes, however I found myself waiting around 25 minutes. When the bus arrived it was almost empty so there was plenty of space to sit and a large area for placing any luggage safely out of the way. The Bus was clean and the seats were comfortable. The journey to the terminal building took around 10-15 minutes.

      *** Coming Home ***
      On my return to London Luton Airport I left the terminal building and got the shuttle bus back to the car park from the same bus stop that I had got off at on my arrival. The bus was a little more busy this time as it was mid morning, however the bus was still clean and I managed to find a seat to be comfortable. When I left the bus at "L14 bus stop 2" I found my car with ease and proceeded to the exit barrier. The exit was clearly signed and easy to find. When I got to the barrier I put my ticket that I was given on arrival into the machine, after a few seconds "Thank you Miss Harris" was displayed, the barrier lifted and once again my adventure back to Birmingham had begun.

      *** My Personal Use ***
      I have used this car park once. It cost me £21.99 for 4 days. I felt that my car was safe and had no worries about leaving it there. I almost used this car park again in August but when I got a quote of £62 for 10 days I decided I would rather book myself onto a coach for £28 and not have to drive or pay petrol.

      *** Security ***
      There are security staff regularly patrolling the car park, I saw them on both my arrival and departure and there are also a number of CCTV cameras in place on the car park too.

      *** Overstaying Your Pre-booked Time ***
      If you are parked longer than your pre-booked time you will have to pay extra, this can be done at the exit barrier using a card payment or inside the terminal building at the car park payment machines.

      ***Overall... ***
      I had no problems leaving my car at Luton airport. I found the prices to be reasonable for shorter stays, however personally for the time and distance involved I did find getting a coach was the cheaper and more convenient option for my longer trip. The car park is large and big enough to loose your car if you don't remember where about you are parked. There are 4 bus stops located inside the car park just to give you a rough idea of how big we are talking here! There is very clear signage both to the car park and for leaving as well.

      Overall a safe experience, although I will be sticking to the coach for longer trips as I found the price a little too high.

      Thanks for reading :)


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